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    just tossing off a couple ideas really quick.

    We need a website that documents all of the osa activity we see/suspect- right now, i'm forced into being a casual anon- i can't be involved 24/7 like i was when i first joined these forums. As far as i'm aware, there's been.. what, three arrests of anon? and some form letters.. but this is being spread somewhat thinly accross multiple threads in the forums. Partly to decentralize, and partly to make such information easy to find, could someone start and OSA watch site or something? a single site to document all of this would be particularly helpful.

    on a similar note- someone suggested anonpodcasts? can i say THIS? some sort of 'this is the breaking anon news summary for this week' would be really nice. Help rally those anon who have busy schedules, document what's going on so new anon could be brought up to speed fast... I like that idea. At the rate things are happening, missing a week can leave you pretty far behind.

    I don't know where this kind of stuff is being discussed/decided, but since we've been themeing our protests- Lisa, Birthday, and now Reconnect, I have two themes to suggest: a protest focused on what the average scientologist might find wrong with RTC, (RTC:what's true for you isn't true for you. KSW: Isn't keeping scientology working. The tech is being squirrelled etc.),

    and we need a protest, maybe a little further down the road, for those anon (or the non anon) being fair gamed- remember mudkips, Atlanta, etc. show how scientology persecutes our freedom of speech.

    If all media images/etc of a protest had a sign 'Corruption in DeKalb County?' or something, every person who sees/hears about the protest on the news would get that snippet, and some would look it up out of curosity. And i can't imagine anyone could read about what happened and not find themselves angry at the situation.
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    I don't know if this has been said before, but maybe we could get a few Human Right's Organizations on our side. You know, the same ones that refused to help CCHR. I have a small list, I am sure it could get larger. If enough people expressed concern to these groups, we may be able get them to lend support in one form or another, such as AnonMomAnon with Amnesty International. Please lend me your thoughts on the idea, I am mailing them either way. (Human-Rights Youblog - someone join and post)
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    If we want to shake up Scientologists, our best approach is not to do things that are perceived as an attack--they are trained to automatically block and reject that. The best approach is to point out those things they ALREADY see but haven't thought about (because they're trained to not think).

    I've found this:
    Scientologists: Don't you wonder?

    L. Ron Hubbard wrote the books of Scientology. Over the many years of his life, he had the books reprinted many times, often with minor corrections and modifications. Years after his death, in the 1990's, David Miscavige had all the books revised and reprinted to "bring them back to source," requiring all Scientologists replace their libraries. Then, in 2007, Miscavige once again had all the books revised, this time radically, and required, once again, that all Scientologists replace their libraries at great cost. Are we supposed to believe that Ron, through all those years, through all his own re-readings and all those reprints, never noticed that his books were completely wrong?

    Doesn't that make you wonder?

    Do you know that "L. Ron Hubbard" is no longer, officially, the author of the books on Scientology? Did you know that the name "Hubbard" no longer shows up on the front page of the main Church of Scientology web site? Have you noticed that Ron's name and photos are disappearing from the events and from the publications? Instead, you see Miscavige's name and photos.

    Doesn't that make you wonder?

    When Ron was alive, he was very satisfied with his tech. In fact, he wrote "Keeping Scientology Working" in which he said it was complete and shouldn't be altered in any way. To alter any of his technology was the work of an enemy of Scientology.

    And yet, years after Ron's death, his technology was radically changed. Everyone who had been trained before that time had their certs canceled and they were required to re-train under the new technology, even those who were trained personally by Ron!

    Doesn't that make you wonder?

    But, anyone who complains that Ron's "Keeping Scientology Working" policy explicitly forbids exactly that sort of alteration, has been immediately declared Suppressive. Most of those who knew Ron, worked with Ron, trained under Ron, have been declared and kicked out.

    Doesn't that make you wonder?

    As you know, the lavish events put on by David Miscavige are flashy and impressive. The news announced in these events is extraordinary: The Church of Scientology's expansion and impact on the world is amazing.

    And yet, outside of those events and the church's own press releases, evidence of all those amazing things is missing. Every day there are news stories about Scientology, some positive, some negative, but lacking in all the news stories is any mention of those big wins announced in the events. You look at your local church and you see the place is virtually empty and the staff is struggling. Your local church has been that way as long as you can remember. If you know of an "Ideal Org", did you notice that, after all the fuss and bother, the church went back to almost empty and struggling? You look at Flag and you see it is much emptier than it was years ago, and the staff is struggling. Ron says a well run course fills up and a poorly run course will empty.

    Doesn't that make you wonder?

    Have you noticed that your circle of Scientology friends has been shrinking? Some Scientologists have been "declared". Others have moved away and quietly disappeared. Some are still around somewhere but they are no longer active or interested. It keeps happening. Do you see that Scientologists you know, who are good people, doing good work, have suddenly found themselves in serious trouble with the church? Do you see Scientologists, maybe even yourself, struggling for years to try to make progress, but not making it?

    Doesn't that make you wonder?

    And if you wonder about any of this, do you get the strong feeling that you'd better not ask any questions? Do you get the feeling that you'd better be careful or you'll be next?

    And doesn't that make you wonder?
    Found at:
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    All right, I'm on board with Operation Reconnect. But if we only do touchy-feely raids it's going to get boring. Let's remember why the chans started this thing: to majorly piss off the church management.

    So let's go after #1. Let's have a monthly raid all about David Miscavige (Operation Get Shorty). Let's talk about Jenna. Let's talk about SP hall and altered tech. Let's have "Wanted" signs for assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and negligence. Let's have a raid in downtown Hemet and in front of Author Services (apparently DM's favorite hangout of late). Let's get the press asking about these things!

    Of course no outright threats, nothing that would constitute libel in your area. But we have all kinds of evidence of DM's scumbaggery, so there's a lot we can say.
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    You've got a point. The raids will NEVER become boring. We will always come up with something completely different. Something the CO$ would never expect...
    Scientology never expected Anonymous
    Scientology never expected the 1st protest
    We will STAY one step ahead at all times.

    It would be interesting to have a DM protest by the could shake Scientology up from within
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    On Hypnosis:
    I know a LOT about hypnosis, and if you have any questions, you can ask me.
    Hypnosis is a very common phenomenon. If you watch TV - That's a form of hypnosis. People go in and out of trances all the time. Hypnosis can never be dangerous when people KNOW they are being hypnotized, and hypnosis is essentially a good thing. But the people who are in CO$ DON'T KNOW they are being influenced, that's the problem.
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    There are certain rules in California applying to home schooling and private schools, and in reading personal experiences on the boards, this may be a subject worth pursuing re Sea Org. In the past, up until last month,homeschooling could be accomplished by parents or guardians supervising lessons (lie Psychiotic Chaotic's once a week school sessions she describes so eloquently on the Personal Experience thread) with a tutor who is a certified teacher checking in on the kids's lessons.

    Now, a judge's ruling, which has peeved a lot of home schooling parents, and that debate is not what this about--rather this is a strategy angle--based on laws from the 1950s and implmented over a child abuse issue that came to light is under my reading of the law is: HOME SCHOOLING MUST HAVE STATE CERTIFIED TEACHERS PROVIDING LESSONS AT ALL TIMES. Additionally, the lessons must conform to state and local lesson plans.

    here's an article form one of the outraged homeschooling groups:
    ""California law, the court ruled, requires that children be enrolled and attend a public or private school or be "tutored by a person holding a valid state teaching credential for the grade being taught." Parents who fail to follow the state law could face criminal penalties."""

    Also from

    """Every person, firm, association, partnership, or corporation offering or conducting a full-time day or boarding school at the elementary or high school level must file an Affidavit (California Education Code Section 33190).

    California's compulsory education law (EC 48200) requires each person between six and eighteen years of age to attend public, full-time day school, and requires their parents or guardians to send them, unless legally exempt. The two principal exemptions are (1) instruction in a private, full-time day school, or (2) instruction by a tutor or other person holding a valid California teaching credential for the grade level being taught (EC 48220, 48222, 48224).""

    From what I understand, this applies to all religious elementary, middle and high schools as well as to home schooling. Sea Org may be getting around this by using this regulation: "A private full-time day school or boarding school (EC 48222) where instruction is provided by "persons capable of teaching," that keeps an attendance register indicating clearly every absence of the pupil from school for a half day or more during each day the school is maintained during the year, and that provides instruction in the English language and all the branches of study required in California public schools. The Private School Affidavit must be filed annually by the private school. Operators of private schools are required by law to file a Private School Affidavit. In addition, the law provides an exemption from compulsory public school attendance for children who are being instructed in a private, full-time day school (EC 48200, 48220, 48222), so long as certain conditions are met: instruction must be provided by persons capable of teaching; and instruction must be in English and offered in the several branches of study required to be taught in California's public schools. In addition, attendance must be kept in a register that indicates every absence of the pupil from a half day or more of attendance. For the exemption from the compulsory attendance law to be valid, the attendance supervisor of the public school district must verify that the private school has filed the annual Private School Affidavit required by EC Section 33190. If the school has nonprofit tax status, the eligibility of that school's students, teachers and other educational personnel to participate in various federally funded programs is contingent upon the annual filing of the Affidavit."

    However from the stories here, it does not seem like there is much instruction going on for Sea org children, and it certainly doesnt seem like there is "full time" state approved education being delivered to the kids of Sea Org.

    I may be off base here and maybe someone more schooled in private school education laws and experienced in Sea Org "schools" can comment
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Here's a concept specifically for LA or Clearwater:
    Re-enact the fall of the Saddam statue in Baghdad

    1. Get a parade permit.
    2. Get a full-length image of David Miscavige. This is the only one I could find, but he probably hasn't worn a Sea Org uniform in years and people could mistake it for an anti-war protest. A caricature by someone with art skillz would work better.
    3. Rasterbate the image to 8 feet tall and mount it on heavy cardboard or plywood.
    4. Mount the cardboard on a wooden frame that can be moved in and out of the protest site.
    5. Set up David at the protest and leave him there for a while, for good visibility
    6. With press cameras rolling, an anon sets up a stepladder next to David, climbs it, waves the anonymous flag, and ties a heavy rope around David's shoulder and chest.
    7. Several anons slowly pull David down.
    8. Anons pick up David (horizontally) and load him and the stepladder into a truck/van for removal. Super bonus if it has a big "GARBAGE" sign on the side.

    There is no threat implied here. Just the familiar image of a tyrant being deposed, which is exactly what we intend.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I like the idea, my only doubts are:
    1. Is this a good idea for operation reconnect?
    2. Is it really legal?!:p
  10. Dubber Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I'm not saying it has to be done for Reconnect (and I'm not in either location anyway). Can you think of a reason why it would be illegal? The effigy might block the sidewalk, which is why you would need a parade permit. Hell, have someone there at the dump to film him being tossed out!
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    creative, lulzworthy, and would make a great trophy.
    would be even better if the "statue" was 4 ft tall and on stilts
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    We do NOT want to be serious. This is/should be fun. Suggestion for May : "Laugh!" Meaning laugh at DM. He's ridiculous!

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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Yeah I'm all for Miscavige May :p
    I love this Idea:
    It could also be combined with Dubber's awesome idea
    (Re-enact the fall of the Saddam statue in Baghdad)

    Just wanted to say Anonymous isn't just the monthly protests, but when the list of operations returns, that'll be more clear anyway. is an awesome site by the way
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Hmm.. I don't know why it could be illegal:confused:, but it's best to check it with the police/ a lawfag first.

    OSA will of course insist it's a death threat by the way:p
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    An officer at the scene during the demonstration would have to agree that it was a death threat to actually take action though, they can't submit frivalous lawsuits after the fact to anonymous people now can they?
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    Re: Various Ideas

    That is absolutely the funniest thing I've read in a month.

    Anyway, another idea. The goal is to recruit more people with a spontaneous grassroots movement. Well, we can get some dark bed sheets, cut 'em up, and have some bandannas for people that want to protest.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Three things.

    1). Bigger is Better. Especially with this, I'd say aim for about 10 feet high.

    2). This takes more work, but will look much better. Make the effigy with plaster strips so it's in 3-D VISON (just like xenu's theatres!). Would have much more impact than a cutout.

    3). You don't need a fulllength photo of miscarriage, just shoop his head onto some guy wearing a suit. (suits look pretty similar no matter who's wearing them)

    will make a diagram.
  18. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Bigger is better, but to piss DM off we could also make the statue just a little SMALLER then full-sized :p
  19. awesomizer Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!


    A 3D statue would be epic.
  20. Dubber Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    It has to fit in a truck.

    True enough, but caricatures are more recognizable from a distance than photographs, and allow some creativity (e.g. holding a sack of money).

    I think there's enough interest for a separate thread, if SOMEONE IN LA OR CLEARWATER wants to take this up.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Yes but it really should NOT be 8 feet tall IMO

    Perhaps a dwarf sized one on a large (looking) post

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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Operation Get Shorty! and This! scuze me, I just pissed my pants.
  23. GuyFux Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Did Wrestlemania give anyone else the idea of Anons holding up signs that say "" or "" at Pro Wrestling events and the today show?
  24. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I have been reading a lot on protest methods and i had an idea to help keep things fresh. People may well get used to anons or not take time to read fliers, but there are things they cant ignore.

    For the sake of calling everything an operation, i call this


    Sound is a very powerful tool. While you can not take a flyer, you cant not hear sound. Unless you are deaf, in which case you can.

    For safety in numbers i would say this op needs 9- 10 anons. Min 3.

    Break the anons into three groups of three. or balls of steel single anon teams.

    Each team has a portable stereo/ cd player with speakers. The anons go to a target location that meets the following criteria.



    When i say reasonably quiet, i mean nothing above the general hustle and bustle. Say jack hammers.

    Anons music players contain identical cd's with a single track. track contains a 30 second message on a loop for length of cd, as well as some rickrolls and bel airs. XD

    Anons meet and synchronize starting their playback, then disperse down the main flow of foot traffic , putting 30-40 ft between each group.

    As people walk they will enter an area where the message is audible, and will move into range of the other anons down the line to continue hearing the message without ever stopping. Because there are multiple sources, no single source has to be so loud as to have to carry the message to 130 ft away, which might require a permit/ break city noise ordinances. The more teams, the closer together they can be, and the less loud each individual speaker has to be.

    Message is short enough that someone waking into it half way through playback will at least get some repitition before leaving the end of the sound field, ensuring the full message is delivered even to someone going at a brisk walking pace.

    The best places to use this would be areas as have been previously mentioned with high foot traffic, and as low ambient noise as possible. Open air shopping arcades or pedestrianized areas are ideal for this, especially during lunch hours. To avoid becoming a nuisance, areas could be hit for 10 mins at a time, or just for the hour of lunch to have the most impact.

    If groups of three are used, the other two not holding music player can give cd/ leaflets to those who come looking for them. The main delivery method here would be delicious free sound waves.
  25. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I propose a modification to that idea: More meaningful music, spoken anti-Scion speeches, testimony from high-level blows.

    To my understanding at one of the protests the Scions used hugeass speakers. I don't think this was to disrupt the protest or reach the public; rather I think this was to keep the Scions inside from hearing.

    We need to reach the people who are inside. We use more meaningful songs, or spoken appeals to those people letting them know they no longer have to be miserable. Remember that as far as many of them know, we're Real Actual Terrorists(tm), out to kill things and destroy the church (which they believe is the last bastion of good humanity). There's so many of us - at least the less-washed of them will start to figure out that something is up...

    I think this will attract the attention of John Q as well.

    "Why are you blasting those messages at the Scientologist building?"
    "To let them know that they have a way out. You see, they're trapped."
    "Explain etc".
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Ah Ha! I've had a couple ideas rattling around in my head and lo and behold a brainstorming thread. I don't know if these ideas have been mentioned before, if they have sorry! Let me know what you guys think:

    1. cards in dianetics/Hubbard books

    2. A short weekly? podcast for Anonymous discussing the weeks news

    3. Has anyone who's made some of these great videos thought of posting them on the Current tv site? They accept short documentary film type things and I believe if they get a high enough rating on the website they put them on the actual tv station.
  27. Apology Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I think we should have a parade sometime this summer in the biggest cities. We could adapt the theme to whatever we wanted, or just do an "Operation Carnival" or something. The advantage is, if we can get a parade permit, we get to close the street for a short period of time and we get to be loud. The Scilons will not like this.

    We don't have to spend a lot of money on floats and stuff as long as we have marchers. I think we could count on everybody involved to dress themselves creatively. Some of them may even form small marching bands or banner carrying teams. A lot of you have an old band instrument laying around and could probably still play them even if you're rusty. It would be fun for us (although it would require a lot of advanced planning) and it would get the Scilons' attention in a negative way. By the time we got it together to do this, the Scilons will be reeling anyway.
  28. GooD Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    This is great. I can do this now :)
    hrmm maybe we need a 10 things you can do as a solo anon
  29. tybaltheanon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    10 things that everyone could do is a great idea GooD. It would be an easy and simple way to get the word out, with all of us that are out there if everyone just did one thing once quite a bit could be accomplished.

    I saw a video awhile ago somewhere suggesting writing a short comment and a website on money. Something like: $cientology is a scam and then a website. That and the youfoundthecard cards seem simple enough. I'm afraid I can't think of anything else at the moment.
  30. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!


    Seriously, so much happens that it's often hard to keep up. A podcast would be a fantastic way to keep people informed and involved.

    Also, the COS and other advocacy groups often set up tables in public places (malls, parks, etc) to hand out information. Anons should look into their local laws and see what would be involved in setting up tables of their own.
  31. A2Z Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Soup enturb, I've been doing some thinking and come up with some suggestions. Sorry if they've been posted already.

    Also, brace for tl;dr impact.

    1) Set up 'Stress Test' tables and give out lolipops

    2) On non-protesting days slip youhavefoundthecard/cash into dianetic books. I've been moving around dianetic books in my local bookstores, but realize such actions won't have much impact other then to annoy the employees.

    3) Branch out during protests, so that small tables are set up near high traffic areas such as bart stations/crossroads. Like hug raids: just go out, offer free hugs and tell people we're against scientology. Fliers aren't necessary but are useful in this task.
    Apparently Ausfags in Brisbane have been doing this from day one, and we really need to do this more. I saw a major opportunity to hand out a bitchload of fliers around the bart station and to hold signs by the crossroads there.

    4) Rewrite fliers to be stronger and WITHOUT spelling errors. My sis noted on one flier that cake was misspelled in the typical chan fashion, and went "lolwut?"
    John Q. Public speaks every language BUT *chan language. We need to come across as intelligent albeit playful people.

    5) Definitely get better sound systems. The one radio at SF sounded dreadful.

    6) Maybe a donations jar can be set up, but mainly for anons who wish to help with the raiding costs. We don't want to appear as though we're doing just what Scilons are doing.

    7) Send out postcards. This has been suggested I think, but just to the scifags who'll read them. I'm thinking we should send them to people who don't know what's going on. We can add in links to newspaper articles, and general bite-sized chunks of information.

    8) BRING BACK THE FUN! If we can work memes overtly into signs, such as longcat edging or Woll Smoth pics would be fun. We need to get comical, if not for the PR then just for the moral boosting. Maybe we can turn this into a block party or some shit. We definitely need the party atmosphere for when the news reporters show up. Anyone got devo hats?

    9) We need MOAR posters to affix to walls. With masks, people may be put off and not want to interact. we can put up posters and leave them be so people can read up on who we are, what scifaggotry is, and what we're doing.
    Another idea is when cars stop at red lights, maybe we can offer fliers to the drivers who have open windows, to tap them to talk to them and give fliers.

    10) Thank you cards for cops is a brilliant idea [props to their creator!] I suggest we start doing that every so often in each protest, just to look good.

    As Sissy Santa of SA say:

    "Basically, I think discrediting the cult and exposing the lies and rather heinous activities of the CoS would be a better angle to take- not trying to play the role of Dr. Phil."

    I think s/he's right. We should probably focus on the crimes of CoS rather then get touchy-feely. [tl;dr, bitchslap them and gb/kitchen!]

    11) We need to contact the newspapers and reporters. They aren't going to automatically know wtf, and even if we're not front page news, every little bit of publicity counts.

    Also, I'm rather against having another protest so soon. Focusing on miniraids may be more ???? Profit! then constant raiding. People consume massive amounts of info and if we get stale, the public isn't going to care very much.
  32. AnonOutreach Member


    Here are the areas that I think CoS is most vulnerable to targeting:

    1. Schooling: Education officials in many locations must oversee educational systems/homeschooling
    2. Building codes: Often they do not use licensed contractors for building/renovating and in many locations a building can be shut down for that.
    3. Fair Gaming: Any domestic abuse hotline in your area can give advice on how to proceed criminally against stalking/harassment. The amount of libel/slander suits won against them is staggering
    4. Blown CoS Management/OSA: They can request immunity for themselves and their families and testify for the FBI/RCMP etc.
    5. Fraudulent Business Practices: They've been successfully sued thousands of times across the globe
    6. Tax Fraud: How can a "church" pay it's staff by commissions on bringing in members?
    7. Accessories to Fraud : There are several documentated cases where they have encouraged business owners to LIE to the bank to get money for courses.
    8. Recruitment: They are vulnerable when recruiting goes down to financial problems and lack of human resources to feed the machine.

    That's only a few targeted areas but those areas are highly vulnerable to governmental and public intervention.
  33. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I agree with that. You can't "save" people. What we're up against is the *corporation* of Scientology not the people--the system.

    It's good to make points about their abuse of their own members and DEFINITELY support and protect the members who leave but we must keep sight that the general public has a "so what--if they wanna be suckers let 'em" mentality. And CoS management constantly whines "they're terrorizing us".:lrhcries:

    There's a time for tea and sympathy but if you let it get in your way--CoS will chew us up and spit us out with our own good intentions.
  34. Consensus Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    What about having an 'Org of the Month' program? The idea occured when I saw the philidelphia results this month. If, every month, we pick one Org to 'feature'... We hold that protest on the sunday (all others on the saturday)... and particularly encourage participation at *that* org... smaller protests in the week leading up to it... emphasize research about that org...

    I'unno. You complete the thought. Just an idea.
  35. MPK418 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Instead of a mass rally why not have a small isolated protest in an area with a high concentration of anons. This way we can rotate people out who have lives continuously for days on end.

    For example in a place where there'll often be a few hundred protesters at an event, invite 15 or 20 for one 6 hour shift, then the next day 15 or 20 more, with 200 people we could have a group outside of the church everyday for 10 days. With a hundred people we could push it out too if we just lowered the numbers. This way we could get a record protest going by having a group of people outside for an extended period of time. With identities hidden there'd be no way for the COS to even know that it would be different people everyday, in their minds it'd be the same group sitting outside for weeks on end. I bet in a place like London or Orlando a protest going for a month straight, wouldn't be a difficult feat to achieve.
  36. theburgerking Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I thought this was a really good idea, and that it would be good to make cards like this that appear pro-scientology, so I uploaded some here:
  37. darawk Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    What about attracting other groups to this cause with us? There are already tons of well organized, powerful groups out there dedicated to fighting a myriad of causes. Being that Scientology has violated a myriad of basic moral principles, i'm sure we can find a number of instances where these co-incide. Forced abortions is a good one, as abortion is an extremely contentious issue particularly in the U.S. The anti-abortion crowd is pretty well organized and has been for a long time, getting them on our side would be a serious plus.

    Similarly, there are groups like Amnesty international and Human Rights Watch, who would probably be very interested in a lot of the goings on at Gold Base and the various Orgs. Then there is the fact that Scientology has created organizations like "Religious Freedom Watch", which pretend to be dedicated to preventing religious bigotry. The existence of that organization is an insult to real anti-bigotry organizations, like the Anti-Defamation League, or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Both of whom should have a strong interest in preventing a fraudulent organization from muddying the important issues that they fight for.

    Maybe we should compile a list of political organizations that have the potential to support our cause and start lobbying them? If this idea has some support i'll make a thread for it.
  38. AnnonYmouse Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Darawk, I was thinking the exact same thing although I think that some group alliances may cause other Anons to withdraw or question their own support. The Right to Life groups or similar anti-abortion groups are themselves controversial and may serve to annoy/disenchant Anons. I know that I wouldn't participate in any event alongside members of that group.

    I was thinking of the LGBT community due to the Scilons' view of homosexuality (and the 'in-your-face' nature of their protests....think the Dr. Laura show from a few years back), but again this may not be a good fit. I would think the LGBT community may take issue with Anon's use of the word 'fag' that is thrown around in reference to the Scilons.

    Good idea, though. I have been thinking this same thought in the last couple of days.
  39. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    this is an amazing idea. you bet it deserves it's own thread. perhaps STICKY?
  40. 2Ke Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I had a bit of an idea for a new method of anti-Co$ flier distribution - street performance. Rather than having an open guitar case for people to throw change into, you have a table with informative fliers. People might be a bit confused that you're giving something out rather than taking money, but I thought it might be a decent idea. This way you can use a talent to aid the cause, including playing music, dancing, or perhaps simply wearing a costume and doing free photos with people.

    If you're worried about numbers, perhaps get yourself and a few friends in a public place and spread out a bit, so you're still within eyeshot. Plus, I'd hope you'd be in a crowded enough place that any antagonistic persons would have to deal with many witnesses were they to attempt to pull anything on you.

    Just thought I'd toss the idea out there. Sorry if it's been brought up already.

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