Boris Korczak

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by KittyKatSpanker, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. I want to honour my friend Boris before he trades this plain for whathever he envisions:

    And before they are here, I don't mind the Trolls.

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  3. My theory is that

    Alexander Litvinenko

    Wasn't poisened about "state secrets" but because he revealed Vladimir Putin was sexually atracted to young boys.
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  4. Zak McKracken Member

    My theory is that

    Alexander Litvinenko

    Wasn't poisened at all, but merely changed his name to "KittyKatSpanker" in the hopes of attracting Vladimir Putin to him/her self.

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  5. ^False data.

    I've heard Putin called a few names before, but not known for spanking kittehs.
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  6. If Boris Korczak outs me as a russian spy, who am I to disagree with him ?
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  7. Putin-Boy-Kiss.jpg

  8. I agree with myself LOL
  9. Vladimir Putin is a Pedosexual who enjoys little boys.
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  10. Quentinanon Member

    Which indicates anti-social personality disorder.
  11. KKS this thread about honouring your dear friend Boris Korczak how about you stick to that instead of bringing this dirt into it.
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  12. Vladimir Putin has joined our party. And fuck you who ever you are in every hole,


    I honour my big ass Sensei the way I want, not what you percieve or more excactly, how a russian fucker understands how a western fucker honours anything.

    So come at me you disfunctial russian nerd

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  13. My Friend is Polisch (Yes I played (still play)the Witcher)

  14. New here! Really liking this forum guys. I don't know why people don't use forums more often..
  15. I will always remember Boris Korczak even if he has died or not, I remember feeling sad when his dog got poisoned by Scientology. I remember he was very cool about Anonymous and non apoligetic about vladimir putin.

    So fuck you all and play the Witcher III

  16. Boris would or will understand:

  17. How many times, KKS,how many times
  18. It's OK, it makes Disambaguation feel good!!!!!!!!
  19. Dimash - The Love of Tired Swans. Kremlin ~ Димаш - Любовь уставших лебедей. Кремль. И. Крутой

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