Bill S.978 - Will we do something about it?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jul 2, 2011.

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    I've been hearing about bill s.978 - a new bill that could get you jailed for streaming video games. Most people I have seen are against it, including Minecraft developer Notch. I know that everyone in here must be against it, so the real question is will we HAVE to do anything?
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    Streaming video of copyrighted stuff (movies etc.) is a stupid idea. That is big budget stuff that people get paid for, and the sell their service. Not let anyone give it away for nothing. There are plenty of places to get all manner of Public Domain stuff, Audio, Video, and Text downloads and torrents that are legal. Fill up with 50 TB, or more than you'll ever watch and listen to in your lifetime. It's all free right now. Go to dimeadozen and download 20 TB of live shows - legally.

    Quit being a "me too". This shit should be in place. People have the right to sell stuff if they want to. And to keep your mitts off it.
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    But this isn't just talking about movies... This means the government can arrest you for let's plays unless you buy a license. You could also get arrested if you were a kid doing a karaoke of a song. It's more paranoid technophobic bullshit from the RIAA, and I think we take our fair share of horse shit from them already.

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