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Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by free space, Aug 16, 2009.

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    Update: Ethercat found an EIN for the National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, so I went back and did a manual check of the IRS 'Revoked' listing using the EIN he found, and this popped up:

    EIN Legal Name (DBA) Address Type Revoked Posted
    95-4242752 NATIONAL COMMISSION ON LAW AGUORA HILLS CA 91301 501(c)(3) 15-May-2010 09-Jun-2011

    Turns out the on-line search name field is shorter than in the downloadable Exempt Organization Area database files, so missed it using the full name.

    So I went back and searched the 'Revoked' list just using "Scientology" and got these:

    22-2704727 SCIENTOLOGY DEFENSE FUND TRUST WATERTOWN MA 02472 501(c)(3) 15-May-2010 09-Jun-2011
    91-1199161 SCIENTOLOGY ENDOWMENT TRUST SEATTLE WA 98104 501(c)(3) 15-May-2010 09-Jun-2011

    The reason given for revocation is:
    So three from the Closing Agreement down, a bunch to go. Interesting they all stopped filing around the same time, 2007/2008. Wonder why?

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    Looks like a couple of narCONon's went down around the same time:

    EIN Legal Name (DBA) Address Type Revoked Posted


    43-1936845 NARCONON ST LOUIS INC CHESTERFIELD MO 63017 501(c)(3) 15-Dec-2010 10-Aug-2011

    Seems like 2008 wasn't a good year for the fronts.

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    As I recall, doesn't the agreement let CoS include new organizations at will? (It did list a number of organizations, but didn't it have a shit that looks just like them clause tucked in there?)

    Do they have any real overhead for folding one tent and possibly popping another open? (They are rather famous for doing meaningless name changes for legal reasons and trying to avoid paying thin dimes.)

    I'm wondering if those were real shutdowns, or just changing the name tags.
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    The EIN doesn't change with a name change, some of their fronts have had 8 - 10 name changes but the EIN stayed the same. That's why the EIN can be so important to tracking these buggers down. The EIN/GEN combination is what the IRS goes by, not the name.

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    The list of front groups shown below now appears in the court record and gives as the source. From the Bunker article today:

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    Silhouet UK
    Silhouet Profile Analysis
    Choice Analysis
  9. He there, I am new to this forum, so I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. I'm researching a group Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, a group that has given BP Oil Spill activists a ton of grief, and I have been getting word of mouth information that they are a CoS front group. They certainly quote scientologists on their website while trying to sell detox products. I will be reading a lot in these forums and educating myself, figured I'd ask if anyone can point me in the right direction. I should add that just about everyone I have met who has had experience w/ GCBD is terrified of them. Here is some recent info about selling FIR therapy that quotes scientology.
  10. andonanon Member

    From what I can tell, and as I am sure you know, Deborah Dupre and Delia Labarre seem to be central figures. Some of their behavior against their enemies seems very close to the scientology practice of "dead agenting". I couldnt find anything directly connecting them to CoS.

    I have not heard of the group Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors but after researching them, they definitely have C0S links and a CoS feel to them. Whether they are a front group per se I dont know. A lot of their holistic medical views have a lot of parallels in Scientology, particularly the concept of detoxification and the use of saunas. This is very similar to programs used by Scientology front drug treatment center Narconon. (Other characteristic Scientology medical beliefs involve use of vitamins, the belief that vaccines cause autism, anti-psychiatry etc)

    A particular source sited by GCBD on the subject of detoxification using sauna is Sherry A. Rogers MD, who I believe is a Scientologist

    Besides Rogers, other physicians that seem to be associates, either formally or informally, with them are Dr. Gabriel Segura, Dr. Rodney Soto, Dr. Mark Sirkus(who is not a MD). Sirkus seems connected to Dr. David Minkoff who is famous on this forum for his involved in the death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson. Sirkus is also pushing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as a cure for cancer, an idea that seems to have originated with Italian former oncologist Tullio Simoncini , whose license was revoked and who was convicted of manslaughter in the deaths of three patients. Sirkus and others are still advocating his "cure".

    I believe that sometimes Scientology works behind the scenes with groups with a similar agenda, such as their recent links with Farrakhans Nation of Islam. Here is an interesting article speculating on Scientology links with Moonies in their anti-vaccine efforts.

    So to sum up I would say CoS roots in alternative medium scene run wide and deep and I think there is a lot of evidence of overlapping individuals and ideas with Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors even if GCBD is not an actual front group.
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    Hubbard Management consulting. (= take Scientology courses and fire the SPs.)

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  15. It might be important to distinguish between actual front groups (many of which are theoretically nonprofit) and businesses owned and operated by Scientologists that license management or other materials from Scientology front groups.

    Xenu-directory has done a fantastic job of sorting this out.

    It's my opinion that front groups have different goals - some are designed to infiltrate and use local, regional or national politics; others are designed to recruit; others to 'legitimize' Scientology. I think some are just designed to hide money.

    Following the money always helps.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    The Hubbard Management groups that sell Scientology courses are a grey area. On the one hand, they're private companies that get huge kick-backs for selling Scientology to unsuspecting small businesses. On the other, there has been at least one case where CoS has walked in and taken the company away from the owner. (Maybe they should have read the WISE fine print more carefully?)
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  18. Maybe I jumped the gun, It was under the video
  19. Anonymous Member

    I examined the site and ran names through scientology completions and got nothing.

    I don't believe it to be a "maybe." I think you got it wrong.
  20. Yes and Scientology suckered the kid in to give a Speech at their Front Group Convention. Youth for Human Rights
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    Lots of businesses and groups get suckered into cult activities and projects.

    This one got Whole Foods, Starbucks and others to support the event:
    phillip morris cig ad.jpg
    This doesn't make Whole Foods or Starbucks scientologists, but it does expose their stupidity.

    Some WWP Members pooned both companies about what they got sucked into, but received little more than form letter responses.

    I believe that vetted research must take place before throwing the scientology label at organizations and companies.
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    Haven't looked at this thread in a while, and I believe the "Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors" mentioned above are pulling another $cientology trick and tacking themselves onto the coat tails of a legitamit organization.

    Found this on the Barefoot Doctors Academy web page, and they don't appear to be involved with anything those GCBD slimeballs are advocating. In fact the name comes from the people trained to provide medical help in mostrly 3rd world countries where people do go barefoot a lot:

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    It hadn't sunk in that they'd actually bothered to incorporate the IGN until I was looking though a whole pile of IRS pdfs. I can't think of any reason that the IGN interacts with the woggy world outside of Scientology and would need an incorporation, but hey, if it wasn't weird, it wouldn't be Scientology.

    Category:Inspector General Network

    The nice part about the pdfs is that they are all public documents, so no Avagram when I upload them to my wiki.

    (They even play cute and use the 1710 Ivar side-entrance to 6331 Hollywood Blvd. Big deal. I geo-tagged the location.)
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    Holy Frack!

    Don't get too excited. CoS had several WISE companies, one of which was supposed to be closed per the IRS agreement, others rotted. Tracing those bastards with Mike Gormez years ago was a major headache and pain in the ass. There are better tools now.
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  25. I need your help; can you help me alert the public to how close it is to a nuclear disaster?
    This report was released on the 05-05-15. The mainstream media is too afraid to cover it because it contains To.p information.
    message me if you want a copy of the document.

    Thank you
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    Please don't post the same thing in different conversations. It's considered spamming here.
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    ABLE is a custodial group in the unit complex that I live in.
    They are good workers, but do not know who they are working for.
    I am sure there are subliminal orientation videos for them.
  28. DeathHamster Member

    Do they scrub floors with toothbrushes? If no, then probably not them.
  29. Source: Steve Koff, Chiropractors Seeking Advice Find Scientology-Influenced Seminars, St. Petersburg Times, 11.29.1987.
    To which we can add, of course Sterling Management as stated above:

    David Singer Consultants. Florida

    Karyn Kuever former supervisor at CoS Seattle org, witness and whistleblower.
    David Riggin Singer's Marketing Director David Singer described as "Hollywood Handsome" and aged 39 at time of article. Acts as "key opinion leader" and key showman. Lives in LA, staff in Clearwater.

    Victims: Burned David Scheer of Seattle and James Bentz of Bellevue Washington. Bentz witnessed physical confinement at one management seminar.

    Apologists: David Scheer (? Go figure); Martin Marcus of St. Petersburg; Barry Shapiro Hillsborough County Chiropractic Society.

    David Riggin, speaking to a newspaper, claims no connection Scientology although most of their employees are Scientologists.

    Uptrends, Concord NH. Caters to dentists. Richard Haworth .... limited information.

    Hubbard tech licensed consultants list would be a useful post as well as testimony about kickbacks for course regs.
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  30. Names associated with opening of Los Angeles Hubbard School of Administration, YouTube video at

    320 N. Vermont Ave.
    Los Angeles CA 90004

    Peggy Hilgers (OT VII 2008)
    Hubbard College of Administration International

    Craig Jensen (OT VII 2012)
    Chairman & CEO
    Executive Software, Inc. (AKA Conduciv Technologies)

    Xavier Becerra - Democrat
    US Congressional Representative, California 34th District
    Since 1993. In 2015 Becerra was Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.
    [Becerra's assistant Norma Dominguez spoke at the event and provided a Congressional Proclamation praising the school and its administration technology for "bringing stability and peace to the world"]

    Richard Polanco - Democrat
    California Senate Majority Leader
    A stock speech praising the college for its "unprecedented record of success". Quotes LRH extensively.

    Priscilla Presley

    Robert Johnson (Attorney).
    Executive Director
    California Association of Private Post-Secondary Schools

    Nannette Macbeth (with Scott Macbeth, wealth management advisors for Merrill Lynch, Brea, Calif.)
    1st Vice President Investments
    Merrill Lynch
    "The practicality of the training is particularly beneficial...etc."

    Alie Chang
    Architectural Designer
    China Architecture Culture Center

    Jimmy Sedghi
    Political Consultant
    [Formerly employed by Shah of Iran]

    Jackie Ireland
    Vice President - Academic Affairs
    LA City College
    [Her statement seems truncated, as if she is speaking about her own philosophy of education in her own institution and doesn't seem to specifically endorse Hubbard school. Probably there for the snacks]

    Doug Gulbrandsen
    Success Management
    Palm Springs Calif
    [WISE dentist router.]
    On record declaring that after a conversation with a Harvard MBA graduate, he "realized" that the "data" he received from LRH technology "far exceeded" what Harvard was teaching.

    Jordan A. Levy
    California State University (NOS)

    Bill Orozco
    Political Consultant
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  31. BigBeard Member

    Aside from never repaid loans from front corps to corp officers, some interesting things are starting to fall ouf of the front 990's. Without getting into specifics, I'm seeing things like:

    Front "A" gives 'grants' to fronts "B", "C", and "D".
    "B" then gives smaller 'grants' to "C", "D", and "E".
    "C" gives 'grants' to "D" and "E",
    "D" gives a 'grant' to "E"
    Then "E" gives a BIG 'grant' back to Front "A", who started the whole thing.

    And that's one of the simpler ones.

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  32. BigBeard Member

    Forgot to add, I think (don't know for sure) the IAS getting it's status changed to "Religious", so it no longer has to file 990's, has a lot to do with hiding it's part in this "grant" shuffling.

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  33. This is very interesting. A defector by the name of
    Excellent observation!

    Here's an great topic to discuss with James J. Jackson, CFO defector speaking with the Tampa Bay Times.

    Are they merely laundering money? Or do they reflect untaxed commissions to for-profit business associates who receive income for body routing?

  34. Quite right. One doesn't even know if the local managers authorized the logo use - which may only reflect who was catering. I could have an event, buy some McDonald's hamburgers to give away, and put their logo on my flyer. Whoopee!

    However, what can be suspected is a type of business networking that is intended to add credibility to a fraudulent pitch hidden in the weeds. Only by attending anonymously can one unveil the culprit(s) (Narconon, ABLE, CCHR, etc.)
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  35. Grants can be booked as revenue. Therefore, one method of inflating revenue (upstat!) would be to do the grant round robin, such that all revenue would should upward streaking explosive boing - just like LRH said it would! Forget about margins!

    Inc. magazine has listed two alleged WISE front companies: Sterling Management and Singer Associates as among America's largest growing small businesses. Such shenanigans may be how they did it. LATimes Wednesday, 27 June 1990, page A1:1

    CoS also was caught inflating sales of Dianetics in the 80s by sending public members to the bookstores to buy up copies, thus inflating the stats into NYT bestseller range. A similar round-robin upstat mission.
  36. DeathHamster Member

    Fred King, Silkin Management Group (really Hollander Consultants) selling the trap:

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