Biella Coleman talk on Anonymous at Carleton University, Ottawa

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    7th Annual Paul Attallah Lecture Series & CGC Keynote – Gabriella Coleman on ‘Profiling Anonymous’ at Carleton University

    53 Elgin Street, Ottawa
    National Arts Centre,
    Fountain Room

    When: March 01, 2012, 7-8:30 p.m.

    Intended Audience: Anyone

    Dr. Gabriella Coleman

    Wolfe Chair in Scientific & Technological Literacy
    Department of Art History & Communication Studies
    McGill University

    Profiling Anonymous

    Agents of activism and naughty mischief, Anonymous has been a constant fixture in the news due to their blizzard of interventions from taking down half a dozen websites in a single day to protest web censorship to assisting the historic revolutions in the Middle East and Africa.

    Drawing on three years of ethnographic research, this talk will examine Anonymous’s profile in the media and the speaker’s role in mediating between an anonymous collective and a media enterprise unable, so far, to fully unveil the mystery behind the mask.

    Admission is free • Seating is limited • Reception to follow

    Presented by Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication in collaboration with the Communication Graduate Caucus

    Contact Information:
    Name: Derek Noon
    Phone: 613-882-0121 |
    Website: Click Here
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    I hope this is done right. There's mention of our 4 years of efforts to expose the crimes and abuse in scientology and to aid its victims. For many (most?), that was, and its, the primary focus.

    Since the lecture seems to be Islamic-profiled, this should be one of the main points (Scientology claiming it "doesn't contradict any religion" at first, but then teaching you years later that God, Jesus, Mohammad, and religion in whole, are all results of the false "r6 implant" that's meant to confuse our BTs... Yet I see no mention of scientology in the lecture outline.

    Also, Chanology operates using legal methods, and not by "taking down dozend of websites"...

    Oh well.
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