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Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Unregistered, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Okay, I'd like to open discussion on the boycott of Iranian companies/products or companies/counties that do business with Iran.

    Perhaps it's time for the people of the world to really flex their muscles as consumers. I'd be willing to support this type of thing but do not know which products or companies to target. Can anyone help here?

    And I'm not talking Nokia-Siemens, that's a whole other thread. I'm talking about targeting something that will realy make those supporting khamenei & ahmadinejad stand up & take notice, make them think again about the path they are on. Targeting the companies/products from countries that are showing support and/or doing business with khamenei & ahmadinejad will make them think twice about what they are doing, maybe encourage them to apply pressure.

    What can we do? Who are the players? Which companies deserve to be targeted?

    Here is a report from Mark Dubowitz, Special To The National Post:
    Standing up to Iran: Turn off Tehran's gas - Standing up to Iran: Turn off Tehran's gas
    (apply pressure on Iran where it hurts: at the gas pump).

    So what do you say? What do you know? How can we help??!
  2. Jakomeyu Member

    this should be easy for americans, considering the trade embargo
  3. I am looking forward to hearing suggestions from people. This can be a good discussion. :)

    First of all, I have some concerns. It is the Revolutionary Guard who is running the economy, not the administration. They bring in $12B/yr in black market income. Sanctions/boycotts are not going to stem that tide.

    Boycotts of legitimate Iranian businesses are likely to worsen the terrible economic conditions already in place; more people will starve and die from exposure this winter. I don't think we want to harm the people.

    But I hear your desire to help the people. And I am with ya there. Just how?

    One way is to figure out how to get humanitarian aid into the country. And I think this is urgent; it has to be done before winter comes. One poster said that a really good way is through the Red Crescent who apparently enjoy some special legal status. I still have concerns because who among the Guard respects the law? Will the RC workers not be endangered?

    Another way is to create an alternative black market. Don't ask me how to do that. I am a dweeb at business. But maybe some other folks can help.
  4. I agree. When I started this thread I did have concerns as to whether it was the right action to take as the last thing we want to do is harm the people we're trying to support. I'm hoping by putting it out there we'll find the best way to go about this. It may be that we need to look at companies that do business with the Iranian Gov rather than directly with companies/products from Iran.

    There must be someone out there in the know who can point us in the right direction.
  5. The best way to hit these muvva's is gotta be in their pockets. Shocked how much cash some of these clerics 'n wot not got. Wot's goin' on? Is it Religion=Power=Money?? Keep the people oppressed/ignorant so they don't know wot g'won? F#k dat Sh*t, the ppl need their freedom! Man it scares me, they can do that crap to their own ppl, wot they gonna do with a nuke?!!

    What I gotta do then? You tell me who do business wiv these muvva's 'n they aint gettin' no monies outta me!
  6. Target the European Union - Iran does more trade with them than any other entity .
  7. Most of Iranian black market trade goes through Dubai. - boycott UAE?
    Which banks are doing business with Iran? Why not try to boycott these banks? Probably they would be mainly European banks but there might be some in US or Canada.
  8. Yes, this sounds promising. Boycott Dubai, China, and India. They can afford to be boycotted. China is really cosy with the Guard. It is the Guard btw which is running Iran today, not the Ahyertoolahlah and not Almonddinnerjacket.

    As for boycotting the EU: they have been exerting pressure on Iran. We don't want to hurt them. We only want to hurt those who have been helping the regime.

    Moreover, boycotting Iranian business is going to really harm the people. They are already in terrible economic shape. If this regime continues its nonsense we could see deaths this winter from hunger and exposure. So we gotta also get some fundraising going for the Red Crescent and lobby them to go into Iran.

    Hhhhmmm... let's remember that most of the world is trying to climb out of a bad recession. Most of the Guard's money comes from black market racketeering. Boycotting banks isn't going to impact the Guard. But it too is going to harm a lot of innocent people.
  9. So from what I've read so far it sounds like the IRG are the key here(?). If we can some how hurt the IRG financially they may reconsider what side to be on(?). So are the questions that need answering: Where do the IRG's financial interests lay?? Who is it that does business with the IRG?? Can companies be identified?

    Anybody know something out there?
  10. Yeah, here is a good article:

    Hard-Line Force Extends Grip Over a Splintered Iran

    I'm just exerpting the parts about economic activity, but the whole article is well worth reading. It is horrifying to see how far this group of privileged overlords reaches into the heart and soul of Iranian society.

    Since the Guard is cosy with China, Russia, India, and Dubai -- a boycott of those countries would be far more productive than a boycott of Iranian businesses themselves.
  11. Perhaps peolpe in the USA could show some support for this new Bill mentioned in this article:-
    VOA News - Congress Ratchets Up US Pressure on Iran

    I wonder whether the same tactic could be used to encourage Iran to Not commit Human Rights atrocities.

    Might be worth putting pen to paper, give a little nudge to those in political power
  12. "Target the European Union - Iran does more trade with them than any other entity ."

    Please do some research before you post silly ideas - the EU already has trade sanctions against Iran. If they need extending then lobby to extend them but they are currectly being extended at the moment.

    EU tightens sanctions on Iran - Europe-
    The new sanctions expand existing limits on trade with Iran beyond the U.N. Security Council's three sets of sanctions that monitor trade and banking. But they do not go as far as sanctions on Iran's oil and gas trade that EU ministers threatened in June.

    U.K., U.S. want to target oil and gas
    Britain, the United States and their allies want to go further with their own sanctions targeting oil and gas and the finance sector that could badly hit Iran's already fragile economy.
  13. Whether or not you agree with the action taken by the people against Nokia it has been affective, if only to bring the issue to the attention of the wider community. Which is the power we have as people when we stand together united for a common cause. We can choose to simply walk out of one shop & buy from another, or drive past one gas station & pull into the next.

    Lobbying political bodies etc, sounds like a great idea & should be done.

    The IRGC, that's a tricky one. They could hold the balance of power, but also be a major part of why Iran is in such a mess. From the pictures coming out of Iran it looks like they've gone to war with the Iranian people. Can these guys be swayed? If they can it's probably going to come from divisions within, or by pressure being applied from their supporters like Russia & China.
  14. Does anyone know how to "get the attention" of Russia or China?
  15. Russia likes its cozy deals with Iran too much. I could be wrong, if Russia thinks that Iran has become a failed state, then my sense is that she will invite herself over the border and start running things herself. imho there is far greater risk of an invasion from Russia than from the US or Israel.

    Iran has already become the country with the least business confidence in the world. Folks no longer want to invest there.

    China? Dunno.
  16. bumping to sage spam thread
  17. I'd like to bring the oil thing into the mix. From what I understand Isn't this oil money paying the Basij & Hezbollah? And wasn't it used to buy votes for AN in Iran?

    Iran is part of Opec right? So there's like 12 countries involved in the Cartel? Okay Iran is a one of the major players, but would boycotting OPEC be so bad? Might it make the other countries in the cartel apply pressure to Iran if they started to lose profits?
  18. Here is an intersting link for Action

    ibr | UANI
  19. Reliance Oil industries has stopped buying Iran crude oil
  20. Stop buying petrol from Total
  21. Move to decentralized regenerative energy. Free yourself from Oil oligarchy
    and enjoy a more comfortable life.

    Why are oil prices going up again? I am sure it is not because we
    are driving more, working more, flying more, cruising more,...

    Watch your wallet and things will get better. There will be fewer conflicts and more
  22. Jakomeyu Member

    we definetly need to limit oil consumption
  23. Second and Third Wind.

    I am deeply inspired by the courage and great endurance of the GR, of the Iranian people. Recent videos are here: YouTube - TEHRAANN's Channel.

    In actuality these protests are about, and are for, all of us no matter where in the world we live - this is about precious freedom - this is about freedom.

    We must help spread the word again. Use Twitter - ReTweet. Talk with friends about what is happening in Iran - about the great cause and the profound courage of the protestors. Boycott where it is helpful - even if only as a symbolic gesture. Make videos of local protests, interviews of commentary and put it up on YouTube or similar. Be creative - think of new ways to help - be creative.

    Peace / Freedom.


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