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  1. Anonymous Member

  2. ethercat Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Great news, BFG!

    If we put our name on the list back in March, are we covered, or do we need to add it again?
  3. Anonymous Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Epic idea is epic.

    Oprah should get a copy even if she doesn't lift a finger. Maybe she'll stop being such a shill.
  4. moarxenu Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Bracing for epic Guy Fawke's salvo from the BFG9000!
  5. A.Non Hubbard Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I don't think it'll work. Oprah and reality are not on speaking terms.
  6. fitch2000 Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    So what if her and Tom wanna make their own realities? don't be haters!!!

    Leave Oprah alone!!1one
  7. re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Signed up for my copy...thanx!!!
  8. happy feet Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    LOL.. britfags better have an epic parade from the bookstore to the cult HQ.. Do you know where it will be stocked, or is this 100% self published or mostly through Amazon?
  9. Speed Testing Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

  10. re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Remember folks, it would make a great Christmas present too!
    And copy for your local library.
    Order more than one.
    (I've checked The Complex out once or twice to keep it on the shelf and asked my friends to do the same. While visiting the library, I take the opportunity to place "You Found The Card" in related books too.)
  11. Anonymous Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    In b4 "unavailable in the UK due to legal reasons"
  12. exOT8Michael Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I got this lulzy picture of BFG's book floating down in multiple copies by little parachutes into Gold Base. The mind boggles.
    Of course no one here would ever do that.
  13. NotMike Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Simple. Up coming court case. Anything in that book can be used against him. It's self admitted. A lawyer's gold mine.

    Anything he puts forth from that book to make his case, on the flip side will be challenged.
  14. timthephoto Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    exactly as mutante says in the previous page (re UK etc.)

    i'll order my popcorn now then, and settle down to watch "Tom Cruise sues Marc Headley in England". also cocks - Tom Cruise loves them
  15. chrisanon Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book


    A good point. But not a completely comparable situation.

    If proper boundaries were maintained, there might be a way to leverage events to draw more attention to Scn's abuses.

    For example if some Anons wanted to protest an Org on a day when Marc was in town for a book-signing, that might work.

    Huge problems are not inevitable, if care is taken.
  16. ZeLyt Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Reserved. Is it November 5th yet?
  17. exOT8Michael Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Yes it is.
    Your copy was just parachuted into Gold Base. Just go ask for it....

  18. anonsoldier Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    What are you talking about? In 1605, Marc Headley used his OT powers to travel back in time and convinced Guy Fawkes it would be an awesome idea to blow up Parliament. Little did Guy Fawkes know, this was all part of a clever marketing scheme to sell a book hundreds of years later. Upon returning to the present, Marc Headley's OT powers stopped working and he decided to leave the cult, sue, and write a book about it.

    Guy Fawkes, the original Anonymous. Sadly, not only did he not have Internet to hide in, when he wore the official Guy Fawkes mask it did nothing to hide who he was.
  19. moarxenu Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Also, OSA tipped off King James about the gunpowder in the basement of Parliament.
  20. Lorelei Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I can't wait. Will get this one, and will also get the next book that has all the juicy stuff you were forced to leave out of this one. :)
  21. OHSHI Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    /r/ Peter Wyngarde for audiobook lol :D
  22. supafreak Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Awesome, BFG! I pre-ordered back in March, and can't wait to read your book!
  23. blownforgood Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Hey guys,

    Here is an update on the BFG book. Sorry it took so long. Book was waaaay tooo long and had to be cut down! It now comes in at around 380 pages in its current form. It is jammed packed with basically over 15 years of my employment at the Int Base.

    As for the book getting released. The book is basically done with pre-print production.

    Book has been written, edited, proofread, glossary, index, and designed.
    Final interior design is being reviewed. Cover is done on design and looks great.

    Actual printed books will be ready for sale by November 5th, 2009. All those that have pre-reserved copies will get first dibs on autographed copies. ALL pre-reserved copies are being signed.

    Depending on how well the book does will determine if we can arrange any signings or trips. I am not made of money and if I break even on book I will be lucky. I would love to take some time off and go around see all you guys in the different cities that have some decent numbers.

    I can tell you that right now, the cities that are high on my list are:

    Kansas City
    New York

    So we shall see what happens.

    I appreciate all that you guys have been doing and hopefully with the release of the book, we can get even more truth out there and more things exposed that will allow people to properly view things.

    Until next time...
  24. Anonymous Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    San Francisco and San Jose!! Those guys have had several great raids, and you'd definitely get a crowd.

  25. re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Woo hoo!

    (Plugs Sydney)
  26. moarxenu Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I have some contacts with a couple of independent booksellers in the Bay Area. How can they go about getting copies of BFG from you to sell?
  27. Anonymous Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Come to London and you'll get to meet the infamous Bluebell (aka 'The Bluejob Incident')
  28. Anonymous Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Copies of BFG? If BFG is being cloned, I'd like one of him too, please! Where can I place that order?
  29. star eht Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    remember remember the 5th of november
  30. whoever Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Wow. Too bad about the delay, and I know I'd be interested to read whatever was cut, but ultimately I'm sure it was good to get the length down.

    All very good to hear. I am really looking forward to this!
  31. CoastalAnon Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I'd buy it if it was 1,200 pages.
  32. exOT8Michael Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    We are gonna need to get this book onto titanium plates and stuffed in the cult vaults to protect future aliens from thinking Scientology was anything good.

    [We could also stuff the entry to the vaults with Habbo Hotel peeps and pool's closed notices, but that would just be the cherry on the caek.]
  33. N. Ron Rubber Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Is it November 5th yet?

    And can we also buy a 1,200 pages "Blown For Good: Writer's Cut"? ;-)
  34. Bulle Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Would I be able to buy it from Scandinavia/elsewhere in Europe?
  35. Smurf Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Yes, if Amazon sells it.
  36. Cudgel Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Unless I mis-remember my elementary school geography, Cincinnati is between KC and NYC.


  37. Anonymous Member

    Happy to have reserved a copy and support your cause. I will buy it regardless of cost, but what is the anticipated price, and will it be available through online retailers other than Amazon?
  38. re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Well, if they charge the same price that the greedy, scamming business enterprise that calls itself the "church" of Scientology charges members for Hubbard's soupcan electro-meter then Mark's book will run you approximately $3,500.00. (e-meter actual value: about $200.00 worth of cheapass, outdated electronics in a plastic shell)

    Can't wait for book, hope it sells very well and i'm sure it will not be sold at cult rates.
  39. never Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Fuck yeah KC! XD
  40. blownforgood Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Sept 26, 2009 Update on BFG Book - "Blown for Good - Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology"

    Pre release copies have now gone out to media and book review organizations.

    The initial release price has been set at $24.95 USD.

    It is a 384 page hardback book.

    The book has a FULL glossary AND index.

    International shipping will be available. We are as well working with several book outlets that want to carry the book for sale.

    All those who have pre-ordered or registered on will get a chance to get the book at a discounted price. All copies that were pre-ordered will be signed by myself before shipping out.

    The publishing company has already agreed not to back down to any legal threats made by any organizations regarding the book.

    So with all that, we are on target to have the book officially being sold on November 5th, 2009. Also, that date is a Thursday, so we will start the sales at 1:55 PM just for the lulz. Sorry OSA.

    For all those out there that emailed or PM'd me asking me to write this book, Thanks. It was very therapeutic to get all this stuff writing out and I was amazed how much people have enjoyed getting a glimpse at this stuff.

    I hope it does some good and I think if Scilons end up reading this book, it will rock their world.

    Until next time...

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