BFG Book II - "The Greatest Good"

Discussion in 'Marc Headley v. Church of Scientology Internationa' started by blownforgood, Sep 12, 2012.


What format would you most likely get a book in?

Hardback 23 vote(s) 26.7%
Paperback 26 vote(s) 30.2%
Kindle / E-format 30 vote(s) 34.9%
torrent - pirate copy 7 vote(s) 8.1%
  1. blownforgood Member

    I want to say thank you for all the support on the legal front. We are almost done raising the funds!

    Now, I am writing my new book. It is going to be pretty good. The outline is done and I have a few chapters on the page. I wanted to give some people a chance to jump back to the other side of the fence before the book comes out. It probably won’t change anything I write (other than how it ends), but you could at least start making up for your inexcusable behavior now and not wait until the whole world finds out what a complete jerk you are.

    If your name is on this list, you are most likely going to be in the book. You can guess whether it will be “good or bad” based on what part you played in my story.

    Erick Geisler
    Danny Montalvo
    Warren McShane
    Terrence Une
    Mike Ellis
    Elliot Abelson
    Matt Butler
    Danny Dunagin
    Kirsten Caetano
    Tommy Davis
    Jessica Feshbach Paolo Rodriguez Davis
    Marion Pouw
    Mike Sutter
    Adam Parselle
    Wolfi Frank
    Yael Sherlock
    Ken “unindicted co-conspirator” Moxon
    Eugene Ingram

    If you are on this list and remember having something to do with anything related to me, I guarantee you, I remember twice as much as you do and have documented everything. I will also back up a lot of the story with your depositions where you lied under oath and were later contradicted by other people on the list who either lied as well or had to tell the truth and then threw you under the bus. I plan to also use plenty of documentation that shows you were/are an OSA plant and how you did the full on limbo until you were scraping the ground.

    Book comes out April 30th 2013.

    Until next time…
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I like nice compact (fairly cheap) paperbacks, if they're really good then they're easy to pass along/leave onna bus, disseminating etc.
    looking forward to reading it!
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  3. CarterUSP Member

    I'll happily snap it up in whatever form it's available.
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  4. i'mglib Member

    Looking forward to it, BFG. Sounds like it would make and interesting movie, too.
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  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Sounds good.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Salivating . . .
  7. RightOn Member

    YAY Marc!
    GO GO GO!
  8. Mutante Member

    Sexy. Can it have lots of pictures please?
  9. Puppetmama Member

    Awesome post. Can't wait!
  10. Anonymous Member

    I like digital format because if the author allows sharing, I can send it to all my relatives that span the globe without shipping costs. YEAY DIGITAL!
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  11. grebe Member

    Can we Google the people on that list and make fun of the stuff we find? Or is that not cool.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I was thinking of learning more about each one and posting (as some of the names idk.)
    No idea if cool or not. Maybe separate thread so that our antics are "our antics?"
  13. Anonymous Member

    DQFET (double quoted for epic truth)
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Quick question- Is Danny Montalvo back in?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Was he ever really out?
  16. grebe Member

    When I googled Erick Geisler I found this chubby lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that). Same person?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. My memory of what went down needed clarification.
  18. blownforgood Member

    Same person.
    I might even haven taken that picture.
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  19. Good to have you back on the board BFG.
    As to the book.
    I think you should go fictional,and have a plot.
    Imagine that you wake up to find that your experiences in the cult was just a dream.
    And really you wake to find that,It's the year 2077.
    And you have 24 hours to stop a nuclear war.
    :) .
    This message by :) . has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  20. RightOn Member

    I voted for paperback, but I really wanted both paperback and E-format
  21. Anonymous Member

    Don't fag this up with your stupid whimsy. This is srs bzns.
  22. Ok.
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  23. anon walker Moderator

    Danny Dunagin...HEH.

    Don't forget to tell people how a 57 year old woman delivered a punch to his head that rocked him back. It was...satisfyin!
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  24. Sam Urai Member

    Eformat, of course. Appeal to the computer geek demo.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Honestly, if there's a copy in torrent format, I will just get it when I see it. The next best is Kindle. I borrow my kid's books from the library via Kindle for free, saving gas. I do buy Kindle books, and I have no intention to hack it yet.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Can't vote on the format because although I prefer e-books, if it is one I want to keep or lend I would want it in paperback.
    My ideal format would be to buy a paperback that comes with digital rights.
  27. timthephoto Member

    maybe get Marty to give your post a broadcast, that'd set some tongues-a-waggin
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  28. anonamus Member

    Can't wait to read the book.
    I think those involved in it feels the same way, albeit maybe with a different agenda.
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  29. WHY must I read her full name to the tune of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" in my head? WHY?

    This is a tasty thread. I am really looking forward to this book. It's been too long since we had a tasty book with good inside intelligence, well one that isn't from an ex that lies in order to promote a pro-LRH agenda.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I LOL'd.
  31. Anonymous Member

    me too! He knows us so well!!!
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  32. timthephoto Member

    afaik nobody torrented Blown For Good
  33. Anonymous Member

    It got uploaded to Scribd by some non-anon non-critic jack ass. But Chanologists that work that sector noticed and got Marc on the case to have it taken down right quick.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Oh I know they didn't but I like that he knows our tendencies so well!!!
    It shows how much he loves us!
  35. skeptic2girl Member

    Was on youtube and found this radio show, which is really good -- it's not in reference to the sequel to Blown for Good, but refers to the original. (Not sure when the interview was recorded -- it could be several years ago, as there is reference to the movie "2012" being on the verge of coming out -- I'm thinking of the movie with John Cusack.)
    Marc Headley's -- his former boss calls in to talk some smack, plus a weird, Scientology-sounding lady from Ireland who asks Marc if he's seen a psychiatrist.

    The ex-boss tries to explain the razor wire and high fences around Golden Era Productions away by talking about all the extremely valuable video equipment on the compound, and Marc counters that he lives near some movie studios in L.A. which ALSO have tons of expensive equipment, and nothing like those draconian *security* measures.

    Well done, Marc! Sorry I just discovered it! (and if it was already posted on this site)

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  36. blownforgood Member

    It was on Demonoid. Had to call in a favor on that one. Sorry.
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  37. Tourniquet Member

    Ah, so you were the one who blew the whistle on my favorite site of all time ;)

    Seriously, thanks for all you've done.
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  38. YouSeeNothing Member

    When is BFG coming out for Xbox? Will DM be playable and will 'slap' be X or Y button?
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  39. Anonymous Member

    I just finished your book... (sorry was too broke to buy it before) It touched me, and reminded me how much I like you and why. You being here, and being able to speak out are two of the things I am most proud of as an anon. Knowing that I helped make it possible in my small way. (even if I was just one of many outside of each org) Thank you for sharing your story with us! We see how you feel about us by how well you know the collective, and love us anyway. You are one of the good ones BFG! Thank you for never asking for a personal army, and for standing up for yourself. People like you deserve the personal army that we can choose to be at times.
    /end moralfag rant
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  40. blownforgood Member

    Talk about fagging up the thread...

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
    Out of everybody and all the various boards you guys do make me laugh the most.
    I find that I need to laugh maybe a bit more than others. Must be all the leftover lulz.
    I have seen enough pain and bullshit to last me the rest of my life no problem.
    I am all about helping people move past that shit and have a good laugh.
    Being here forwards that.

    Thanks again for all your support and I really do think I might still be there digging in the shit if it were not for people like you.

    Until next time...
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