Boston - 2/16-17?

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by rndmthnkr01, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. anonymoot Member

  2. anonemus Member

    I'm in new york saturday, but will be here sunday, I MIGHT be able to go on sunday not sure though.
  3. ANANiMUS Member

    I would go, but it seems sudden to get another permit and all that fun stuff. Plus if not enough people go and the building is filled with Scientologists, they might take action this time around and take advantadge of our numbers.
  4. CheeseAnon Member

    I will be there both days.
  5. anonemus Member

    At best as long as there are cops, they'll be the one's in trouble.

    The short time to prepair is a major problem though, I don't know if we can do it without a permit? I don't really know.
  6. CheeseAnon Member

    Someone contact gregg and see who he talked to and the time it took.
  7. shrivti Member

    If this happens, you can count me in. Anyone get in touch with Greg yet?
  8. SamuelBito Member

    There is already a plan to have several people walk around Boston on Saturday and hand out flyers at colleges and stuff, I'm sure that whoever is involved in that would join you after their mission is completed.
  9. CheeseAnon Member

    If you know who they are here I'd be happy to help them out as well, depending on when teh Congress starts and ends.

    I'd hope to get at least ONE person with a video camera to ward off any aggressors tho'

    (Also, I highly doubt any group with more than seven - ten people would get harassed)
  10. Anyone want to go on Sunday? I might be able to round up a couple folks...
  11. CheeseAnon Member

    I can go Sunday but not Saturday.

    What time does the Congress start and end? We should plan it around when they begin to arrive and stuff.
  12. cabbykins Member

    I can attend with a video camera. What times were you considering?

    My Guy Fawkes mask is not here yet as I attended 2/10 in Philly and no masks were allowed there. Have a loaner?

    EDIT: I don't have a time machine. Yet.
  13. I think it starts at 9:30 or something. Too early? I dunno. It runs all day, 9:30-5, I think, so ... what are we thinking?
  14. cabbykins Member

    It looks like the Scilon event starts at 9:30. I know nothing of the even other than what it says on the calendar. Is it like an open house, or is it a full day of classes?

    Either way, I'd suggest getting there 15-30 minutes before it begins to show that there is dissent to the people attending, possible for the first time.

    Somebody should also make a flier that shows how WISE is a Scilon front/recruiting company. That is how they get business people in, right?
  15. This isn't a business-related Sci meeting, is it? I thought it was just a "personal enlightenment" type of thing... I mean, yeah, go for the signs, by all means if you like.

    This particular weekend seems kind of halfhearted on our part... :-( Should we just wait until 3/15?
  16. cabbykins Member

  17. klashownz Member

  18. CheeseAnon Member

    Re: Boston - 2/16-17?

    Sorry, guys, I got the flu. I missed it. >_<

    I hope all goes well.

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