blog allegedly indicating divisions in Basij

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  1. is alleged to indicate divisions among the Basij. The only post on there has Farsi and Arabic text, and Google's translations aren't quite good enough. Can anyone share at least the gist of it?
  2. I am not a professional translator, and I speak both Persian and English casually. My translation is not the through version, but it will give you the gist of what it says.

    It says that they (the Baseejies seeking truth) are writing this for a group that are deceit.
    He says they were the real follower of Khomeini and they went to war and did all they could to build the country and made sure that Islamic Republic stays strong without asking anything in return. But since couple years ago there was a shift in power and Ahmadinejad and its people came along and did corruption without worrying about people's right! They made enemies within the country and we swear that we will naturalize what they did.

    The purpose is not to confront our people, meanwhile we would like to remind you that we are still on Khameniee's side. His words today on Friday's pray really broke our heart. We still respect him and we believe he is on Ahmadinejad's side for a reason.

    We still believe that the supreme leader was one of the closest people to Khomeini (he is trying to give a proof that he thinks therefore the supreme leader is a good guy) and his way is different from Ahmadinejad so we are asking the supreme leader with the power he has to rule out based on law Ahmadinejad's resignation order.

    We think the question whether the election was fraud or not is not the main question and that we demand for Ahmadinejads immediate resignation. we wish that the supreme leader with his power is in this way with us. we will persist in what we want and will do anything to achieve it, just like how with Khomeini and the Iran-Iraq war we defended our country without worrying about our own lives. That's it!

    His writing was sophisticated (for my Persian) so i couldn't really translate word by word!
    About the arabic bellow in red I have no idea what it says!
    But on the title of it, it says "some verses from Anfal chapter of Koran"
    I think if you find those verses on the English-Arabic translated Koran
    it would tell you what it says.
  3. Thanks! That's very helpful. Now if only the credibility of the source were established...
  4. which basiji would write a thing like this? it looks very suspisious to me and it will look the same to any people that know iran and its people.

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