Boycott Tom Cruise And The Church Of Scientology

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    [see his twitter account at bottom of article]

    Boycott Tom Cruise And The Church Of Scientology

    By Robert Paul Reyes

    "The `Knight & Day` megastar, who regularly pals around with Church of Scientology head David Miscavige, has been dragged into an FBI investigation of human trafficking and unpaid labor involving the controversial Hollywood-centric sect and its boss.
    Miscavige, who served as Cruise`s best man at his wedding to Katie Holmes, is under investigation for reportedly paying church members chump change to do work on Scientology property and a building, an SUV and two motorcycles owned by Cruise. And while his staffers reportedly were paid just $50 a week, Miscavige enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle of chartered jets, expensive cars and two personal chefs, according to an expose in The New Yorker.

    In the 1990`s "People" magazine named Tom Cruise one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world three times. But after Cruise`s numerous controversies in recent years, including his association with Scientology and the Oprah Winfrey jumping on the couch incident, I doubt if he would even make "People`s" list of the 50 most beautiful crazy midgets in the world.

    Tom Cruise is a gazillionaire, and if it`s true that church members worked on his motorcycles for chump change he is the most despicable celeb in Hollywood.

    I`m all for freeing Tibet, but let`s not forget about Katie Holmes. Free Katie Holmes! Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman escaped from the clutches of Tiny Tom, let`s hope Katie comes to her senses.
    Tom Cruise needs to ditch Scientology, Katie Holmes needs to kick Cruise to the curb, and the public needs to boycott Tom Cruise.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    These events are a sorry sight I'm sure for Paramount/CBS-TV Chief Sumner Redstone - whom engineered slaver Cruise to come back to Paramount in his "Silver Screen" Slavebuilt bus to perform in a smaller budgeted version of "Mission Impossible 4."

    This movie will be boycotted by everyone who hates slavery, and once again Paramount, (and indirectly the slaves at Scientology) will suffer more damage from association with Tom Cruise and his slave cult.

    I gotta ask, is Sumner Redstone losing it? How about Brad Grey?

    Boycott Tom Cruise, Paramount and CBS!
  3. Etain Member

    If Cruise thought things were bad before, it is nothing compared to how incomprehensibly WORSE it]'s goign to get in the days, weeks and months to come.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I can not wait the promo junkets for MI-IV. Think any reporter is going to ask about the movie. I don't think so.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Slaver Cruise. They used to call him "Tom" in the old days before they found out about him.
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  6. Reporters can be timid at these events. If they do something that pisses off the studios, they don't get to go to the next review.

    But it would be awesome if someone had the balls to bring up some stuff.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Like what?
  8. wolfyrik Member

    Already boycotting Cruise. I used to like him til I realised he was a massive wanker who supports a dangerous cult and spreads misinfromation about mental health from a position of absolute ignorance. I would say that the scientology video, where he claimed that scientologists were the authorities on mental health, was the last straw. But the last straw was War of the Worlds.

    No not really, that film was complete bollocks though.
  9. The current investigation by the FBI, the allegations against DM. Where is Shelley Miscavige?
  10. kitfisto Member

    Hate to be a kill joy but Mimi got him into the cult ......................................
  11. I will boycott all Tom cruise movies.
    I used to like him early in his career but he has become .... "cousin it" in the worst way.
    I pray for Katie to get away from that crazy cult and from him since he has lost himself and his mind.
  12. anon walker Moderator

    We don't need to actively boycott him if he keeps turning out crappy losers like Rock of Ages. Heard it already sank. Hah! Hah! Hah! Someday we will only read about Cruise in history books...
  13. Anonymous Member

    Someday only film historians will care, nobody else will remember him or watch his movies.
  14. Budd Member

    I have boycotted TC movies ever since I heard about his deep connections with the Cult of Scientology... oops, the "Church" of Scientology.
    "Rock of Ages" is going to be TC's "Battlefield Earth." :cool:
  15. I wish that were the case, but for some reason every review of that steaming pile seems to praise the Peener-Cruiser.
  16. Budd Member

    Positive reviews I have read have all been typical "love your movie" stuff, real reviews say it is terrible... as do the paying guests.
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  17. supafreak Member

    You and me both.
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  18. Me too.I'm a big fan of the Reacher novels, but hope there is a huge shitstorm of protest when it comes out ( decemember??) Dont know if it is easy to protest at premieres, but signs about child slavery would be lulzy....
  19. RightOn Member

    and Oblivion too!
  20. I love how AintItCoolNews put it: . Favorite quote:

    Meanwhile, the Tomatometer gives it a rotten 41%, and the audience gives it 61%. This merely provides further proof that most of my fellow Americans are stupid. Even the "positive" professional reviews show signs of recognizing this for the piece of crap it is.

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