Breaking: The Battle For Tripoli Has Begun. W/ Updates. "All Hell Has Broken Out in Tripoli."

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Aug 20, 2011.

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    CNN reporting that Gaddafi's information minister, Moussa Ibrahim, who tireless defended Gaddafi's war against the rebels, may be in Germany. His wife is German & has dual citizenship.
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    More Twitter wisdom:
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    Who will be next I wonder.
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    I hope they hang this bastard Moomar.
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    for what he did to you?
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    Why is America so damnably pre-occupied with everyone else's problems, but not their own ghastly ones?
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    anony like

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    It's an enjoyable distraction and relief.
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    Americans are jealous of the Libyan standard of living, so they go over and lower it to their own standard.
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    Mind your fucking business
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    LOL winning
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    Nato are bombing khadaffis compound right now.
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    Got to wonder, they bombed it like 4-5 times now in some years, and... It's still there...
    Fail much?
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    Have you seen it. It's basically bunker after bunker built to look nice. Previous attacks revealed the underlying building methods include re-bar enforced concrete walls and floors several feet thick, etc. It's a giant fucking bomb shelter. KEEP BOMBING IT. Underground tunnels and "safe rooms" are also believed to exist. Level that fucker to the ground and then go digging.
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    A photo from a missile attack on compound earlier this year. How does that one room survive that attack?

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    Sorry for all the posts, just want folks to understand that "compound" is somewhat misleading when you consider the scope of the operation there.
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    BTW I didn't see one kitten or fuzzball in the vid.
    People transitioning from a schizophrenic paranoid government to a democracy will be hard & of course won't happen over night.
    America went through a lot of BS after we won the revolution, SO QUIT spreading fear & your Repug talking points.
    Perhaps if we didn't come across as oil greedy, arrogant war mongering ass holes the Taliban & Al Qaeda would have had nothing to do with us!
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    lol sauce pan helmets.
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