Bring me cougar thetas!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Mitt Romney might now be president if only Ann Romney had just a bit more fashion sense.
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    Mormons are natural monarchists, don't you think? One day everyone will be a king or a queen of a planet!
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    Our next stop will be Las Vegas New Mexico. But first I sleep.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I appreciated the colorful diversion.
  5. Random guy Member

    Damnit, I though you wrote cougar teats!

  6. Anonymous Member

    New Mexico, gateway to the stars.
  7. Anonymous Member

    This thread is very disturbing.
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  8. Bob Newhart Member

    Wow you found a clam who would sell her own relatives for a buck!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Find me one that wouldn't.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    they do look like squashed together boobies with diamond shaped pasties don't they.
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    Can everyone remember the 1970s?

    Post WWII America had been flush with wealth and confidence as an internationalist presence. But then Watergate and Vietnam. Executive branch be running amok. So we elected this guy:

    Jimmy Carter's failure to win a second term is sometimes interpreted as evidence that he had a weakness of will or character. But hey, shit happens. The guy's luck might have gone the other way. Wikipedia has plenty of cool story in his bio:
    In 1980 Carter ran against this guy:
    OMG movie star!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I don't think that's true. From everything I've read she seems like a nice person, aside from the disturbing Celebrity Scientologist thing.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    In the early 1970s, Prince Charles was busy learning how to be awesome. So probably just "dating" hookers during this period.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    But then... oh fuck the Aussies didn't want him. That had to hurt.
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Prince Charles put a fair amount of his time and energy into a program called, "Outward Bound." From Wikipedia:
    Hey wait a sec. 1941, Britain. Wasn't there something major going on in Britain at about that time?
    Oh yeah, WWII. Well good on those guys in Wales for teaching Boy Scout type skills to high school kids. I'm sure that training came in handly when they later took their kids on camping trips.

    No wait, I bet those lads became soldiers about five minutes after they finished their Outward Bound training. It's funny that the Wikipedia article doesn't say anything about that though.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    I'm curious if she was not already a sort of independent socialite before she picked up, or got picked up by the cooler inner crowd of scientologists, who are or appear to be the laid back ones. Maybe OP knows? Like, how or at what age did she get involved? And from which country and where?
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    I couldn't read that whole article right now, but what I have to say is this:

    Whoever is writing the PR for Madame Helga, writes it as if it were a Harlequin paperback novel.
  21. Anonymous Member

    The writing style feels very 1980's. lol nostalgia
  22. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists Kept Files on 'Enemies'
    Inventory of Seized Documents Shows Memos on Congressmen and Judges
    By Ron Shaffer, Washington Post Staff Writer
    May 16, 1978 - Tuesday, Final Edition
    The Church of Scientology, in its efforts to investigate and attack its "enemies," kept files on five Washington federal judges, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, other congressmen, Jacqueline Onassis, the Better Business Bureau and the American Medical Association, according to Scientology documents in the possession of federal investigators.

    The Scientologists' files, summarized in a 525-page inventory filed in court by the federal government, were in many cases marked "Eyes Only," "Top Secret," "Enemy Names" and "Battle Plans." Their contents were coded with phrases like "Operation Cut Throat," "Espionage" and "Operation Big Mouth."
    According to the government inventory of the seized documents, Scientologists gathered information on the personal habits and courtroom conduct of U.S. District Court judges Oliver Gasch, Gerhard A. Gessel, Joseph C. McGarraghy and John J. Sirica, and U.S. Court of Appeals judge Carl McGowan, all of whom have have handled some aspect of cases brought by or against Scientologists here.

    Some of the information was obtained from the judges' private files, according to the inventory. Other bits came from interviews in which Scientologists masqueraded as students or reporters, a tactic that Scientology documents refer to as "suitable guise" interviews.

    The material gathered ranges from assessments of the judges' reactions to various legal tactics to Judge Gasch's real estate transactions.

    The files also include, according to the inventory, a five-page "investigation" of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and references to an acquaintance of Kennedy's named Helga Wagner.

    Kennedy's spokesman, Tom Southwick, said yesterday that the Scientologists might have been interested in Kennedy because they oppose portions of his criminal code revisions that would allow judges to refer defendants to psychiatrists.

    The same memo that mentions Kennedy and Helga Wagner, according to the government, also says that "Wagner and Jackie Onassis (sic) have known each other for approximately eight years," and says that telephone conversation with Onassis was to interest her in the church.
    A team of 20 FBI agents has spent weeks cataloging the thousands of Scientology documents. According to the government inventory, they have found file folders and operations with the code names "Billy's Baby" "Vanguard," "Hunter," "Fleece," "Starpoint," "Amber," "Pink In," and "Lantern."

    Folders included files on such disparate institutions as the Glendale City Council, Letterman's Army Medical Center, Folsom Prison, the Albany Chamber of Commerce, Carnegie Hall, the Pasadena Department of Finance and the King County, Wash, Department of Public Safety.

    The government has possession of the organization's files dealing with several men who were D.C. policemen and with local law firms, including Williams and Connolly, and Feldman, Ginsburg and Bress, according to the inventory. Both have had some connection with Scientology court cases.
    The inventory also includes the following:
    • A one-page document dated Nov. 6, 1975, entitled, "IRS: Zapping Them."
    • A four-page memo on obtaining false identification.
    • A three-page memo on obtaining false birth certificates.
    • A memo on the "Vetting Hat Addition" which deals with the penetration of non-government organizations and the tapping of phone conversations.
    • A nine-page report designated priority regarding "Operations on enemies Sableman, Orsini and Bob Snyder." Reporters with these names wrote stories critical of Scientology.
    • A seven-page memo dated Dec. 2, 1974, entitled "The Tailing and Following of Agents: What to Do."
    • A manila folder entitled Operation Cut Throat containing six documents regarding the infiltration of the Better Business Bureau of Greater St. Louis.
    • A confidential Better Business Bureau report entitled "The Church of Scientology of Boston."
    Raymond Banoun, an assistant United States Attorney and the chief investigator in the government's probe into Scientology, declined to elaborate on the church documents beyond what is in the inventory.
    The spokesmen announced the formation of a new group, American Citizens for Honesty in Government, and called on "every honest government employee" to report improprieties to the "ACHG Ethics Committee.'
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Fifty years later, Sir Francis Drake.

    Five hundred years later, Operation Drake. Sir Francis had named his flagship, The Golden Hind. The Outward Bound team named theirs, The Eye of the Wind.



  25. Anonymous Member


    When The Eye harbored in the US Hollywood took notice. You can see it in the opening scenes of Blue Lagoon.
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  26. rickybobby Member

    Oh, holy Mother of God.......
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  27. Anonymous Member

    It is 1981 and, well, I'm sorry Helga. But you still have Helmut.
  28. rickybobby Member

    Wow! It's Exquisite and Elegant! Just like Anonymous! Sheeeeeyit!
  29. rickybobby Member

    I am a babe, I LOVE this thread, thankyouverymuch.
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  30. rickybobby Member

    Too bad it wasn't The Eye of the Hind.
  31. Anonymous Member

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    Montezuma's Castle

  34. Anonymous Member

    I loved Outward Bound. I applied to do it in high school.
  35. Anonymous Member

    There was a drill I once had called a "Dremel".
  36. Woo Hah Member

    Scientology had this symbol trademarked long ago. I forget what the symbol means or what the name of the symbol is. It's Elron's personal symbol for returning to Teegeeack. Carved into the hills of Scientology's Trementina base.

  37. Anonymous Member

    I dunno who started this thread, but it looks like some of the posts were moved somewhere else.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I think that would be an excellent choice for making sea shell jewelry. But wear a mask! The dust goes everywhere.
  39. Anonymous Member

    I went looking for an image of the kind of mask that would be best for working with a Dremel and I saw this:
    It's pricey at $210, but I think it's probably worth it.

    I have the one below with no eye protection built in. The silicone makes a good seal, but always look under the lip of the seal before you put the mask on! Especially if you set it down outside for a while.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Next day, thread still disturbing.

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