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    You can use this board for contacts if the main server goes down
    (IP addresses are not recorded):

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  2. The US-trained Iranian Imperial Air Force was widely regarded as second only to Israel's in the Middle East — more than a match for Iraq and a serious adversary for even the Soviet Union. At its peak the Imperial Iranian Air Force, that of the Shah, had more than 450 modern combat aircraft, including then state of the art F-14A Tomcat fighters and about 5,000 well-trained pilots. On the eve of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 the Air Force, numbering close to 100,000 personnel, was by far the most advanced of the three Iranian military services and among the most impressive air forces in the developing world. Reliable information on the Air Force after the Revolution was difficult to obtain, but it seemed clear that by 1987 a fairly large number of the existing fleet had been cannibalized for spare parts.
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  5. time to retweak your tinfoil hat.
  6. Weather report

    How is the weather in Tehran today?
  7. i dunno. how's the weather in philadelphia?

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