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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by YDT10, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. YDT10 Member


    There's been a call to go out and do some Occupy Solidarity march on Monday the 27th of Feb. I know other cities (Oakland, San Fran, NYC) seem to be doing it so some of us figured we might as well.

    I know Occupy Boston is a clusterfuck of idiots and I personally don't have a lot of respect for most of them, but they showed up to our last Chanology raid and were chill about it for the most part so I think it'd be cool to show up, build up some support for us and show them how much better we are than them. So far I have at least 4 Bostanons confirmed.

    What: Anonymous Occupy Solidarity March
    When: February 27th, 2012. 7:00pm
    Where: Dewey Square, Boston (near South Station -
    Why: Because.
  2. YDT10 Member

    Upon further inspection it has become abundently clear that all of Occupy Boston are complete and utter faggots and retarded Nazis of the highest and most sickening caliber. Anyone wishing to be nice to them in any form whatsoever should be shot into the sun after being stabbed in the face. The end.
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