boston protest

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by DamnR, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. DamnR Member

    boston protest

    hey i would like to get a protest going in boston sometime before the end of the summer please let me know if anyone is interested, would be willing to hold it in boston or newhampshire or connecticutthat. i have alot of hand outs and im working on making a bunch of signs and will also be willing to provide masks for a handful of people(only have about 10 or so) that need them
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: boston protest

    You should join up with the Boston Anonymous. Not sure if they already had their June protest or not, Sea Arrrgh II runs on both June 13th and 20th. Here is the post from the May protest.
  3. Rickglass Member

    Re: boston protest

    If you want, there's a protest on sunday at 1PM, you could show up then......
  4. Gorzak Member

    Re: boston protest

    I would certainly be interested.
  5. Rickglass Member

    Re: boston protest

    from now on, all stupid questions will be referred to the local forum, and a nice hearty "GO FUCK YOURSELF"

    remember this: as long as there is an org, there is an anon cell in boston
  6. WMAnon Member

    Re: boston protest

    Thank you for that rick. I'm sure no one at all found it helpful

    BOSTON'S PROTEST: JULY 18TH 11 AM hopefully at 448 Beacon St but they're being a bag of dicks about permits this month.

    CT PROTEST: JULY 11TH 11AM New Haven. There's a thread somewhere.

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