Brainstorming Ideas for the Green Movement

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by GreenMovement09, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. I meant Y'all, the plural you.
  2. Ultralulz

    Uh hofully well be able to get past level two tho.

  3. as of 2006 CDs were the way to go in Tehran. I dont think mp3s are very popular. Not that many iPhones over yonder village.

    Having a cd in Tehran pretty much makes you the dude btw.

  4. ya reckon?
  5. Don't go with the trend. Become the trend.
  6. If you could sneak some Guy Fawkes masks into Iran and encourage people to wear them in protests that would be epic.
  7. Swarm Theory Member

    Be careful with spray paint/paint...

    In NYC, one way they could tell who painted what was by looking at their fingers for left over paint. Medical gloves would be a good idea (but be careful there too because partial fingerprints could be lifted.
  8. Swarm Theory Member

    Learn police patterns

    Every commander has habits. What time they like to eat. When do they usually head back to the barracks. What streets do they prefer to patrol. Do they take smoke breaks and when.

    Same with helicopters. When one is nearby, everyone split up and hide until they leave.

    Do groups of them meet up in a square for chitchat at around the same time.

    Once you know their general pattern, you can follow them leaving signs and then when they head back to their barracks, go around to behind them and leave signs. They will get angry and demoralized thinking they are fighting ghosts.
  9. idea--->
    Time is running out for the dictator:

    Anons could wear big ole clocks like flava flav. Because we know what time it is.

  10. Let them know that there is myself as well as many of others trying to supress the networks of your tyrannical governing body. We here in america understand corruption and deal with it daily, and our more then happy to lend a hand in one way or another.

    /salute and peace

    We can rise above the new world orders inhumanity.
  11. Stickers on walls and government propaganda. Tie green ribbon on trees, fences, lampposts, telephone poles, etc. Teepee a tree with green streamers (hard to do in secret, but if the opportunity presents itself...). Tickertape-style papers with slogans on them in the streets (dump them from a roof?). Use green dixie-style cups to stick in fences to write a short slogan.
  12. lefser pollux

    *breaks out the green glitter & gluesticks*
  13. oh so that's were my repatcha phrases are disappearing to

    personally i'd like to see some faces on the propaganda be chargin some green lazors.
  14. Move in large groups

    The best way to intimidate the attackers are to move in large groups. When they run at you, you should also hide your hands (behind your back, in your shirts or pants) and run right at them all at once. You will always out number them and doing so will slow them down as it is not expected. This will phychologically put fear in their minds as you could do anything to them.
    If one of you is caught you should all together run at them to free them up.
    In all protests it is always a successful move when a large number of you stick together and don't show any fear. fear will make them more strong and confident.

    If you catch any of them, instead of hurting them you should first take their identity to make them think you know who they are and incase you could always go back to their family.
    Then you should be kind and logical and give them a chance to join you in a fight for freedom for all.

    Make sure they realize that we are all from the same nation and are fighting for all of our freedoms.

    May god bless you all and be by your side every step of the way, as truth always prevales.

    I honestly apraise you brave iranians as you all have made us proud around the world........
  15. If there is the ability to set one up start a pirate radio or start up a rumor of pirate radio, they'll be forced to waste time looking for signals.
  16. Ray Murphy Member

    It could be a bit late for that sort of thing if the people go back on the streets all over Iran in a few hundred cities and towns in about 15 hours from now.

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  17. watsongs2012 Member

    fearless Freedom Fighters in Iran. Liberty is yours!!i dont know what kind of gas cannisters they'e using, but when they throw teargas at you, if you are able throw it back. wear heavy gloves, dont stand still, throw quickly. the whole world is watching. hearts and minds with you all.
  18. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    I don't remember where I read it, but I remember reading something about battle stategy...making your enemy as annoyed and depressed as possible. In context, it discussed how an enemy that is starving, spent the night in the cold etc etc is much less ready for battle than soldiers who are well fed, slept for hours like a prince etc. etc. Demoralize them.

    Apply that technique to this situation. As far as the info war is going, think about how we have been calling a couple of people over and over, making him pissed. He is less effective, being that he is in a constant shitty mood.

    Obviously those in Iran can't make that kind of call as that would be traced, but think about ways to upset the enemy.

    Anger or irritating=a good thing!
  19. watsongs2012 Member

    from some of what i'm reading, it appears that there is some discontent already within the security forces. hope it's true.
  20. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    And you can be effective by finding ways to spread discontent. Remember, they are all human...
  21. er, the iranian gov is already pretty iffy about "foreign meddling." let's stick to irritation.
  22. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    I didn't suggest foreign meddling. We're talking stuff that can be done inside Iran.
  23. look, i'm all for annoying and wearing them out, but actively stirring up discontent can be taken as "foreign meddling."
  24. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    Thats the kind of thing I was talking about...Using the human side of the militia to make them less effective.

    The only thing that worries me is that it's quite a risk. Being seen, being caught making them, etc etc

    Someone who would manage to spread wanted posters enough to make it worth while would be a target by higher ups, and the people who were being identified as murderers wouldn't be happy either...

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