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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sheepherder, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. sheepherder Member

    JMHO: I think there should be a party of sorts on the most sacred of capitalist holidays. Its getting close :]
  2. sheepherder Member

    Talking w self - Is there an area for floating ideas on possible activism? This is thoroughly thought out, focused, legal, non violent. It could be very effective with enough people. I hate to be the pesky newcomer but time is critical. I am new here but I am talking about trying to help approx 2 million workers. Worthy cause.

    Thank You
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You've done the right thing by creating a thread to discuss it. If you gave specific ideas or plans this is the place to share them. Any links to ideas or news?
    We love pesky newcomers but expect trolling.
  4. sheepherder Member

    Thanks Dis, I have no idea what I am doing. I know I will end up hanging myself because of my lack of total anon. I just don't care anymore. I don't even understand what trolling is. I read the thing for new fags but will not have time to produce dox. W a l - M a r t Seems like a pretty abusive corporation with the little that I know. Exploiting their workers here in the us and throughout the world. US workers have to subsidize their income with government programs. The corporation does quite well and could easily afford to pay its workers better, maybe a lil insurance too. U know treat em like humans. The workers are not permitted to organize and they are watched heavily to make sure this doesn't happen. I think they could use some help.

    Let me tell you about my experience shopping last year. The stores parking lot was full, very early on black fri. I had to park way the hell out of the way. It was aggravating. There were these stupid protesters out front crying about something. There were a lot of people in the store. I don't know if they were buying anything. It looked like most had just a single hard candy, it was weird. The lines were so long, it was ridiculous. You couldn't get anyone to help you because they were so busy trying to put all the stuff back, that those stupid people left in their carts. Perishables were everywhere. The line for returning stuff was the worst. I came home and tried them online and sure enough I couldn't get through. Then the phone, unfortunately the same result. Man that was the worst experience. I had to go to a different store.
  5. sheepherder Member

    Oh yeah, sorry for the length. I forget what the tag is

  6. Proof?


    You and millions of others like you.
    Big deal, you were not forced into it.
  7. Trolling.
    Cone up with something real or quit bawing and



  8. And that Sheepshagger is how it's done round here.
  9. sheepherder Member

    Otto top, hey thanks. I looked up the definition for trolling this morning and now I have a real life example. You da bomb, Jackie
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  10. sheepherder Member

    Your perception skills are unparalleled, really sharp. I mean you picked up what I was saying, like quick. Your Spidy senses must have been tingling. I am totally in awe of your mad skills, please be kind. I know when I have met someone of superior intellect and experience. Please enlighten me oh great one. I hear and I will obey. Along with keeping an eye on the noobs and putting them in their place. What is your cause or purpose in this life, oh great one. Kudos on the graphics too, talkin mad mad skills. Oh, I was thinking Otter Pop, but I fucked it up and said Otto top. Again please, mercy, mercy.
  11. sheepherder Member

    Did anyone understand what I was saying. Its not really hidden that well. It may help others which is what I thought this is about. If it does, those helped may feel an allegiance to future causes. I don't see the down side. If sales hurt, stock hurts. If stock hurts you have the Streets attention. I've been watching this shit for decades, maybe too long. Government assisted Corporate Colonialism. Call em like I see em. Had to get that out
  12. All that I see is complaints about Black Friday shopping. What are your suggestions?
  13. White Tara Global Moderator

    My, my, this thread just so happens to be in the New Members Area, Sometimes a misplaced thread, is in fact an opportunistically well placed thread. I mean if it were in say...general discussions, then maybe it would be open to epic trolling. As its not, well, damn, looks like trolling should be kept to a minimum. JS :D

    Sheepherder carry on, I believe the ball is in your court as far as getting the ideas rolling.
  14. sheepherder Member

    I'm new n a lil slow. Should it be in another thread? I don't care about people bagging on me or knowing who I am. Fuck em. I'm a big boy.

    Let me explain. I couldn't get signed up to anon wwp while using the Tor browser. (plenty of hours over 2 days) I have limited patience, so I said fuck it and used all my real shit. Now my identity is out there. I was trying to be clever telling my ideas in the shopping experience. It never happened, I hate fucking shopping. I was hoping people would understand that I was talking about what to do, in a protest, on Black Friday. These types of corporations need to be taught some manners. I'm still pissed about Enron. Accountability, there has to be accountability. Not just for the little guys n girls.

    Thanks all, for your input. Need rest
  15. sheepherder Member

    Its always the right time to do what is right. MLK
  16. sheepherder Member

    Gotta pay da bills. out
  17. [IMG]

    The only place suitable for this shitty thread.
  18. sheepherder Member

    Damn, you went through the trouble of making a profile to play. You a strange sumtin.

  19. Your thread is shit.
  20. sheepherder Member

    Just cause you're too stupid to understand what I am saying. I will dumb it down for you stupid fucks that can't put together simple concepts. Wait, let me get my crayons, useless fuckin dumb ass. Wait, I hear you mommy calling you to come up for milk and cookies, bitch.
  21. Hey sheep shagger so far youve complained about a rough shopping experience at the mall wooppeee.
    It's hardly the sort of cause anons are gonna fight even on a good day so get the fuck over yourself and move on.
    You're making a complete and utter tit of yourself by acting like a spoilt teenager and it's not attractive nor will any anon take you seriously.
    Sucking up won't help either Disambiguation has already told you this is not a fucking hug box so take it on board and act like you understand it.

    Your thread sucks because there is no point to it, no fucking evidence to back up your accusations and no worthwhile argument either.

    You've been trolled and you're bawing about it.

    We're anons not fucking social hand holders.

    Now shut your whining and fuck off.
  22. This thread belongs in the dome .
  24. sheepherder Member

    Hey Shaggy. If I was on here bitching about some shopping experience, I would hang myself. In the "shopping experience" I was covertly/stupidly suggesting ideas that could be done during a retail protest. I mean nobody got it, so I fucked up. Now if you think a retail protest that could help close to 2 million U.S. workers and send a message to all retailers is stupid. Then you must be a part of the system I dispise. Shopping is for lil bitches that are trying to keep up with the other lil bitches next to em. I stopped supporting this idiotic consumer based economy years ago. Its trash

  25. What does *dispise* mean?

    You fucked up big time because you don't know how to formulate am idea never mind articulate said idea.
    You're thick as pig shit. Or sheep shit.

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