Bloomberg Businessweek reports on OWS

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    I'm OCR'ing the whole article. It's 6 pages.
    Here is the document as I'm working on it. For now it's on Google Documents until I finish OCR'ing. I'll put it all in a PDF and put it up somewhere as soon as I finish cleaning it up.

    UPDATE: OCR done and cleaned up. If people want me to put up a pdf of the 2 articles just say so in a comment.

    Part 1 "Who's Behind The Mask" On Google Documents

    Part 2 "It's Not A Hippie Thing" on Google Documents

    UPDATE 2: Searchable PDFs now on MegaUpload

    Part 1 Businessweek OWS: "Who's Behind The Mask?" on MegaUpload

    Part 2 Businessweek OWS: "It's Not A Hippie Thing" on MegaUpload

    UPDATE 3: The articles are now on line.
    Bloomberg Businessweek OWS pt.1 "Who's Behind the Mask"
    Bloomberg Businessweek OWS pt.2 "It's Not A Hippie Thing"

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  2. thanks slobeck
  3. PDFs please, Slobeck. Thank you! <3
  4. slobeck Member

    Here's some nuggets from the articles.

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    oki doki
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  6. Translation from the Japanese: hoe key dough key.
  7. slobeck Member

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    FIXED- try it now
  9. Yup! FIXED! Thank you! <3

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