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  1. Helpful. Very helpful. I caught wind of one of these (not listed) and smelled the rat. Here you've found a whole colony!

    Note obedience to the CLO boundaries (LRH's continental definitions). I don't know if the other "continents" have such a developed internet footprint as this WISE CLO.

    Oh man. Such good data. What happens if they pull the links? Can we archive this somehow?

    Let's think about this: if each of these BEC groups snags two doctors a month, that's 80 practices facing destruction per month, or nearly 1000 per year! Let's figure on a 10% success rate (generous). So that's 900 practices, about 2500 good paying jobs, and probably more than 20,000 patients getting crushed by bankruptcy, divorce, and professional abandonment. I'm so enraged.

    So many medical societies are divided into state associations that its just that much harder to regulate and inform these practitioners. I don't know what to do.

    Just keep on posting.
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  2. HTML: 

    CAGE Status: Active Record CAGE Type: Non-Manufacturer
    SAM Expiration Date: 11/09/2010
    Parent CAGE:
    Address: 22073 US HIGHWAY 19 N
    P.O. Box:
    Zip: 33765-2364
    CAO-ADP: S1109A-HQ0338
    State: FL
    Voice Phone Number: 727-796-1011
    Fax Phone Number: 727-796-1032
    Date CAGE Code Established: 11/06/2009
    CAGE Last Updated: 11/06/2009
    Point of Contact: CHERYL A. ALDERMAN
    Company Web Site:
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  3. Source: DLIA site. Non-confidential .mil site that administrates government contract ID#s. DUNS# Avoid commercial mirrors when searching for CAGE codes as these sites charge for publicly available data.

    CAGE Status: Active Record CAGE Type: Non-Manufacturer
    SAM Expiration Date: 11/25/2014
    Parent CAGE:
    Address: 1230 S MYRTLE AVE STE 404
    P.O. Box:
    Zip: 33756-3457
    CAO-ADP: S1109A-HQ0338
    State: FL
    County: PINELLAS
    Voice Phone Number: 727-298-5434
    Fax Phone Number:
    Date CAGE Code Established: 12/03/2013
    CAGE Last Updated: 11/25/2014
    Point of Contact: SEAN STRICKLING
    Company Web Site:
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  4. DUNS Number: 806295015 Do a System for Award Management - SAM (formerly CCR) inquiry
    JCP Cert. Number:
    CAGE Code:
    CAGE Status: Active Record CAGE Type: Non-Manufacturer
    SAM Expiration Date: 08/28/2008
    Parent CAGE:
    Address: 431 N BRAND BLVD SUITE 305
    P.O. Box:
    City: GLENDALE
    Zip: 91203
    CAO-ADP: S0512A-HQ0339
    State: CA
    County: LOS ANGELES
    Voice Phone Number: 818-546-1921
    Fax Phone Number: 818-546-1912
    Date CAGE Code Established: 08/27/2007
    CAGE Last Updated: 08/27/2007
    Point of Contact: NANCY POMERANTZ
    Company Web Site:
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  5. DUNS Number: 078454020 Do a System for Award Management - SAM (formerly CCR) inquiry
    JCP Cert. Number:
    CAGE Code:
    CAGE Status: Active Record CAGE Type: Non-Manufacturer
    SAM Expiration Date: 05/14/2013
    Parent CAGE:
    Address: 3209 N ALAMEDA STE B
    P.O. Box:
    City: COMPTON
    Zip: 90222-1455
    CAO-ADP: S0513A-HQ0339
    State: CA
    County: LOS ANGELES
    Voice Phone Number: 310-537-2273
    Fax Phone Number: 310-537-2139
    Date CAGE Code Established: 05/12/2012
    CAGE Last Updated: 08/12/2013
    Point of Contact: ALFREDDIE JOHNSON
    Company Web Site:
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  6. DUNS Number: 094589368 Do a System for Award Management - SAM (formerly CCR) inquiry
    JCP Cert. Number:
    CAGE Code:
    CAGE Status: Active Record CAGE Type: Non-Manufacturer
    SAM Expiration Date: 05/07/2013
    Parent CAGE:
    Address: 6015 NW 7TH AVE
    P.O. Box:
    City: MIAMI
    Zip: 33127-1109
    CAO-ADP: S1002A-HQ0338
    State: FL
    County: MIAMI-DADE
    Voice Phone Number: 305-756-5502
    Fax Phone Number: 305-757-7374
    Date CAGE Code Established: 03/03/2006
    CAGE Last Updated: 08/05/2013
    Point of Contact: THEMA CAMPBELL
    Company Web Site:
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  7. What is a CAGE code? It's a tracking number issued across all Federal agencies that helps manage purchasing from and contracting with the private sector. Non-profits are listed as well as Universities, laboratories, and even some government agencies...its a mish mash.

    There's usually no hassle in getting a CAGE code (which just means Commercial and Government Entity). You just need a Dun & Bradstreet number and that comes from the Employer ID number from which the entity pays its taxes.

    The DLIA (Defense Logistics Agency) manages the CAGE code list because - no surprise here - most of the stuff bought by the government is consumed by the Defense Department. The flower shop in your local VA hospital will have a CAGE code, right next to Boeing Aircraft.

    CAGE Codes are also helpful for law enforcement when they are tracking down crooks. If a Defense contractor, for example, commits fraud, their CAGE code can be red-tagged, and all associated contracts investigated. Similarly, if a non-profit medical foundation is found in violation under the Nuremberg Code (as amended) in experiments on human subjects, a CAGE code can be utilized in a Federal Wide shutdown of the institution, denying all grants and stopping all collaborations pending an investigation.

    There's a link to these CAGE code listings that allows the public to research the status of companies, but I don't know how up to date or accurate that link might be. For some of the nastier defense contractors, fraud is a sort of mild indiscretion and they are constantly suing and countersuing the government. Who knows what the hell is going on without getting into the weeds.

    It might be interesting to observe on the CoS related links how often the contact person changes. Front companies pay legal wages, but Sea Org personnel do post these organizations according to testimony.

    Hopefully, the tracking numbers will help others learn more. More treasure:

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  8. WISE intake meetings:

    EMC to BEC Explosive growth:

    EMC 2011 = 6 sites. BEC 2015 = 61 sites. [Some are shown as "forming"]

    Many of the old EMC orgs are now the BEC sites. Not on Church property.

    Locations? Call first. Probably coffee shops.
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  9. DUNS Number: 153554126
    JCP Cert. Number:
    CAGE Code:
    CAGE Status: Active Record CAGE Type: Non-Manufacturer
    SAM Expiration Date: 06/17/2011
    Parent CAGE:
    Address: 236 W MOUNTAIN ST STE 105
    P.O. Box:
    City: PASADENA
    Zip: 91103-2968
    CAO-ADP: S0512A-HQ0339
    State: CA
    County: LOS ANGELES
    Voice Phone Number: 626-795-5300
    Fax Phone Number: 626-577-2677
    Date CAGE Code Established: 03/29/1995
    CAGE Last Updated: 06/16/2010
    Point of Contact: KEITH MILLER
    Company Web Site:
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  10. It is in your power to help bring about more recoveries such as these.
    Make a difference in the lives of the men and women who serve our

    communities and our country.

    Heroes Health Fund
    236 W. Mountain St., Suite 105
    Pasadena, CA 91103

    323.980.6019 {Address is a mail drop for this group. Phone number rings downtown LA, PacBase zone}

    [Paypal link data: ]
    Heroes Health Fund
    Reference: HHF2011

    John Travolta
    Kelly Preston

    John Adler
    National President
    Federal Law Enforcement
    Officers Association

    Robert Amidon, MA, JD
    Commander (ret.) U.S. Naval Reserve

    Major Sean Donahue
    U.S. Army

    Dan Gentry
    Chief (ret.),
    Ocala Fire Department

    Will Hamer
    Captain (ret.)
    Anne Arundel County Fire Department
    Alan Janusziewicz, MD, MS
    Colonel (ret.), U.S. Army

    Danny Masterson

    Israel Miranda
    Health and Safety Coordinator
    Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics of FDNY, Local 2507

    Ed Mullins
    President, Sergeants Benevolent
    Association of NYPD

    It is in your power to help bring about more recoveries such as these.
    Make a difference in the lives of the men and women who serve our
    communities and our country.


    John Travolta
    Kelly Preston


    John Adler
    National President
    Federal Law Enforcement
    Officers Association

    Robert Amidon, MA, JD
    Commander (ret.) U.S. Naval Reserve

    Major Sean Donahue
    U.S. Army

    Dan Gentry
    Chief (ret.),
    Ocala Fire Department

    Will Hamer
    Captain (ret.)
    Anne Arundel County Fire Department

    Alan Janusziewicz, MD, MS
    Colonel (ret.), U.S. Army

    Danny Masterson

    Israel Miranda
    Health and Safety Coordinator
    Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics of FDNY, Local 2507

    Ed Mullins
    President, Sergeants Benevolent
    Association of NYPD

    Carrie Nero, PhD
    Brigadier General (ret.),
    U.S. Army Reserve

    J. Scott Parker
    U.S. Army (ret.)

    David Root, MD, MPH
    Colonel (ret.), U.S. Air Force

    George Yu, MD
    Aegis Medical and Research Associates

    Robert Wolfertz
    Lt. Colonel (ret.), U.S. Marines

    This project has the full support of the PBA and we are committed to helping the project secure sufficient funding to make its valuable services available to all who need them. We will not forget what you have done for our members. Together, let’s work to help many, many more.

    Patrick J. Lynch
    President, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) of the City of New York

    Through its remarkable results, the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project has gained respect at all levels of the rescue forces, and appreciation from the families and colleagues of those whose lives have been restored. We fully support the project staff in their goal of making detoxification available to every rescue worker for whom it is appropriate. We urge you to contribute to the fund, and to do whatever is in your power to speed progress toward this goal.

    Israel Miranda
    Health and Safety Coordinator
    Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics of Local 2507

    For years, the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project has been a beacon of hope for those suffering from the effects of toxic exposures at the World Trade Center.

    The results that I have personal knowledge of are truly incredible. In addition to the enormous benefits for NYPD, these recoveries have
    brought great happiness to many families.

    Many more heroes deserve a chance to regain their lives, and we encourage you to continue your support.

    Ed Mullins
    President, Sergeants Benevolent Association of NYPD
  11. dinner1.png


    Hosted by John Travolta & Kelly Preston?

    FEB 9, 2013 : A dinner was held at the Wynn Hotel to benefit the Heroes Health Fund hosted by Honorary Chairman John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston who raised over $200,000 for the fund. The fund supports, among others, the Nevada First Responders Detoxification Project. The project detoxes chemicals from uniformed men and women who were exposed to toxins in the line of duty.
    Speakers included NSLEOA member P&P Officer J. Haggerty who was the first in Nevada to go through the detox program. Also, Rick McCann, J.D., spoke ot the fight for rights of uniformed men and women who have been exposed to toxins. Mr. McCann is the NAPSO/NSLEOA Legal Defense Plan Administator and Labor Representative. NSLEOA President Ron Cuzze was acknowledged for his help in coordinating liaisons for the set up of the Nevada First Responders Detoxification Project in conjunction with the project's President Sandra Lucas.
    Among the guests were Assemblywoman Fiore, Nevada AGO Chief of Staff Gregory Smith and NSLEOA Southern Director Trooper Elmer Johnson. Other guests included distinguished persons from all over the world.
    We would like to give our personal Thank Yous to all those who donated to this worthwhile organization with money, resources and time. We would also like to give special acknowledgement to Kelly Preston and John Travolta for their ongoing efforts of support to the Heroes Health Fund and to Sandra Lucas for making the Nevada project a reality.
  12. Wow! What a tangled web we weave....

    Through CEO and a couple of obscure links, the Scientology connection is made. But to look at it, the Futures Channel has no Scientology links and appears to be a straight purveyor of STEM educational programming.

    International Academy
    of Detoxification Specialists
    c/o The Administrator
    PO Box 522169
    Salt Lake City, UT 84152

    Phone: 626-227-1760
    Fax: 866-326-8204 >>>>>>>> fax rings here: The Futures Channel, and the Office of Steven Heard [google the 866 number]

    The Futures Channel Inc

    148 South Victory Blvd.
    Burbank, California 91502

    (818) 557-3300
    (818) 557-3303Fax

    The Futures Channel was founded in 1999 with the goal of using new media technologies to create a channel between the scientists, engineers, explorers and visionaries who are shaping the future, and today's learners who will one day succeed them. The Mission of The Futures Channel: To produce and distribute high quality multimedia content which educators in any setting can use to enliven curriculum, engage students and otherwise enhance the learning experience. To connect mathematics, science, technology and engineering to the real world of careers and achievement, so that students can envision a context and purpose for what they are learning allowing them to envision their own successful futures. To provide a channel through which professionals from the sciences, engineering and technology sectors can reach their future workforce prospects and interest them in their fields.
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  13. RightOn Member

    The Heros Health Fund used to be called something else. Although the old name fails me at the moment.
    I think it originated out of Ocala with fire fighters? I may be wrong.
  14. DeathHamster Member

    I believe it's a fictitious business name for either FASE or International Academy of Detoxification Specialists. (Not that there's any difference between them. Same address, same people.)

    Category:International Academy of Detoxification Specialists

    There's another thread that digs into them.
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  15. BigBeard Member

    It started out as the "New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project", then morphed into "Heros Health Fund" when, a) the link to $cientolgy started becoming well know, and b) to make it cover a wider areas when it expanded to include cops raiding meth labs, fire fighters responding to HazMat situations, etc. But mostly because the negative press regarding $cientology and 9/11 was becoming "toxic" to donations.

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  16. Currently active Business Expansion Clubs EAST OF MISSISSIPPI US

    Source is wiseeastus [ dotcom ]

    Similar list for West US not posted, for possible reasons see next post....

    Albany NY Forming Business Expansion Club ,Robert Scott,rscott [ at ] scottstackrow [dot com] ,(518) 281-9132

    Atlanta Business Expansion Club ,John Nesbit ,nesbit [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(770) 873-2383

    Bangor Business Expansion Club,Carol Lane,carol.lane [ at ] results physicaltherapy [dot org] ,(207) 944-7497

    Boston Business Expansion Club ,Tom Norton ,nortonthomas [ at ] comcast [dot net] ,(781) 831-2160

    Buffalo Business Expansion Club ,Leslie Glassbrenner ,wiseeusdchairman [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(716) 697-4328

    Central Illinois Forming Business Expansion Club ,Jerry Marino ,gmarino [ at ] meacorporation [dot com] ,(217) 384-2288

    Chatanooga Forming Business Expansion Club ,Alan Stein ,griz_elda [ at ] hotmail [dot com] ,(423) 902-8313

    Chicago Business Expansion Club ,Dave Parker ,chiwise1 [ at ] aol [dot com] ,(847) 902-0212

    Cincinnati Business Expansion Club ,Scott Shelby ,mightyshelbys [ at ] aol [dot com] ,(513) 604-9752

    Columbus Business Expansion Club ,Gary Howes,ghowes [ at ] durableslate [dot com] ,(614) 205-8752

    Detroit Business Expansion Club ,Abe Gershonowicz ,abegersh [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(248) 425-8444

    Elgin, IL Forming Business Expansion Club ,Jim McCoy,chiwise1 [ at ] aol [dot com] ,(815) 751-6922

    Erie, PA Forming Business Expansion Club ,Jeff Palmer ,palmer8008 [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(814) 746-7037

    Ft. Lauderdale Forming Business Expansion Club ,Saul Lipson ,saulco [ at ] bellsouth [dot net] ,(954) 494-6550

    Green Bay, WI Forming Business Expansion Club,Tatjana Quadada ,tatjana [ at ] lotarenterprises [dot com] ,(920) 371-3695

    Indianapolis Business Expansion Club ,Jim Speiser ,jimspeiser [ at ] msn [dot com] ,(317) 847-6892

    Long Island Business Expansion Club ,Jim Kahrs ,jkahrs [ at ] prosperityplus [dot com] ,(516) 241-8617
    Louisiana Business Expansion Club ,John Chan ,jchan1 [ at ] prodigy [dot net] ,(504) 717-1318

    Maine Forming Business Expansion Club ,Carol Lane ,carol.lane [ at ] resultsphysic... ,(207) 944-7497

    Miami Business Expansion Club ,Luz Schiaffino ,luzalbamiami [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(305) 794-0593

    Milwaukee Forming Business Expansion Club ,Josh Ellis,joshellis80 [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(414) 520-1564

    Nashville Business Expansion Club ,Alan Stein ,griz_elda [ at ] hotmail [dot com] ,(423) 902-8313

    New Haven Business Expansion Club ,Larry Nieman ,lniemandvm [ at ] yahoo [dot com] ,(203) 395-9483

    New York Business Expansion Club ,Karin White ,karin [ at ] clearimages [dot com] ,(201) 357-5580

    North Jersey Forming Business Expansion Club ,Claudia Rodriguez-Pena,nap [ at ] peravia [dot com] ,(973) 941-7683

    Philadelphia Business Expansion Club ,Jeanette Habina,mjhabina [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(609) 932-2672

    Pittsburgh Business Expansion Club ,Walter Bianchi,dibobi [ at ] yahoo [dot com] ,(724) 344-2823

    Portland, ME Business Expansion Club ,Michel Brunet,mgb.arc [ at ] gmail [dot com] ,(207) 232-3829

    Puerto Rico Business Expansion Club ,Santiago Lampon ,slampon [ at ] lamponlaw [dot com] ,(787) 646-9699

    South Carolina Forming Business Expansion Club ,John Brinkley ,ru20202020 [ at ] aol [dot com] ,(803) 960-2277

    Washington DC Business Expansion Club ,Peter Glaser,peterglaser [ at ] msn [dot com] ,(202) 446-3833
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Someone with the time could check out the claimed bona fides for this mook:

    check name for credentials INGLW.jpg
  18. DeathHamster Member

    "Holds an educational background in International Business .."

    In other words, he never graduated.
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  19. An origin story of Business Expansion Clubs can be found at the wisewestus dot org site.

    The first meeting was at the Red Lion Inn Hollywood in 1991.

    Now with Hubbard School of Admin near Pac Base open and yawning its chasm for vulnerable student-type prospects (plus pay-to-stay foreign students and Sea Org imports - see State Department approvals for trade and technical schools) , BEC is feeding the hype with real community outreach across many small business communities. Business Expansion Clubs.

    These clubs reach beyond the traditional targets of dentists and chiropractors. They can move on anyone.

    There are a number of legitimate "lead sharing" organizations, the largest of which is BNI - Business Networks International. BNI doesn't [apparently - after several metro searches] seat Model of Admin Tech hacks in their clubs. This may be due to a fairly strict prohibition against bait and switch tactics that is chiseled into the club's pledge and contract with members and leadership. BNI is vast with tens of thousands of members - and there may be quite a few who have crossed paths with BEC meetings operating in their regions. Actually, BNI may be the prey source as they only have one space for each profession in each club. "We already have a dentist in this BNI" would be a perfect entry point for a conversation about BEC by an alert visitor. Though regular BNI members are pretty savvy and well connected to a national organization with its own communication network, this tactic could, and probably has, been used by BEC routers.

    BEC began as a "Gung-Ho Group" under LRH's definition of the term (which also encompasses ABLE, Narconon, and Criminon), but it appears the members who started the first one (see origin story) thought that trading leads among business people would work in the Scientology context. The model they may have had their eyes upon may have been BNI or any number of similar groups.

    However, the meetings often go another way. Perhaps they have weekly networking events, but very often they devolve into droning, hypnotic lectures about LRH Admin Tech. (See Manhattan BEC you tube video for a sample - don't watch it all or you'll become a zombie).

    The line between the BEC meet and greet and the slough toward Model of Admin Tech and the road to Scientology domination seems to waver depending on the particular group. Dissemination control and phasing is apparently being crafted to manage the variation in experience, and this may be part of the reason the full West US BEC list is not posted.
    Group leaders in BEC probably vary in their powers.

    For example, the Charter Membership (advertised at $1500 per year - but obviously only sold to higher OT levels) has the right to "deliver dispute and ethics handling services on business-related matters in their communities and charge fees for services delivered", among other "super powers". That goes far beyond arriving early, putting up the sign board, and laying out some coffee service.

    We see that East US BEC meeting sites are proudly displayed (last post) with a WISE Executive Director Quentin Stubs calmly placing his neck into David Miscavige's collar for the subtle privilege of outing his routers. Let's hope he keeps that job! No similar director has emerged for the West and the West (the older of the two) has a password protected list of meeting sites. Note that actual locations are never shown, but a phone call to the group organizer is enough to make it work, apparently. As with any Scientology inspired event, you need to lose your anonymity before you ever get to visit.

    Following is a REALLY long detailed report from the Inglewood BEC - West US Wise. Note there are several OTVIIIs involved.

    marketstreetprosperity [dot com]

    Inglewood BEC near a recently opened ideal org and a pet project of COB (perhaps the reason for all the detailed reports, which are usually internal, but for some reason made public here? )

    May 31, 2014

    The Inglewood Business Expansion Club Market Street Prosperity project made important progress in May. Weekly meeting attendance at 7:30 PM at the Judah Box at 344 Market averages about 15 to 17 attending with four new guests welcomed at the 5/29 meeting. Most notably we welcomed Seven of Seven Cosmetologist representing the first Market Street business north of Manchester to join. Seven has offered to get the three to four business owners she works with in her area of the 100 block of North Market involved and participating in our upcoming Jazz on Market Street event which will be the first of many that will attract attention and shoppers to the area.

    At our latest meeting, Maurnie Edwards led the team in reviewing the detailed plan for our Jazz on Market Street Festival currently scheduled for the 28th of June from 1-6 PM. The Special Event Application has been submitted to the City of Inglewood with board action targeted for June 12th. The plan is to have two bands and two DJ’s for entertainment. The Way to Happiness Jazz Band will perform in front of the Church at 315 S. Market and the second band near the Hair Solutions salon at 252 South Market. There will be DJ’s at the Judah Box on Market and at the Little Belize Restaurant on Nutwood. Free Hamburgers and Hotdogs and trimmings will be offered as long as supplies last, and there will be face painters and balloon figures for the kids. Many participating businesses will be displaying their wares on decorated tables in front of their stores and many will be offering specials on merchandise and services and will be contributing items for the free raffle for all attending.

    The Jazz on Market Street event is sponsored by Rev. Clarence Clark and the Helping Hand Foundation Center that will also be donating the food for the event through Phil Morris’s Generation X Youth Foundation.

    (Note: With the planned addition of the merchants on North Market St. extending Jazz on Market Street the two blocks north of Manchester and to allow more time for event promotion after obtaining city approval, the first of the Jazz on Market Street events may be rescheduled for July.)

    To help local businesses prosper, IBEC member Ted Crisell’s video production company has offered very low cost promotional videos to Market Street merchants. Four excellent videos have been produced so far which are posted on You Tube and will be posted on each merchant’s website and on our Market Street Prosperity website. The business owners are thrilled with the results and more are planned. We continue to offer tips, tools and encouragement to attending business owners and have started some one-on-one business consultations.

    As IBEC member Horus Msemaje reminds us, the purpose of the IBEC is: to help area businesses flourish, to work together to help Market Street become a desired destination for South Bay residents, and to provide opportunities for local youth to gain important skills. We now have three members who have very active youth groups they are leading and we are connecting Ron Seagal and his Student Empowerment Program tutoring to them and our Market Street Prosperity Project.
    As part of our continuing outreach, the IBEC also conducted a survey of a majority of the businesses on S. Market in the last month which addressed the relations with the City and what local business owners most needed. The results will be made available with the first presentation planned for our Councilman in District 1 who we plan to invite to address the Market Street Prosperity team at one of our upcoming meetings in June.

    April 10, 2014

    Helping local businesses learn the basics of prosperity:

    Attendance at our meetings at the Judah Box 7:30 PM Thursdays continued to expand in March with several interested people and business owners contacting us through the web site. The continuing focus of our program is offering insights and tools to local merchants while working together on the Market Street Prosperity Project.

    Marty Sherman, owner of a very successful business in Santa Monica, shared his most successful actions of: 1) ‘speed of service’ and 2) ‘always deliver better quality service than expected’. He presented each member with a Market Street special edition of the very popular “Way to Happiness” booklet with 21 precepts that he uses with his employees as a practical guide to help them and his business to “Flourish and Prosper”.

    Doug and Ron led the group in beginning application of the Administrative Scale tools to the Market Street Prosperity Project.

    The group stated the Goal for the project as simply “Market Street Prosperity”. How that is measured will be further defined by the Statistics section of the Admin Scale. While the Business Expansion Club slogan or motto is “Success, No Excuses,” as posted on this website, the merchant team proposed two slogans for the Market Street Project:

    “Market Street Prosperity –The Key to Our Success” or
    “The Prosperity of Market Street is our Mission”
    Laverne Smith of Little Belize later offered these suggestions:
    Slogan: Market Street Prosperity–Our Business
    Mission (Purpose): To bring life back to Market Street; to grow businesses and encourage networking
    Vision: Work with the City of Inglewood to host events on Market Street. Conduct educational workshops for businesses and keep businesses informed of development in and around Market Street.
    Create an avenue for businesses to support other businesses.
    In the discussion at our April 3 meeting, there were a number of suggestions that the merchants and the City could do to develop Market Street as a thriving destination for the South Bay to dine and shop. One suggestion was creating a Welcome Wagon for new businesses coming into the area that help fill up currently vacant store fronts. The team thought the City might send a welcoming letter to area businesses and place a welcoming article in the Inglewood Weekly. The business owners plan to create a group greeting and attend the opening of the new businesses once they are notified.
    Jazz on Market Street:

    Maurnie Edwards led the whole team through the Market Street event planning team’s outline for starting a regular “Jazz on Market Street – Get to Know your Neighbors” event. (See upcoming events for a description.) There is a lot to do to create a successful event, but we have a great start. In coordinating with the City, we have been given good guidance on the needed permits and licenses and the application process.

    As a primary way to connect with local businesses to find out what they need and want from the Business Expansion Club and the City, we have begun a thorough survey of business owners on Market and Nutwood and their relationship with the City. Maurnie, Ron, Angela and Alfonso have had a great time talking with local businesses. The results so far are hard-hitting and revealing. When complete, we expect to present the results to our Councilmen who are very supportive of helping Market Street prosper. Most directly it will help the Project team design programs and events for promoting Market Street business activity. If you have not been personally contacted and want to help in any way or start with the survey, just let us know through “Contact Us” on this site.

    March 3, 2014
    February was a very active time for the Inglewood Business Expansion Club Market Street Prosperity team meeting at the Judah Box. Doug Williams led short seminars in applying two powerful tools to help business owners grow their enterprises – The Conditions Formulas to move your business in whatever condition it is in up to Affluence and a condition of Power in your market, and the Administrative Scale to bring clarity, and alignment to your Goals, Purpose, and plans to achieve greater success. Angela Adkins of FreeStyle Handbags and Alfonso Long of Total Transport have been particularly energized using the new tools.

    The Prosperity Project team is focused on creating events on Market Street to attract visitors and create a greater sense of place. Ideas range from a regular street fair with music, food trucks and merchant participation. As a trial Doug Williams led another in the continuing series of Jazz Potluck events on Sunday February 23 from 2-5PM that was very well attended. Free hamburgers and hot dogs were provided in front of the Church at 315 South Market Street with the food from Rev Clark’s company. Bob Sullivan and his Happiness Band provided the very cool music

    The Happiness Band is willing to anchor future street events and one plan is to coordinate with the monthly food truck event that ran for four months in 2013 with plans to possibly return in May this year. If so the Prosperity Team has plans to build on this with a merchant street fair. In anticipation of a possible return of the food truck event the team is planning at least a monthly event with the merchants on Market and adjacent streets.
    The next Jazz Concert on south Market will be from 2-5PM Sunday March 30 at 315 S. Market. All are welcome for very cool music and great hamburgers and hotdogs for all attending.

    January 9, 2014

    Starting again on January 9, the Thursday 7:30 pm meetings have engaged in very lively discussions on the application of a set of simple yet powerful guidelines to move area businesses toward increased prosperity. The idea is to empower business owners to be able to better assess and do what is most important for their expansion. The initial focus has been on greatly improving their business’ connection to customers, and in some cases suppliers, and really getting a better understanding of what their customers want from them and making sure they deliver that product or service as quickly as possible and with the quality that will increase sales.

    Led by Doug Williams and Frank Camuso of the BEC, Angela Adkins of Freestyle Handbags, Patricia Jones of TissyWear Knits, Alfonso Long of Total Transport, Laverne Smith and team of Little Belize Restaurant, and Phil Morris of the Judah Box and others have had good fun contributing to helping each other work out how to improve the promotion effectiveness for their businesses to move through the steps toward greater success.

    Mr. Msemaje has led discussions with the group on youth involvement as both a resource for Market Street Prosperity activities but primarily as a way for area young people to gain hands-on skills, build their resumes and careers. Ron Suiter continued encouraging business owners to develop material for this website so we can begin to promote Market Street and the surrounding area businesses. In addition, he strongly recommended visiting Better Block Org Website as a great resource to envision how the business owners co-acting can help take control of their own businesses and the street(s) of the area to create a stronger sense of place that will attract many more shoppers and diners to the area.

    At the end of the last meeting on January 23, the group got quite engaged in a project to extend the monthly food truck event further south on Market St. and combine it with music and other events to attract more visitors. A task force was formed to implement a plan for the March food truck event on the street.

    December 12, 2013

    On Thursday 12 December, the Inglewood Business Expansion Club meeting introduced Rodger Sayles who presented Market Street Prosperity website. website. This is a simple draft of what is planned to be a focal point for making the project to revitalize Market Street well known. The web site will have a section for Expansion Club business related to Market Street promotion. The other part of the site will be devoted to Market Street and immediate area businesses. The attending business owners were invited to develop their business promotional material to be posted on the site this week to start the process.

    The balance of the meeting was spent making plans for lighting up the businesses on the street with holiday lights. Many of the attendees contributed to a fund for lights and the team led by Phil Morris will meet at 10 AM Saturday the 14th to decorate businesses on the street.

    The next meeting will be at 7:30 PM Thursday the 19th of December at the Judah Box at 344 South Market Street.

    Thank you to Mr. Phil Morris co-owner of Judah Box at 344 South Market Street who has graciously offered their coffee house as the initial meeting place of the Market Street Prosperity Project.
    Meetings are every Thursday evening starting at 7:30 led by Club Speaker Mr. Doug Williams.
    Call 424-243-6108 or use the Contact Us form for more information.

    November 21, 2013 Second meeting – getting into action

    The attendees welcomed members of the Inglewood City Council. Doug Williams then introduced the evening’s speakers. Theo Criswell, retired shopping mall development executive and filmmaker, spoke about creating a theme and vision for Market Street with emphasis on having fun both in creating the new image and having it be a ‘fun’ destination. Example themes might be creating the West Coast version of Bourbon Street celebrating the cultural heritage of Inglewood. In his talk he gave a vision of what some of the development options might be.

    The second speaker was Cary Muhammad, local real estate agent and professional poet. She gave a very practical presentation on the value, and how to, of creating an internet blog for your business with many tips about how to successfully make yourself and your business known. This led to spirited discussion that spawned creative ideas that were unanimously adopted with enthusiasm. Moreover, practical plans emerged that are being immediately implemented:

    Creating a Market Street business website for business blogs as an attraction to get more interest in Market Street as a destination and its businesses

    Start an immediate project to put up holiday lights and decorations on the street
    Explore creating an event – possibly with music – on South Market to coincide with the monthly food cart event that is more focused on North Market

    Connect and collaborate with the Inglewood Chamber of Commerce
    Find out if the city has any plans to decorate Market Street for Christmas and to discover what are the longer range plans for downtown and the surrounding commercial and residential areas.

    Next meetings planned are Thursdays at 7:30 the 5th, 12th, and 19th of December with a break for the holidays, resuming again January 9, 2014. All Market Street and adjoining streets (Nutwood, Manchester, Queen, Regent, Locust, Hillcrest, La Brea) business owners and entrepreneurs invited to join in the creation of our Market Street Renaissance!“Success, no excuses”

    The Inglewood Business Expansion Club

    November 14, 2013 Kickoff meeting

    Introduced by Horus Msemaje, Mr. Williams led the introduction of the 20 + business owners and entrepreneurs attending. The consensus among all attending was their common interest in getting assistance in growing their own businesses. The most important areas of interest were:

    Marketing and Internet advertising

    Sales training

    Access to business expansion investment capital

    To address these interests, plans were made for presentations by working professionals in Internet marketing. In addition, the topic of branding & positioning of Market Street as a whole and for individual businesses as well was introduced by Roger Harrison. This lead into the topic of the key speaker for the next meeting: The History of commercial centers by Theo Criswell.

    Thank you to Mr. Phil Morris co-owner of Judah Box at 344 South Market Street who has graciously offered their coffee house as the initial meeting place of the Market Street Prosperity Project.

    Meetings are every Thursday evening starting at 7:30 led by Club Speaker Mr. Doug Williams.

    Call 424-243-6108 or use the Contact Us form for more information.
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  20. The Hubbard Admin degree is known as an "Applied Science Degree of Management and Administration". By advertising "Associates Degree in Business Management" it raises questions about his honesty (well, I guess, that's a given), since the NO DEGREE at Hubbard School of Administration EVER uses the word "BUSINESS" in it.

    HUBBARD SCHOOL OF ADMINISTRATION IS NOT A BUSINESS SCHOOL. Never has been. And unless they happen to teach a single course in Accounting, it never will be. You know, that Accounting Board that licenses CPAs has handled a few rip-off types in their time, and I do think they own the word "Business".

    Check out the tiny "Legal Information" link at the bottom of the school website for some chuckles, particularly the attendance policy.
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  21. HTML:
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  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Associated with Elite Management Group, currently or once at: 3645 Lowry Rd Los Angeles, California 90027
  24. We believe Fabian Padro is associated with Dr. David Singer, though his shingle here is Elite Management Systems.

    Archived Newsletter from Elite Management, displaying portrait of the alleged Fabian Padro; AKA or associated with Pedro Gill of Elite Management.

    Also associated with BlackBird Systems, a business software consultancy, associated with Marty Sullens and Charlie Ordonez A business management platform that takes the worries out of software and lets you get back to what’s most important. Call for a free demo at (888) 560-1788

    A bit of human interest from the Newsletter.

    Your first child as most first time parents know is a life changing experience. I can happily say my wife and I have now joined that club.
    On August 20, 2012 at 8:18am our son Sebastian Caleb Padro was born. The birth of my son has made me realize many things about life that translate to business. For starters it takes a team in order to be successful and to reach your goals. Through out our pregnancy and delivery we always had a great team around us supporting and helping us give birth to a healthy baby boy.
    In this month E-News we have a candid interview with hiring expert David Jensen the author of “The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret,” where he provides us with insight about his new book where he shows you how to put together the right team for your business.
    We start this edition with our newly released software “BlackBird,” an all in one business solution platform.
    BlackBird is growing in users by the day and helping business professionals expand their businesses and organize it literally over night all while keeping it fun with a social intranet platform.
    This month E-newsletter also provide you with tips on the simplicity of reaching your goals and the importance of showing up.
    I hope you enjoy this months edition.
    Fabian Padro
    Elite Management Group Inc.
    Entity Number: C2894732
    Date Filed: 08/24/2006
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 9733 TOPANGA CANYON BLVD. #226
    Entity City, State, Zip: CHATSWORTH CA 91311
    Agent for Service of Process: FABIAN PADRO
    Agent Address: 9733 TOPANGA CANYON BLVD. #226
    Agent City, State, Zip: CHATSWORTH CA 91311
  26. FTB Suspended or FTB Forfeited:The business entity was suspended or forfeited by the Franchise Tax Board for failure to meet tax requirements (e.g., failure to file a return, pay taxes, penalties, interest).
  27. Anonymous Member

    The text in the newsletter is astonishing!

    Check this out!

    If the person doesn’t make a decision without there spouse than you didn’t do a proper job on qualifying the prospective client / customer on who the real decision maker is.

    Don’t waist your pitch until you got the decision maker in front of you. After you tell the client/ customer the price the ball is in their court.

    Skipping down... how to deal with Occupational Safety And Health Inspections and Issues:

    1. Lets jump right in it shall we? What are some Red flags that invite OSHA inspectors to show up at a practice owner facility they should be aware of?
      #3: An accident. If there is an accident that requires more than first aid you are suppose to use worker comp and they report that to Osha. If you are having to many accidents Osha will come. If you have a serious accident where someone is hospitalized you are suppose to file proper forms to Osha. People can be fined $5,000 for not filling out these forms.
    2. What are some defense strategies against fines and citations you can give our practice / business owners reading this?
      There is only one def. strategy not to pay fines to Osha. If an osha inspector comes to your office you have 95% of being fined. If you are not trained in Osha standards the only true way is to have an independent company come in to your office and make sure you are compliant. Too many times we have seen practice owners think they were compliant because there assistant or office manager was handling it. Just having a complete Osha program in place fines are dramatically reduced or eliminated completely.
    3. What should a business owner know and do if an OSHA inspector shows up at there business doors?
      There are a lot of consultants out there that want to handle it differently. We guarantee the office against fine. Because we do this we want to be there with the inspector. Some consultant say you can’t. In the Osha by laws you have to give them permission. If you don’t give them permission they are gonna get a warrant. Our company we turn them away go through the office make sure things are how they are suppose and then have the inspector come in. If you still have a fine we pay it for you or we reduce it.

    No promotional material or seminar will give you as much information about us as sitting down face-to-face with one of our Business Analayst, to discuss our company procedures and approach to management.

    An example of the outcome of study tech, no doubt.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 01.13.56.png

    It's possible to read nine complete newsletters, dating back to December 2011 and ending September 2012.

    This Fabian Padro is a real happenin' dude!
  28. BigBeard Member

    Was that newsletter written in English, translated to Chinese, translated from Chinese to Spanish, then from Spanish back to English? Anyone who writes a business newsletter like that is the last person I would want dealing with OSHA for my business.

    There is a simple way to avoid problems with OSHA. Give them a call, schedule an appointment to have someone come out and make recommendations on how to improve safety at your place of business. This is not considered an inspection and they'll point out potential safety issues and get you squared away regarding what signs need to be posted, what forms you should have on hand, and when a report is required.

    And best of all, it's free. You don't have to pay a consultant with poor language skills to play games with OSHA that could put you out of business if you're caught.

    My 2¢ as a retired business owner.

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  29. Apparently the 36 year old Fabian Padro is puzzled about toxins in the home and the workplace and out as well:

    1) He's on the asbestos exposure list Freewinds 76 [about February 2010] completing the Self Analysis Course.

    2) And again trying to sell the snails in his yard, posting anonymously on a gardening site.

    May 15, 2013
    Garden Snails
    Anonymous by: Anonymous

    I have hundreds of garden snails where I live in Woodland Hills Ca. Do people actually buy these? If anyone really buys these contact me at fabianpadro at
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  30. Note well.....does not include Snail Poison.....

    Following is from a newsletter published by the Personal Improvement Center in Glendale where Fabian Padro was posted in February 4. 2015, and maybe his post at this time....

    Pick Your Poison? Check the toxins that you have been exposed to in your lifetime

    ( ) Alcohol ( ) Radiation (such as x-rays computer screens, TV)
    ( ) Petroleum ( ) Industrial chemicals
    ( ) Smoke inhalation ( ) Paint Dye
    ( ) Processed foods ( ) Household Cleaners and Detergents
    ( ) Vaccinations ( ) Lead
    ( ) Mercury ( ) Asbestos
    ( ) Agent Orange ( ) Street Drugs
    ( ) Prescription Drugs ( ) Auto Exhaust
    If you checked 3 or more boxes above, something can be done about it. Contact us now! You could benefit from doing Purification Rundown!! CONTACT US NOW!

    Success Stories

    What people are saying about the Purification Program!!!

    "All these toxins and poisons were making me think lower on the Tone Scale. My body is rid of them and ready to live life again. I can FOCUS BETTER. My mind doesn’t go wandering off into other directions like it used to." -SS
    "On the Purification Rundown, my perceptions improved. I can see, hear and smell things better. I feel 900 times cleaner physically and mentally and I am more able to THINK CLEARLY." -VB
    "Before I did the Purif, I felt like old age was hitting me, but no I FEEL GREAT, young again. My reaction times are quicker. My mental activity is quicker." -T.W.

    512 E. WILSON SUITE 207
    GLENDALE CA 91206


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  31. WISE/Scientology's Personal Improvement Center and it's wandering identity. PIC is a front and not overt CoS.

    The phone number 818-241-7504 is the Reg Number for the Personal Improvement Center (PIC). Rings in the Maryland building now (probably).

    Since its a business, its curious to follow the phone number address changes:

    818-241-7504 Bill Kirkpatrick (OTVIII) A Financial Services Office at 700 N. Central, 6th Floor, Glendale, CA 91206 [2004 Wise Directory].

    818-241-7504 512 E. Wilson Ave. Suite 207, Glendale 91206 [California Business Entity C1793350, Fabian Padro Agent. Address for service of Process.]

    818-241-7504 9733 Topanga Canyon Blvd, #266, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4077 [One of Fabian Padro's mail drops or homes, but not the one with the snails, and not the one where he greets process servers]

    818-241-7504 200 N. Maryland Avenue #101, Glendale, CA 91206-4275 One of the addresses for the Personal Improvement Center, and fairly current signage on Google Earth (corner of Wilson and Maryland - look closely, its the bottom of the sign in a little corner - it looks like they have taken over the whole floor now). One questionable record shows that William Kirkpatrick owns the business at this address.

    A 2008 photo on Tropico Tour of Glendale Scientology shows PIC with a larger, brighter sign on Maryland/Wilson corner.

    200 N. Maryland Avenue #102, Glendale is a credit counseling company. Hmmm...

    Are they running Purifs inside this Maryland Ave. office building???? Other businesses appear unrelated.


    Yeah, this is pretty funky writing for a supposedly college educated writer. I wonder what his grades were? Seems like people hiring a consultant who claims to have an education really ought to know if he graduated.

    Another possibility may that this is a "wounded rabbit" con. You know, a lot of college educated ladies may find working with Fabian on his grammar just Fabulous. Screwy grammar and spelling may provide just the space for good natured helper-types to step up and offer the assistance he so apparently needs.
  33. Anonymous Member

    You could be right about the set up for a game of female sympathy response.

    As for me? I wouldn't hire the guy to rake leaves.
  34. How to get linked to a WISE network:

    1. Do business with a WISE business.
    2. Send them an email of any length, type, or purpose.

    For example:

    GILLEARD DENTAL MARKETING, Lake Forest, CA 92630 - Husband (OT V, 2003) and Wife (OT III, at least) Owners.

    Privacy Policy & Disclaimer (always a fascinating corner of WISE company websites).

    Information sent to us through emails will not be sold to third parties. Any information we receive will only be used to conduct our website and business needs. There are times when certain information is given out to third-parties we have a direct, working relationship with because we are required to do so in order to run our business or provide our products and services. Therefore please do not send us information or data you do not wish others to have access to, whether by e-mail or through the use of electronic forms originating from this website.

    This document may have changes occur to it at any time. It is strictly the responsibility of the user to keep himself or herself up to date with what may be written in this document at any given moment. At any time we have the right to make any changes to this document we deem suitable.
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  35. WISE Business Expansion Clubs: Celine J. Pastore. Clearwater & Palm Harbor Florida.

    Prosperity 60 2003 List: Celine J. & Frank Pastore

    WISE Member Lists: 1999, 2000

    Reg for Florida Citizens for Social Reform Political Committee (FCSR): 2004

    Registrations with Florida Department of Corporations:

    PASTORE, CELINE…BUSINESS EXPANSION CLUB, INC.…N05000008674…Current Status: Inactive as of 2008*
    PASTORE, CELINE…WINDSOR MARKETING GROUP, INC.…P07000035815…Current Status: Inactive as of 2008. Website still active.
    PASTORE, CELINE J…ONTRACK RETIREMENT, LLC…L13000090887…Current Status: Voluntary Dissolution as of 2013 due to infringement*
    PASTORE, CELINE J…SIMPLE PATH RETIREMENT, LLC…L15000024710…Current Status: Active LLC*
    PASTORE, CELINE J…SIMPLE PATH RETIREMENT, LLC…L15000024710…Current Status: Active LLC*
    Pastore, Frank shows up as an officer in COMMUSIC, Inc. with a survivor clause in dox.

    * PDF Dox linked to Florida State Department of Corporations on their website. 2008 document is explicitly Scientology linked. Other dox not directly linked.

    Celine Pastore is actively involved in Simple Path Retirement, under licensure provided by
    Global Financial Private Capital LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (website fine print).

    Pastore has proliferated a number of financial planning shingles to draw clients with a Woman's oriented, Gals-Night-Out approach:

    Incomeforwomen [dotcom]
    Women's wealth advisor [dotorg]

    Celine and Frank Pastore's current Scientology relationships are in deep cover, as far as my current research has found.

    As a former reg for the attempted but failed Political Action Committee (FCSR), she's CERTAINLY on the short list to pipeline cash to
    Scientology friendly candidates.

    Anyone have an FEC list?
  36. DeathHamster Member

    I don't know how active it is, but it still exists so "failed" isn't right.

    Category:Florida Citizens for Social Reform
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  37. You're right. "Failed" isn't right.

    However, they were trying to muscle into politics in big Normandy fashion in 2004, and apparently, based on the topics in the meeting, that wouldn't work with the current set of fronts they had established. It didn't move forward big, but its still there.

    My hypothesis is that Celine Pastore has elaborated a close relationship with a Private Capital LLC to more effectively pipeline campaign funds. FSCR can be easily traced back to CoS. Pointing out Pastore's contributions, well, that would just make you a woman-hater.

    Also, her groups of women investors can be used for donation bundling as well.

    Also, she may just be running the business advisor game like all the other Hubbard hacks.

    Key here is that despite all her links and websites - only Anonymous and the Florida Department of Corporations has her on the Scientology team. [The first dox from 2008 are particularly embarrassing]
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  38. DeathHamster Member

    Odd, she's in my copy of the Horton database (Celine J. Pastore) that Truth about Scientology is based on, but no page comes up for her, just the Prosperity 60 one.
  39. I know, I saw the same thing - no course completions. They may be under a maiden name. I can't imagine she's blown....not with that kind of upstat she's playin'

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