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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Skepticus, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    set up tables across the street with a sign - cult exit counsellors available
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Scientology sale - fixin' up lives special $350,000 - today only
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Bridge for sale $500,000, free certificate included
  4. Anonymous Member

    Hospitals save lives
  5. Anonymous Member

    its a cult and your brainwashed
  6. Anonymous Member

    Had an idea for someone more skillful than me.

    Spoof of "Three parts of man" poster.

    The first part is the mind, used to ignore problems related to Scientology.

    The second part is the body, used by members of the Sea Org to perform physical labor.

    The third part is the wallet, used to pay for Scientology services.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Might work better to move the wallet up to the first part since it really fulfills the role of the thetan in that it reflects the primary concern of the CoS.
  8. AnonLover Member is under utilized by Chanology.

    We should do something about that. And perhaps try to spin something broad enough that it would attract interest & support way beyond the realm of scientology critics, yet still impact the cult directly with a swift kick in the ass.

    Closest half-formed idea i can come up with for a petition of such stature is that tax-exempt charities should not be allowed to have sealed court settlements without giving up their tax exempt status. if they got something to hide - then they shouldnt be tax free.

    other thoughts?
  9. Anonymous Member

    my brainwashed what?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Video idea - "Scientologists describing Scientology"

    If a non informed person watched a couple of videos of Scilons describing Scientology they may think what they say is reasonable, but if you watch a lot of these videos you see the same phrases been used all the time.
    Stuff like "it gives you a toolbox for dealing with life" or "it was like POW".

    Somebody could do a video where they put together clips showing how the same phrases are used over and over again.

    It would be illuminating and funny.
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  11. hansanon Member

    Idea for ... not quite sure... probably just lolz.

    Our story so far:
    a long time ago an evil spirit ruled the lands and had a lot of his peasents massacred. he captured their souls and shaped them into gems of diffrent cuts. but before the end he was defeated by the good wizards. to free the souls in the gems the wizards would bring them to a new poe / plane of existance. there the free souls of the wizards would be loaded down with the now invisible soul gems, and so they forgot they were wizards. so you have to clear enough gems to become owie 5 / operating wizard energylevel 5. oh, the evil spirit was called unix or unex or so.

    basicly the sci background coined in fantasy genre. aim is to tell them the absurd story without their minds closing after hearing 'xenu'

    edit to add another idea:
    sign which offers to infect members with more body thetan for cash, so the higher ups can milk them again... if spoken to by handlers, tell them you can't talk to them until they are ot 3
  12. Gobic Member

    Or even better, do what somebody did to the BNP (British nationalist party) and try and acquire a list of members of Scientology and publicly release it. It may cause embarrassment to them or seeing as the best way to prevent something is to educate people. Many people delve into things like Scientology because it is mysterious. So we could give people info about it, and why it is a load of balls.
  13. Anonymous Member

    for use on signs:

    1) Scientology - you don't have to be crazy but it helps

    2) I used to be a Scientologist but then i got better.
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  14. AnyMouse101 Member

    I wonder if I could share my view on how representative democracy could be modified to resemble more to pure democracy.
    Idea is to use modern communication technologies to allow people to have direct vote on political issues.
    I call this system hybrid democracy.
    Depending on how active people are, such system can either become pure representative democracy (if people decide not to cast direct votes) or pure democracy (if people decide to cast direct votes on every single issue).
    Idea goes like this.

    During election day person can register itself that he wants to be represented by politician A. This is not anonymous.
    Or he can go to election site and anonymously cast a vote that he wants to be represented by politician A by placing that white paper with politician A name circled and placing paper in the big white box.

    Lets say that 50 people anonymously selected to be represented by politician A.
    Lets say that other 50 people registered to be represented by politician A.

    Now when that politician A rises his hand during voting procedure on some law his hand is worth 100 votes.
    If some of the registered persons decides that this is not in his interest he can login into and directly cast his vote on the issue therefore refusing to be represented by this politician on this specific subject.
    Because of this, hand of politician A during this specific voting procedure is now worth only 99 votes.
    If all 50 registered people decline that politician A should represent them on this specific issue that would mean that his hand would be worth remaining 50 votes of those that anonymously selected him.

    If politician goes corrupt person could also unregister from politician A meaning that his hand is then worth -1 vote even if that person doesn't go to for any of the subsequent voting procedures.
    Person could also re-register to any other politician at any given time if he decides that his interests would be better protected this way. This way politicians would be demotivated to do whatever they want until the next elections.

    This way politician would feel motivated to work in the interest of their voters because otherwise people could unregister from him thereby decreasing influence of that politician by decreasing his worth in votes. Corrupt politicians can be completely neutralized this way since they would loose voting power.
    This way people could exercise their ability of direct voting for really important issues without having to turn into full time politicians like it is the case in pure democracy.
  15. Anonymous Member

    AnyMouse101: At least you have the courtesy to post in an appropriate thread.

    However, AFAIK, WWP is not the place where political engineering operations take place; unless it has a direct bearing on the WWP agenda.

    This agenda is: 1. Stop $cientology (legally and non-violently); 2. Legally and non-violently support freedom of information and expression.

    There is also a Forum for Iranian Affairs, and these three issues are what WWP is committed to. And I do mean committed!

    Have you tried "The Plan" ? Perhaps you will find sympathy for your cause on that site.

    Go here ----------- > www dot whatis-theplan dot org

    Good luck. Goodbye.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    A spoof of "What would Jesus do?"

    Find an appropriate porn pic - for example a glory hole photo where the girl is not sucking the dick and underneath it write
    "What would Tom Cruise do?"

    Name variations could be Tommy Davies, Miscavige, Travolta, etc...
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  17. Shutemdown Member

    When you search for Scientology and you see a paid ad or banner on a page, click on it. It takes a second and costs them money. If everyone did this once per day every day, well, that would be expensive for them. Not an earth-shattering idea, just a good habit for everyone to get into :))
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  18. Shutemdown Member

    Ironically, Ron Paul enjoys healthy support among Co$ members.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    True that! It's not heavy, but I don't disagree with "healthy." Sorry, Ron. You blew it.
  20. You may want to reconsider, I believe that suggestion may be considered click fraud. Not sure how current or accurate the wikipedia article is:
    I'll report this post and probably someone more knowledgeable will respond.
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  21. Shutemdown Member

    You are right that I should be wary. A legal opinion from someone qualified to make it is definitely in order.

    Following my suggestion does seem to meet the definition of click fraud, since I didn't suggest that there be any interest in what being linked to. In the absence of a qualified legal opinion, let me amend my suggestion to this:

    "Stay abreast of the tactics the Co$ is using to deceptively recruit people - click on their paid ads and examine the pages you reach. Make a daily habit of it."

    I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me it would be difficult to argue that I don't have an actual interest in the target of the link. According to Wikipedia, a lack of interest in the destination of the link is a necessary condition for click fraud. I am quite interested in the tactics the church uses to deceptively recruit people. Since the actual destination can only be seen by clicking on the ad (the visible web address does not have to be the actual web address), I do have a legitimate reason for clicking on an ad.
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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Meh ?
  24. Anonymous Member

    This was my idea and i did a version to illustrate the lulz potential.
    This is a link to it on a free adult image host.
  25. Anonymous Member

    There's a set of condos that I have access to and they have one of those meeting rooms for events and such. They also have a small library of obviously donated books. I already left them my copy of Inside Scientology. They never get very many new additions to their library anyway so this would no doubt be welcome. I might as well spread the word since I don't really need the book anymore. I also left a flyer in the book directing them to a few websites.

    I'm not saying that everyone here should "pass it on" but it would be a nice thing to do if you are not the type of person who thinks that they are going to read it again. You could even send a book like this anonymously thru the mail to some stranger who's address you found in the phone book. Just use you imagination. OTOH, you could just give it to a friend. Just a thought.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    This is more of a speculation than an idea, but has anyone suggested the idea of an "involuntary flashmob?" That is, troll scilons into appearing at some location on some time and date and then, possibly, raid that location?

    I haven't thought of a theme or a point, or I'd start a thread. This would probably require an ex who is still on email lists and other things and could come up with a plausible justification and on top of this doesn't mind being declared for such a nasty stunt. Cons on this is potential legal downsides as it would really, really piss them off.

    I'm not saying it's a good idea. It might be a horrible idea.
  27. TorontosRoot Member

    I like this! (The like button isn't working for me, must be opera mini, lack of internet access @ home sucks), it could go well. Pissing off scilons is extremely lulzy and it did happen at the Toronto Org on september 24th when we innoculated fresh recruits :D
  28. If Anonymous is non-political, as it should be, and grows as a form of border-less non-violent coordinated action by we, The People of The World, seeking fair justice and natural progression to live our lives honestly with each other, then how do we bring about the change we seek, what are our prime goals, and how are we to focus on achieving them? Take the action against Scientology. What, in reality has been achieved by 'us'? Should we weaken the root by exposing its danger in the most public way possible and, would this not be by focusing on what Scientology is all about ~ and following the money? Meaning, do we need investigative accountants as our foot soldiers, rather than banner-wavers?
  29. Anonymous Member

    South Park Scientology spoof "COB won't come out of the closet!!! "
  30. chymira Member

    I have a rather retarded idea but it may get a point across to followers of the "religion". If they use tactics such as surveillance etc on people who oppose them as well as strong litigation why not turn the tables? We are accused of being "childish pranksters" who instead of thinking simply react. Why not use their own methods against them operating within the legal boundaries of our individual states? Follow and record the higher members of the church. For example in my state it IS legal to VOICE record a person without their knowledge. And it is also legal to use said recordings for personal use. If we gather enough unpleasant things regarding leaders in the group such as shopping habits etc it may be enough if publicly exposed to show the frauds for what they really are. NOT targeting or recording the innocent but instead going after the bigger fish. They stalk people who oppose them... We stalk them. Seriously if this is a horrible idea I'll understand if I get bashed.
  31. chymira Member

    Im liking that number 2 lol!
  32. *gentle push* << i.e. no bash due to your being newfag ;)

    Aside from concerns about safety and legality, the main reason this is a bad idea is because then it makes chanology as bad as the scientologists. Pix or vids at the workplace...OK. Place of 'religious' activities (lol)...OK. Residence or following in their private lives...NOT OK.
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  33. chymira Member

    You have a really good point. Screw :(
  34. Smile.
    Keep brainstorming.
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  35. chymira Member

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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    Xenu balloons would be a good start to put up around the Org's. Then they'll have to spend time taking them all down. I love seeing scilons scramble! I know it's a good idea and they don't need to be helium either.
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  37. Beast 소시 Member

    I love that idea mentioned of getting Anonymous registered as a religion and to then try and get tax exemption... just the press that could be garnered from that would be lulzy.

    To boost protest numbers wouldn't it be a good idea to target student unions etc. as university/college students would make the best reqruits. If there was somehow a good method to do this that should be something that is seriously organised. Universities that are within close proximity of the various orgs would be the obvious initial targets.

    To accompany this perhaps a simplified website could be created... a sort of watered down with just the main 10 bullet points to get new fags worked up enougth to participate in protests. It could include all the best & funniest YouTube's etc. as well as key protest points to garner a reaction and knowledge (McPherson, tax exemption, fairgaming, fake religion, racist creator etc. etc.)... and the site could be heavy on details on upcoming protests with maps etc.... but basically the whole site would be targeted at being funny and informative in a way to appeal to students.

    Also wouldn't it be a good idea to send small questions to *every* mp/politician to basically build up seeds of doubt over time... a drip-drip approach. Just very light & simple questions like 'Why does Scientology have tax exempt status whilst so-and-so church doesn't?'... nothing ground breaking, but just simple questions, which are also more likely to get a response rather than a more heavily loaded and politicised questions which are more likely be avoided. This could be done on a non-stop monthly basis with a different question every month, slowly building up an awarness at least of the avarice of Scientology.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Well gosh, that whole organized religion thing would require chapters, and Boards of Directors, and representatives to International, and Articles of Incorporation, and voting, and somehow that all just seems to be a tad outside the whole anonymous schtick. Not to mention it would paint a big legal bullseye on an actual legal entity for scientology to aim at.

    Your idea of a simplified website has some merit. Critic websites tend to get filled with a great deal of information and can be intimidating to newcomers. Someone may say "DO IT FAGGOT" so I'll be first. ;)

    Sending letters to politicians and related entities has been underway by many for some time. Jump on in! And you are quite right about taking a light touch with the informed. Their eyes can glaze over pretty easily.

    Good on ya.
  39. Beast 소시 Member

    I would love to..... I have zillions of ideas on how it would be presented.... however my computer skills *like Slappy Cabbage's speeches* aren't very good.
  40. I like the balloons idea!

    As for Helium, how about reading OT III aloud through a megaphone while consuming Helium? ;)
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