Brainstorm Megathread!

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Skepticus, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    i kinda agree, not that we need forms of rank, but maybe we could use the different local anon groups and come together as a whole. just an idea. ***anon focus on this and ***anon work on this part. I think it could work, it still makes no "one" person a leader but that area group as a whole.
  2. qwerty1234 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    The thunderdome is a group. (I hope I don't get hit by a ton of irony any second now)
    Cant we have it so a project can have it own group, and everyone on that project can join that group?
    The threads within the group can be relevant to the project of the group.
    Ta-daa, everyone can get on with what they are trying to do?
  3. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Excuse me, I don't quite how to express this because it is hard to find the words.

    I've seen the vids of various protests, I've heard about the pranks, and I think I understand the Anonymous attitude or at least a segment of your attitude about all of this stuff. Your absurd sense of humor is very much in line with mine it appears. Looks like some of you are fans of the Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers. Too much! Even though I've been leafleting and pulling pranks on Scientology for years; I've got to say that you people have really inspired me to go on.

    I have no great ideas right now to get the word out and that's fine. What I did and continue to do is still good enough and keeps me busy. But for some of you who don't know; I really think that some of you should google the name "HUGH TROY". He may inspire you and you may even get some ideas.

    For the small amount of time it takes to look him up; you may find that it is worth it.

    And if you have the time to spare:

    Google the word, "DaDa" and google the names, "Hugo Ball", and "Marcel Duchamp". It's not the same thing at all but if you think and use your imagination; this might become useful to you. Best of luck.

    The OSA has no sense of humor.
  4. _You_ Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Let mice or rats inside the org with that phone number on some paper taped to the tails to get out of sea org, 1866 ex seaorg i think or just
  5. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I have an idea, but it might not go through so well.

    Catch or obtain a few pigeons (if it's too hard grabbing or chasing them, bait the bastards with food) and tie a card or ribbon to their leg bearing the name of a website that exposes the cult. By the time the scientologists catch it, the information would have been spread out to most of the Org's (if more than one bird is used in each org). Thick, but light weight ribbon is needed.

    It's like purposely flying an RC plane into the org's doors and flying it all over the place from outside, only you don't have to go back inside to get it out. Birds are expendable and cost nothing to replace, those things breed like fucking crazy.

    So, why not?
  6. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    You don't have to copy anyone. But whatever. Just do it.
  7. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    It would be so great if there were a cheaply made, small (2'x1'x2" let's say) replica of the Vietnam War Memorial with the names of all or most of the dead victims of Scientology. Or something similar.

    You could leave them all over town for people to see.

    Don't ask me to make it. Not my forte. I can't even loosen bolts even though I use the best hammers.


    Hugo Ball - His heart belongs to dada
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Loop this opening and play it to the clams?

    "Think for Yourself, Question Authority"

    Tool - Third Eye on Vimeo

    ...and not a bad song either.
  9. Anonymous567 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Hold a flash Mob event in the middle of town, or in a busy area, preferrably the business district. Dance about, give out hugs, and while you're at it, slip them a card with "" on it. OR, we could all gather in an area and just stand there doing nothing, just to get the onlookers curious, before slipping them the card. Either that, or we could fly paper planes with our greetings at the orgs. Sorta like a harmless, mildly passive aggressive kind of approach.

    Besides, It'd be pretty funny to see a huge group of paper planes fly at them.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Does anyone know if Scientology owns any aircraft, Private Jets, prop jobs or helicopters registered under any Front Company in any country. How do OSA, DM and other senior Staff travel around internationally? Do they fly commercial? If so read no further... If COS via any front company own aircraft, does anyone have their reg (tail numbers) and if they don't own aircraft, which air charter companies do they give business to? The worldwide community of aircraft spotting groups (what trainspotters are but to planes) may have photos on file of any aircraft owned (once the reg/tail number is known and the photos will normally have a most recent date and exact location. It would be an Easy way to track movements of senior management/OSA if they use Private aircraft. Anon would know what Orgs and where are getting visits from the top...
  11. JConstantine Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    No. Anon shouldn't get involved in the military. Too risky. We don't want the government being able to go through whatever we do or oversee any of our operations. That eliminates the anonymous aspect of it.

    What we could do is hire disillusioned veterans, rogues and others of the sort. That way we'd have military thinking and training without being a part of the military. Not to mention, vets have the most of the rights as active personel do. I think if we got some of the angrier vets on our side, we could have them go back to bases and moniter Co$ activity from within the military, if Co$ is there in the first place.

    I also think we need to find a rogue senator. That or a congressmen or a judge. Thus, we'd have a small foothold in the government.
  12. Spectre Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    To use military tactics or try to get a foothold in the government would make us no better than the Co$. We need to get anons into the org as UC's. Its dangerous but would yield great counter intel. and its not illegal because they invited you in. I have little they can take from me and im sure others out there feel the same. Lets get some ghost and start haunting them on the inside.
  13. MeganonOT8 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    i got the cash... but not willing to invest into scilontology... wait a thought came to me... maybe i should just join staff or the sea org.. XD
  14. Robocat Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    If someone donated money to get a large billboard sign rented, it would be effective. I have looked into this, and you can get anything from slick scrolling ones at airports or by the freeway in more rural areas - and of course everything in between. It takes adequate funds to get something good, which I can not do alone.
  15. Spectre Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    LoLz Just a thought if we could figure out the cash thing or an alternative i think we might be able to work it for the good of mankind
  16. nimuz Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Sorry guys forgot to explain in english lol, here in portugal the cult is on the rising...a litle but still! we are very few anons, PLEASE HELP US, to send this e-mail to the Network station that showed the special report about the Scientology cult! ppl are badly informed about the cult, and the fucking reporter didnt knew how to to thinks right! it sounds like scientology are pacifists and a serious! please please please HELP US!!! the more mails we send the best!

    Caros Jornalistas da SIC.

    Em primeiro lugar peço desculpa por enviar este e-mail como Anónimo, provavelmente falta-me a coragem para "dar a cara" mas não quero por em risco nem família nem amigos nem eu próprio.

    A respeito da vossa reportagem sobre a Cientologia: - PRIMEIRA PARTE DO DOCUMENTÁRIO DA BBC (creio que seja suficientemente credível) SOBRE A CIENTOLOGIA.

    Em suma, espero que alguem leia este e-mail e fique tão preocupado quanto eu fiquei ao ver estes links e a vossa entrevista. e acima de tudo que faça algo em relação a este assunto. vivemos num mundo dos "media" e
    vocês detêm um grande poder mas também uma grande responsabilidade em relação à informação que passa na nossa televisão.

    sem mais de momento, o meu Obrigado.

    send to:
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Maybe this already exists here, but what about a special project writing group that collaborates on an ongoing basis to explore the controversy around Scientology at the same time carefully advocating positions supported by Chanology and factual research.

    I am thinking that if there were a study flow of well researched writings that followed guidelines as indicated in the links below, it could have significant impact over time.

    Writing about Controversies

    Reflecting on Controversies

    Remaining Neutral

  18. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    my storm is braining.
  19. Librarian62 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Are you saying that the A-Team might actually be available?

  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Are you hinting maybe I should think more like this?

    YouTube- Bunifa lowered expectations
  21. PreOne Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I've read a few of the suggestions and i like most of them from tool blaring to implanting anons within the system. although dangerous this along with at least a government supporter would probably yield the best results but dangerously mirror Co$ actions and not only do we run the risk of operatives being caught and exposed but possibly worse and turn, adding to the problem. since we, from what i've seen, work in small cells this might not be very detrimental to us as a whole but to that particular cell. Billboard renting although a good way to spread the word is a waste of cash and too public once they see that nice big ad against them they're gonna find out who rented the space. better yet grab some buckets of paint, a ladder and climb up and parody they're own msgs. if you've seen fight club you know what i'm taking about, a small change here and there on they're own ads will not only piss them off whole heartily but also help prevent any seeing those from becoming involved with it
    "Are you stressed? maybe dialectics aren't the best?"

    every billboard has a latter on em, some feet of the ground to prevent this stuff. so bring a ladder and good rope, cause if you fall your fucked.

    that's my two cents. i'll be lurking around now.
  22. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I just had a nice idea:
    how about we make a "Where the hell is Matt?" spoof that we will call:
    Where the hell is anonymous?
    Just go to your local Co$ and film yourself doing that dumb dance in front of it.
    Than send it all to one anon (me?) and edit it all together.

    Good idea or crap idea?
    Tell me! :)
  23. WillyWonkanon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    oh noes! ya mean we've been infiltrated???
    (cause we're kewl and they wanna be just like us, that's why)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Dr.Evil and his doods thinks that agent pubit is sexay?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!


  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

  29. PreOne Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    exactly :) use they're own shit against them enough to fit our cause and deny theirs. so naturally removing or replacing any necessary info on those boards as well as adding lawls to them. they'll sure as hell be expecting us then
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Scientology Fortune Cookies with an unflattering quote from LRH.

    To be passed out at raids, to hungry Sea Org staffers, and the media.
  31. WMAnon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    inb4fake food poisoning
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    bong hits for jeeesus, perhaps?
  33. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Bong hits for OTs. Enhances the super powers.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    OT - operational retard.

    MEST - Many Eager Sexual Temptations

    bong hits can give you new abilities
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    A suggestion for dispelling the mysterious appeal of Scientology's secret language.

    If someone has the guts, contact the producers of childrens TV superhero shows and propose that their show use Scientology's seekrit code words, such as OSA, Int base, Xenu, Purif, Rundown, etc.

    If these words can leak into the common language with new trivial meanings, it will take away a lot of the mystique from Scientology.
  36. theprofitlrh Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    A video of Scientology responses to the claims made.

    State the claim e.g. Disconnection, Fair Game, litigation to harass, human trafficking, child labor, coerced abortions, kidnapping, forced imprisonment,

    Then Scientologys response.

    What you should end up with is a video showing the Sci reponse is the same ALL the time.

    "He's a liar. She's a liar. Apostate. Liar. Apostate. Liar. Lies. Lies..etc..etc"
  37. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    That is a great idea. It really would show just how ridiculous it all is.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    A lots of lawsuits going on right now. Maybe they should revisit older ideas.
  39. AnotherSock Member

    When is an org not an org?

    When is an org not an org?

    At yesterday's protest, I was talking to an anon who said that the org we were protesting shouldn't really be considered an org at all, because its staffing level had fallen too low.

    So: Is there actually a stated minimum for staffing at an org? Or can the clams just bus in a load of Saint Hill gimps for a day, take photos, declare it to be "booming" and then leave it to decay.

    If there really are any such minima expressed in the Hubtard's syphilitic literary ramblings (in terms of hours, staffing, income, number if parishioners etc.) it might provide a lulzy for us to show the Scilons their own failure, on their own terms.

    Just wondering.
  40. Kataklyzm Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I have a random idea, kinda fun and its something that most of us do at raids.
    a GIGANTIC flash dance Tunak Tunak Tun in a large urban city would be cool. Not much of a developed thought at all, just a random fun event that could have some good outcomes.

    There might be someone else with this idea but I'm just too lazy to go look.

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