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  1. William H. Hawthorn - New Haven area WISE BEC Business Expansion Clubs

    2004 Wise Directory:
    Category: Automobile Services
    William Hawthorn
    Auto Plus
    1103 Old Colony Road

    Wallingford, CT 06492
    United States
    Tel. +1 203-284-9829
    Fax +1 203-284-9323
    [Today, Bill Hawthorn is primarily a Real Estate investor/Deal maker as well as a Web Marketer]

    Completions: 4 listed including 2 Freewinds completions.

    Website: Has a cookie-cutter website.

    IAS: Sponsor for Total Freedom.

    Meetup: Advertises on Meetup, weekly at 30 Hazel Terrace, Woodbridge CT 06252. 7PM to 9PM. Looks like a hot box. Inside a nondescript office suite.

    Activities: Wow. All over the place. Started in 2004 with a car repair shop. Got into Internet marketing (see YouTube for some of the worst advertising videos you'll probably find - all linked to his YouTube channel). Got into Real Estate investing, and now has a course in flipping houses and no-money down real estate investing. Actively seeking real estate opportunities in Clearwater Florida, although he is handling a weekly BEC in Woodbridge CT.


    Hostage Videos

    Bill Hawthorn squeezes in tight to his victim and records a short message of joy and wins from the weekly BEC. BEC meetings are often held in very small, very hot little rooms that keep participants on edge. In the background of these videos you can hear the noise, and understand that the close-up nature of the video is required by setting and the available square footage:

    An elderly tax attorney who found friendship:
    Chiropractor with big wins:
    Jeff Merritt - More Comm lines - Expanded Danger Formula
    NOTE ABOUT VIDEOS Bill may be ruthlessly "claiming" his victims so that WISE related commissions with flow to him and not the local Scientology mission. By posting these videos he not only pitches his meetings, but polishes his apple with WISEEASTUS where the kickbacks are authorized.

    Lecture Videos (not linked): Long, boring, poor quality lessons on Admin Tech delivered to nearly empty rooms. See Bill Hawthorn's YouTube Channel.
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  2. Here's a photo of Santiago Lampon - the BEC chair for Puerto Rico - doing his thing in Haiti. A lawyer, seems like Lampon runs all the fronts in Puerto Rico.

    During the 2010 Haiti Crisis, Lampon missed Air Travolta, and ran his own expedition. He bought stuff in Puerto Rico, filled a UHaul with a bunch of crap, and caught a boat to Dominican Republic where he met Ricky Martin (!) ( photo). From Ricky's WTF posture, he seems either pissed off or confused by Santiago's elevator pitch. An actual humanitarian who is deeply involved in Haiti's continued needs (through a sustained effort by Habitat for Humanity), Ricky Martin may very well have a low opinion of the Scientologists, and this is reflected by the caption that the Haiti Scientology blog put on the photo, identifying Martin as a "South American superstar". Martin is the most famous Puerto Rican of all time and a huge local booster. The caption is a huge insult by the local man Santiago Lampon (who may WISH he was in the Latin America CLO, but is alas, stuck in Eastern US).

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  3. Kind of quiet over here. But not for long!

    Chris Shelton has just embarked on an ambitious YT series on CoS Front Groups. I like the way Chris balances his facts with experience inside Scientology for many years as a middle manager in the Sea Org. His series will be well worth watching.

    WISE appears down the list on Chris's table of contents (such as it is). I bet it will get Chris's attention after ABLE, Narconon, Criminon, etc. The Narconon story is well formulated and people are ready for the detailed analysis and commentary. Criminon too. But WISE is a big amorphous grey zone, and I think its one of the more complex issues in Scientology investigation.

    There is YT video testimony from a chiropractor who was taken for a Scientology ride with Sterling Business Consultants. At one point, after screwing up his practice and losing $200K, this chiropractor came to his WISE handler and showed him a proposed business arrangement with an infomercial producer that CoS deemed competitive with the "Church". It caused an ethics handling that was conducted, not at the org, but in the WISE franchisee's business office.

    Thus, CoS franchises ethics handling through WISE, giving corporations and business owners "ecclesiastical" control over parishioners. Indeed, handlers at Sterling actually threw this chiropractor out of Scientology and initiated SP paperwork - with no intervention other than their WISE franchise.
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  4. Thread update:
    My response at ESMB (applies to this thread)

    Thanks for this terrific thread
  5. DeathHamster Member

    A useful leak of Hubbard Management recruitment companies, and Hubbard College locations:


    1 Performia International 29
    2 Sterling Management 27
    3 Veterinary Practice Solutions 26
    4 Comm Line 25
    5 Silhouette Holland 24
    5 Effective Management 21
    5 Master Tech Computer Products 21
    6 Int Executive Technology 21
    7 Business Forward 19
    7 Pacific Management 18
    8 MGE Management Experts 16
    8 Chiropractic Business Academy 15
    8 Jacobs & Van Rooij Management 14
    9 Ulan Nutritional Systems 13
    9 David Singer Enterprises 12
    10 Accelerated Training Solutions 12
    11 Silkin Management 10
    12 Art of Management 7
    13 Management Success 7
    13 Measurable Solutions 7
    13 Survival Strategies 6
    14 U-Man Management Belgium 3

    1 HCA Budapest 38
    2 HCA Tachira 31
    3 HCA Venezuela 22
    4 HCA Taiwan 21
    5 HCA Tokyo 17
    6 HCA Taichung 17
    6 HCA Latvia 16
    7 HCA Brno 15
    7 HCA Bratislava 12
    7 HCA Stuttgart 12
    8 HCA South Africa 11
    8 HCA Ecuador 9
    8 HCA Tainan 9
    9 HCA Kosice 6
    9 HCA Prague 6
    9 HCA Milano 4
    9 HCA Costa Rica 3

    A tip of the hat to Scott W. for providing this valuable intel!
  6. DeathHamster Member

    The whole page is a gold mine (and I've already saved a copy of it, nyah nyah!):
    Now I've have some companies and people to index on my wiki.

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  7. The Internet Member

    Now you are talking, buddy!
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Who are those WISE guys? A tipster helps us get some names of Scientology operatives December 14, 2015, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

    The nice part is that as those names cycle through my system, they'll tag older stories where I missed those names, plus I'll add corporate info and completion list lists.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    It's not the full directory, but CoS put up a new site and charges WISE members to be listed on it. (Standard Package - $399.00)

    The double-think is amazing! On the one hand, they are careful to keep the current WISE directory behind password protection, and on the other, they publicly list WISE members in order to make a few bucks.

    This list might be more useful than the full directory because it shows the active members who had their arm twisted to pay for this.

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  10. The Internet Member

    It is annoying that you only get a few listings per page at wisemarketplace. For example, there are 27 pages of dentists. WTF, dentists, get your shit together. Surprisingly there is only one vitamin company.
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  11. anoninoob Member

  12. DeathHamster Member

    It's mentioned in that article, so it gets a tag.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    I pulled down all the pages, and imma gonna mush them together into a single list.
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    Criminon has changed their address to ABLE's. Plus on the California corporate listing, they've shuffled the staff around with someone from ABLE as the CEO.

  15. BigBeard Member

    Sounds like they're running out of bodies to maintain the corporate shams. But I'm a bit surprised they're making such a direct connection to ABLE with the possibility of lawsuits looming.

  16. DeathHamster Member

    I don't think Criminon has much legal exposure, compared to Narconon International, which still lists the 2014 data.
  17. maggie Member

    Would this be a preparation to throw Narconon under the next legal bus, and circle the ABLE wagons?

    In Florida there is pending legislation to further tighten regulations on drug rehab and "sober houses." The proposed bill calls for Division of Families and Children to oversee, and for more funding for DCF to carry this out. Upcoming session in Tallahassee should be interesting.
  18. RightOn Member

    Then there is this in another thread
    Asking if the CCHR is gone in Quebec

    Does all this have anything to do with the Leah Remini series?
    Does it have to do with the police files (the computer files pertaining to Ron Miscavige) that are still under wraps?
    Is the COS scurrying to hide stuff?
    Should authorities be watching the COS closer? Is all this shuffling by the COS part of their plan to clean house in case they come knocking for DM?
  19. DeathHamster, I can't access umbraxenu.wikisite front groups link, above. Is there an issue with the link? or the page? or my browser?


    I am trying to find a complete list of all Scientology front groups, listed on one place, so I can give it to willing volunteers. I have no link to refer to the general public who have been asking how they can help.
    Having people keep an eye out in their city, county and state for infiltration seems like a good way to involve others but not burden them with larger volunteer tasks.

    I want to find someone to update the wikipedia page list. It's very is deficient of names. I such at data entry stuff

    So, any compiled, completed, or near completed, up-to-date-list of front groups that doesn't have to be culled through would be very helpful.
  20. :oops: I also *suck at typing
  21. DeathHamster Member

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