Brainstorming Ideas for the Green Movement

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by GreenMovement09, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. I'm an Iranian currently visiting the UK. I will be going back in a couple of days. I have relatives inside who are looking for ideas on expanding this green movement and helping it to stay alive. The best way is to give people reminders everywhere they go, all the time.

    What are some simple (less risky) ways we can raise awareness about the movement inside Iran? For example, some have argued drawing graffiti in the streets, from slogans to simple V (for victory) signs in green, covering the khamenei's / Ahmadinejad pictures with green V signs. Having helium filled green baloons with cartoonish faces of the leaders.

    Please share your ideas. This can be really really helpful to us.

    Thank you for your support and care!

  2. so you want to reach a crowd and grow the movement right? by ways not easily spotted or snuffed by the regime?

  3. Actually, it doesnt matter if is spotted. We want to raise awareness (V for Vendetta style) and frustrate the organs of the regime (especially the revolutionary guards).

    Our millions strong movement is already there. They just need that spark of energy... encouragement and hope. Such methods are psychologically good for us and bad for the iranian regime.

    so any good ideas besides what i have already said is appreciatede.
  4. Im assuming youll get frisked by security.

    If you can stand to be a carrier of info you can glean this site for good advice and take it with you somehow, especially about tech on the interwebs, need to widen comm lines, but need to think about how not to get caught.

    Oh and bring a Guy Fawkes mask for the lulz :D symbol of anon
    +1 if you can upload a pic of you wearing it from there
  5. Exactly. This site is brimming with good ideas for the movement. Maybe you could take that info back, but as that could prove to be dangerous, memorize what you think is worthwhile. Check this sub-forum, Helping Iranians Online and the Anonimity in Iran forums for more practical ideas. Check out the non-violent protest guide in farsi, the WASTE program for comms...

    Actually, a brainstorm thread like this would also be pretty good. Can't this be pinned at the top by mods in every section of Anon?

  6. you need a symbol, something short easy but recognizable.. like a V or G but if this is played right it can be used for communication as well with a group of symbols..

    I would not limit it to green as everyone with green on them would be suspected.. so green if possible but any other color as well.. (you can take or control 1 color but not all)
  7. Ray Murphy Member

    Gather anything (legal) that can make people do things they normally cannot do with bare hands - such as:

    * Climb higher
    * Look further
    * Lift more weight
    * See in the dark
    * Hear further (shotgun microphones)

    * Read/make microscopic text
    * Receive/ transmit UHF radio
    * Scan radio frequencies
    * Locks for machinery (self defence)
    * Embed text in innocent images
    * Embed extra things in PC programs
    * Portable power sources
    * Mirrors
    * High tensile chains (bolt-cutter proof)
    * Telescopic devices for messaging higher
    * Carry/possess innocent looking 'evidence'
    * Have good reasons for possessing anything
    * Private code for friends
    * PC fonts (scrambled)
    * Code without using most common words or characters
    * Whistles
    * Bells

    Read the U.S. military Psyops manual
    Understand how to identify con artists/spies
    Make things look different to what they are
  8. Write messages in wingbat font, so those in the know will convert later.

    Use posters, stickers, grafitti. Those raise morale and could be done somewhat anonimously, if you do it during a demonstration.

    Organize yourselves in ''affinity'' groups. That means, go to demos in a group of people that you trust and who share the same goal as you. That could mean going as a first-aid group, or to do graffiti. Coordinate efforts.
  9. Attach hidden meanings or instructions in street propaganda, alter them.
    Use parodies and take back the significance of being Iranian. Use images that the regime uses to brand the Iranians and use them to your advantage.
  10. I think that is more in line with what I had in mind. To raise morale of the movement. Something that can be done anonymously. Something that reminds people of the movement when they look for the sign etc.

    Thanks all!
  11. definitely raise morale, should be #1 priority

    so look around this site and take whatever you find useful
  12. Global support is growing for Iranian poulation
  13. yea but the iranians mightnt know that, or the impact of it hasnt touched down on them yet

    so def raise morale
  14. Protests will need to be more subtle and symbolic but still powerful.

    Good ideas about using jokes and meeting for fun in parks.

    What about a certain time each day either everyday or on one or two days a week? - everyone stand still for 1 or 2 or 5 minutes. A good time may be the evening when many people heading home from work, others could join them by going outside at the time.

    It could be seen as a sign of respect for those who lost their lives, a sign that the country stands still and cannot move on with its present system, a sign of peaceful and passive but strong resistance. The silence could also represent the loss of voice, symbolic also of the death of Neda whose name meant "voice".

    People could pull out a green handkerchief or something similar whilst standing in respectful silence.

    Perhaps whilst staying still hold the Koran to ward off any basijis.

    At same time cars could toot their horns in sympathy. The noise could be loud, widespread and intimidating reminder to Ahmadinajad and Khamenei of their theft.

    I saw a documentary from Thailand recently about how for a few minutes in the evening the country (or maybe just pedestrians in central Bangkok) stops for the national anthem. Catholic countries like Ireland used to have something similar for the Angelus - a brief one minute time of silent prayer.

    This idea came to me in a dream that I was a resident of Tehran and this was happening, I'm actually an Australian but moved by what I've seen as are all people of good will. Good luck to you all.
  15. ech0 Member

  16. Confetti

    Raising moral ist very important at the moment.
    As green has become the colour of the movement, it is easy to start hear, everyone in Iran understands the connection between the colour and the cause.
    My idea is to use confetti (small paper pieces, normaly circles of about 5mm diameter or squares of about the same size) to spread the message.
    Confetti can be easily made in large quantities using a document/paper shredder and simple green paper, or using office hole-punchers. If no green paper is available, you can try dying it using food-colour.
    Some handfull of these small green paper bits could been simply thrown to the ground in places with a high people fluctuation, such as markets, busstops, train stations, street crossings etc.
    This confetti is spread quite fast around a place by wind, bypassing cars.., it sticks to the shoes of people and is carried away, even after the streets are cleaned/sweeped, many of those paper particals can be found.
    Background: Confetti is commonly used in Germany during carnival parades and is, in spite of the streets beeing thorougly swept afterwards, still visible for many weeks after carnival.

    My best wishes to the brave women and men in Iran! No tyranny lasts forever!
    Greetings from Germany,
    ideas. More of them would be great.
    This was suggested for the hacktivism movt.

  18. Sand

    From what I understand, Iran has Oil but few or no refineries, does the movement depend on refined petrolium products like gas or diesel?

    if not just start putting sand into the system like the gas tanks of motor vehicles, so they just start stalling out everywhere,
  19. chinese sky-lantern

    Chinese sky lanterns can be easily and cheaply made from green plasic bags.
    They can be seen over a wide range at night and are simply heart-touching.

    This Movie in English language shoes exactly how easy they can be build, unfortunately I couldn´t find an english text.
    How To Make A Hot Air BalloonVideo

  20. ech0 Member

    1. Post flyers on the inside of bathroom doors, or bathroom stalls. They are less likely to be seen by staff & taken down.

    2. Use sidewalk chalk to write messages on the sidewalk. It washes off in the rain so you are not destroying or vandalizing property by with it.

    3. Make business cards & leave all over the place. Bathrooms, restaurants, in books in the library, in magazines, anywhere the public might stumble across them.

    3. Make videos of your activities, set to music, make them fun. Supportive people see what you are doing & see how easy it is. It encourages them to do the same.

    Not everyone has to be able to make good videos. They get better over time.

    4. Encourage people to set up multiple forums, or use this one to communicate & share ideas. It makes it harder to monitor.

    5. Use small funny photoshop images to help spread your messages. Small digestible bites. Some examples from a different protest:





    6. Encourage people to get together on some online place & brainstorm new ideas & be creative. Combined brains can help weed out the bad ideas or improve good ideas.
  21. Here are my completely uniformed ideas:

    Use green. It's fantastically lucky that the color associated with Islam has been accepted by both friend and foe as the color associated with protest. The green is easily spotted, and it must be heartening for others to see even a hint of mutual support out and about in the world. It would depend on the level of oppression and one's personal sense of risk. For instance, write in green ink. Wear green socks. Anything discrete enough that it would make a policeman feel slightly ridiculous if he were to object.

    Using green permanent marker, paint coins green on one side. If that doesn't work, put small circles of green on them with modeling paint or the like. Use these coins, put them in circulation. Anyone passing on a green coin (and who would reject money just for this) is not only implicitly bolstering the protest in the eyes and hear of the dissenting citizen who receives the coin, he is doing so in a completely deniable way. Only a complete fanatic would throw out money because it had green ink on it.

    If you felt suicidally brave, an incredibly dangerous form of almost-non-violent protest would be to tag the white shirts of the Basiji with green paintball pellets. Note that this would be very, very, very dangerous as a sniper may in good faith believe that you have an actual dangerous weapon in your hands. In a demonstration setting, perhaps small water balloons with green fabric dye would be better. Personally, I just find those shirts very tempting.

    Make stickers or home-made posters (on a computer, don't use your own handwriting for god's sake) that you can put up fairly safely. They'll be torn down, the posters at least, but even forcing the police to tear down posters does something both to them and to the people who watch them. A government threatened by paper is a bit silly. Especially if the paper simply has a suitable message from the Koran or - forget the name of the sayings of Mohammed - on it. Not even a necessarily a pointed message; perhaps especially not. Just a message which doesn't quite seem relevant but MIGHT be relevant in some way the cop can't figure out, and which is clearly a product of the protest movement. Forcing the cop to tear down the words of the messenger (do I that right?) or at least the prophet. I have no familiarity with the twelve Imams, but I imagine they would be suitable sources as well.
  22. music may be a good way as well..

    find a music group that supports the movement and cut a underground cd
  23. Newbunkle Member

    Get a stereo and play Never Gonna Give You Up at full volume.

    Your vids would get millions of hits, and you'd get a huge cheer on the internet.

  24. All this. Lol btw.

    Confound your enemy. Become your local town wizard before going covert.
    If you know these subjects it makes you more valuable alive than dead, but behind the Iron Curtain there is no "fair game". If you know who you are don't go where you're not supposed to go without being stress tested.

    It's nice and dandy to learn about resetting bones and cleaning wounds with maggots but until you've felt the fate of mankind on your shoulders several times, adrenaline will fade you into the abyss.

    I have a friend who has been saving lives in Iran for ten years now. Every day, another dozen peace loving green Persians have her to thank for not being beaten to death by the Basiji paramilitary terror organization. Enough is enough. We want our peace of mind back soon.
  25. done.

    Now you.

  26. Newbunkle Member

    If V masks are hard to find, you can paint your faces up like the Joker.
  27. now me what? lol
  28. Spread the word

    Write "where is my vote" or "death to the dictator" in Farsi on bills using green pens, and pay for things with them to spread the word. If you can get a stamp that writes that, you can write it on bills very fast, and that way you can walk into stores and ask them to stamp the money they have.

    If you add the message - "write this on your other bills if your vote was stolen" (again in Farsi) and you can start a movment as the money circulates.

    Just be careful not to get caught with the stamp, since the Basiji are not nice people.

    Good luck!

    Free Iran!
  29. Music on the streets. Form musical groups that perform joyful, uplifting music to play on the streets. Music alters your mood greatly. Sing slogans like ''Death to the Dictator'' or my favourite (sorry if the spelling is wrong) ''Toop, tank, basiji, digar asar nadarad'' or whatever you think is appropriate. Most of all, try to enjoy yourselves when on the street. It's hard to convice people that a crackdown is needed (as far as public opinion that is not already on your side goes) when people are having a laugh and dancing on the streets.

  30. if you were meaning what next, i would start burning compact audio disks and getting them distributed amongst the youth asap along with telling everyone else that can burn them to do so as well..

    i said compact disks assuming that is preferred format of music in Iran of course..
  31. or bel air. omg.

    In West Tehran born and raised
    On the playground is where I spent most of my days
    Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool
    And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school
    When a couple of basij, who were up to no good
    Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood
    I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
    And said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air."
  32. LOL. "The Fresh Prince of Persia".
  33. I think people need to be reminded of how much they have achieved in only 2 weeks. What about using the Ahura Mazda as a symbol to encourage people?
    So many people have it anyway & the initials could be taken from it as shorthand.
    The street protests have been crucial - but maybe it's time to change strategy?
    What about instead of protests, boycotts? ie desert the streets from 4.00 - 7.00 or whatever on set days. Don't know if this already happens, but say boycotting all newspapers & media - which are censored by the gvt anyway.
    Use your poets & classical singers to encourage people - Shajarian songs could be played from homes during the boycotting of the streets to encourage people.
    People really need to work out what they want when the dictators have gone. A vacuum would be disastrous for Iran. There needs to be strategic thinking done as to what should come next. The sprint is probably over - and boy what a lot of ground it covered. It's now time to enter the marathon. And I think people probably need to be encouraged by that, and know the change will come! And I can't help but feel it will be a better long term result if it comes about from as the result of a marathon, rather than a sprint.
    And even as it has fallen off the main headlines of the mainstream media in the west - those who are really interested, will be in the marathon for the long haul - supporting the people with our prayers, and tweets and following sites like this for as long as it takes. I just don't want people to think they don't matter any more or that we are not interested. We are, and we will continue to work hard on keeping informed, and spreading information. And people must know that even we are silent, we are still listening.
  34. - Print up leaflets/papers, and put them in people's mailboxes at night. Encourage people to copy them, and spread them even more.
    - Leave leaflets in busses, teahouses, etc. In the leaflets, inform people what's hapening in other cities. Tell them to write slogans on walls, or yell Allah akbar at night.
    - Spraypainting slogans: find a SYMBOL to spraypaint on, the police station, basij headquarters (dangerous), big monuments, or anything like that. The bigger the better. Nothing lifts people's spirit more than seeing that the government isn't omnipotent.
    - Create a video-CD or DVD, and play it on TV-sets in electronic stores.
    - If possible, see if you can protest by giving things away for free (food/drinks/free telephone calls)
    - If you have an old taperecorder to spare: leave it in a public place, with music tape & political messages running. If possible, find a place that is hard to reach for others (roof, sewers, basements)
    - If you find public images of Ahmadinejad, use a marker pen to paint glasses or devels' horns on his face. Or write a text-balloon with "sorry I stole your vote" on it.

    Try to be a bit mischievous, so the government will look silly, and people will anticipate your next axtion with glee.
  35. Angelraven Member

    I have been thinking the same thing... I wonder what musical group outside Iran, that your average Iranian enjoys listening to, who would also be willing to record this.
    I wonder if Quincy Jones would be interested in putting something together?
  36. Angelraven Member

    I agree, writing on money could be very dangerous! I am sure it is illegal. And, within a day I am sure Basiji (sp) will be gathered at stores in Iran just waiting to arrest people who are using this money. There is no way to get everyone using the money at the same time. I think that is a dangerous idea.
  37. green coins or paper circles

    I wanted to add, my coin idea above had been thought of already by ech0 in the post "Safe Prototest Idea: Drop Green (or green paper circles)"

    I think the green paper circles are a good idea, especially for smaller demonstrations; it'd leave a sign that the protesters were there before they were forced to scatter. Or, one could just drop them one at a time, everywhere. Whatever works. With enough wind, they'd scatter, be hard to pick up.

    ech0's text:
  38. Angelraven Member

    This appears to be a safe idea to try, at least for a few days...

    I think the idea is to keep changing strategies, do not do any one action, long enough for the Gov to prepare/react to it. Keep switching actions. They are now breaking into homes and beating the people who have been on the roof tops each night chanting, so, that is not really effective anymore.

    Do not give up! The world is with you and watching, protesting and writing to the UN, and other agencies.

    I am thinking, remember how effective it was when Mandala was was in prison to have protests in front of South African Embassies. I wonder if it would be possible to co ordinate a world wide protest on the same day in front of all Iranian Embassies! We must do all we can as an International community to embarrass and shame them. Just thinking.
  39. A brilliant idea...
    How about getting some adult moderators for the IRC channels for a change ?

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