Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Back up for me now.
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    Ian lived and worked with Sam Crabtree who is already on the list, and has proved this by providing his AKA of Jamie Crabtree (via an article link):

    A search found an entry for Jamie Crabtree in Impact magazine #110:!topic/alt.religion.scientology/oULfiBb46DY

    Adding this extra info to Sam Crabtree's big list details - aka Jamie Crabtree - left after 30 years - born in, Drug Rundown, staff for 6 months, Sea Org for 2 years, Cadet Estates I/C, gave $5,000 to the IAS, PAC, HGC, Yucca Valley, Santa Ana, Riverside Los Angeles, Flag Clearwater

    That's also enough sauce to confirm Ian was in so he's now been added to the list :)

    Total count is now 2794
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  8. ceddy here! Can't believe anyone even knows me by that name. In palm harbor now. Laying low.
  9. also I'm rolling with someone named Amber Taylor. Non involved with scientology. Just trying to stay sane out here.
  10. So is MartyR coming off the list or does he stay on? What's the policy on outspoken exes who recant and do their A-E?
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    In the past we've kept names on the list who recanted, even via an affidavit, when there is evidence they were paid/coerced/tricked into it by Scientology. As far as the list is concerned with Mark Rathbun, he can't actually rewrite history and unsay the sheer amount of what he freely chose to say in the documentaries or unwrite his books, so he stays on until we see him back in a Sea Org uniform shaking David Miscavige's hand on stage at a Scientology event proving he is no longer a "former" member. To say he's doing his A-E, which is only done to get back in good standing as a member, is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence.

    I think his current strategy is to just do enough to prevent being deposed in future cases against Scientology. I could be wrong of course.
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    Jeffrey Levine is no longer on the list, and a fandom user has edited the big list some 30 minutes ago. Wat? :confused:
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    It's obvious now Marty has gone to the dark side.

    Should we somehow do something with that?

    Not necessarily saying he should be deleted, but also not excluding that idea.

    Do we have any earlier cases where someone went back in?

  17. not on the dark side, if that was in ref to me.. just been really, really, really fucking scared.

    I have two youtube channels if you search my name on there. just been really scared to go on any social media. Also I'm semi active on facebook
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    Extra link for Rick Argall - video
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    Hey guys,
    sorry for the giant gap of absence.
    I am still here. Just not ready to come back to the list full time.
    Life... it throws yah curveballs.

    I want to thank you guys for continuing the work.
    2796! WOW! Epic Big List is epic.
    Carry on and thanks again
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  24. RightOn Member

    Oh and as far as Marty goes?
    He was a former member, and he did speak out. A LOT.
    That is what the title of the list reads.

    Whether they go back in or not, I think they should stay on the list.
    It doesn't negate the fact that they did leave and they did speak out and that info is forever out there.
    If anyone goes back to the COS, maybe at the end of their entry, it can read "sadly returned to the COS".
    That should suffice.
    My 2 cents
    If we thought differently before, then I think it needs to be changed. The fact that they spoke out doesn't go away. Whether they "repent" :confused: or not.
    And putting that at the end of an entry would explain that. And fuck them if they go back in
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    Welome back RightOn!
    The current total count is actually 2797, I was never good at numbering every name:D

    Oh, and whatever lucrative deal Marty struck with the CoS I still highly doubt it involves "returning", so he's still a former member IMHO, and still a current douchebag.
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    THAT'S 2800!
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  32. I believe the following person qualifies.

    Deborah Park




    Scientology Service Completions for Debi Park: Parton (2004), and Founding Patron (2006) -

    Although Debi or Deborah Park may seem a common name, her last entry of Founding Patron on 2006-09-01 is consistent with her tweet about suffering another decade in silence. It appears she left after that, and suffered about a decade until recently.

    Also, FWIW, to me her Twitter time-line indicates she is an ex-Scientologist. For example:

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    Extra info for Janis Grady - RPF for 5 months, La Quinta May-September 1978 - audio interview
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    Karen de la Carriere tells here!&p=1149442&viewfull=1#post1149442

    "Ex Scientologists Leah Remini and Mike Rinder continue their mission to expose and give voice to the victims of Scientology practices,. Mirrian and Saina, two women raised togethers in Scientology's now defunct Cadet Org, share heartrending stories of abandonment and sexual abuse. With Leah's moral support, they both take a courageous step towards achieving justice."

    Can't find both names on the big list.

    Has anyone seen this episode (looks like an Enhanced Episode from Season 1: Merchants of Fear)? If they give last names, they can be added.

    No Mirrian in completions, but there are 2 Saina's:

    I also asked on the bunker and ESMB!&p=1149466&viewfull=1#post1149466
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