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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Lock3r, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Lock3r Member

    Boa noite,

    Alguém do Brasil por aqui?Tenho visto pouca integração por estes lados.

  2. snippy Member

    You have Gogol Bordello. :)

  3. Lock3r Member

    Anon gypsy.
  4. snippy Member

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  5. snippy Member

    Boa noite,

    Por favor, perdoe a minha Português Goggle. Você tem alguma informação sobre os Narconons? Nós tivemos várias mortes aqui em os EUA Isso é tudo o que tenho sobre eles.

    Associacao Narconon Brazil
    Rua Mario Fongaro, 337 - V. Marlene
    S.B. do Campo (SP) - 09732-530
    Phone: 55-11 4125 6997
    Fax: 55-11 4123 8900

    Narconon Brazil staff have begun extensive drug education delivery (particularly in the populous Sao Paulo area, which also has a high crime and homacide rate from drug abuse). They also have begun training professional staff of other centers in the specifics of the Narconon program methodology.

    Oct 2012 NNI website:
    Narconon Brasil
    Centro de Reabilitação, Prevenção e Educação, São Paulo
    Estrada da Ribeirada S/N
    Bairro Ribeirada
    Camanducaia. Minas Gerais
    37650-000 CXP. 45 Brasil
    Phone: 55 35 3433 2141

    1-213-985-3438 (number to call from the U.S.)
  6. Lock3r Member

    Great, RomAnon!I like very much!

    My english is very bad, Narconon is an organization very closed, "tightly"?, I do not have much information about them, it may be time to seek something about it.The Scientology is discreet (but active) in Brazilian lands.

    The new site:http : // br. narconon. org/
  7. Alguém pode informar porque o post foi apagado?
  8. hello,

    i believe we need more help here in Brazil.

    there are many servers that should be denied.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Wrong web site, dude, or dudette. Legal, peaceful protests only at WWP. Bye now.
  10. the people went to the streets.

    and this is awesome!

    if someone told me two months ago that an uprise was coming, i wouldnt have believed.

    but now i feel that the mass doesnt know what to do, after going to the streets.

    any help would be appreciated, from DDoS to information.

    best regards.
  11. ooops, sorry then..

    you may do whatever you like with my replies :)
  12. Joana Dark Member

    Sou nova por aqui e sou brasileira. Vim em busca de informações, mas pelo visto ha pouca interação por aqui...

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