Berlin, February 9th 2013: Chanology Anniversary 5 Years

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    I don't believe that the previous weekend was the most epic Anonymous-weekend only for me. Every one of us helped to achieve two events the $cientologists won't forget. On one hand was the monthly demonstration, that took place at February 9th 2013 and was very well visited with over 60 anons and on the other hand there was the flashraid at the following day with 30 anons which is one of the best visited – if not the best visited – flashraid(s) ever. In this report the monthly demonstration is covered.


    This demonstration had more than 60 participants which may not seem a lot to some readers. But you gotta remember that his project goes on for five years now and it's natural that the number of activists thins out.

    Anonymous activists from the whole Federal Republic of Germany traveled to Berlin to co-create the event loudly, colourfully and happily. They brought sweeties, speeches, great costumes, a lot of fun, a good mood and many things with them that I probably don't know of and enriched the event by that. Right here I want to thank all anons that delighted us with their presence. You are welcomed here always and can visit us to protest the Cult of $cientology.


    A very engaged and obviously baking-talented anon baked a torte with colourful glitter-stuff on it, a big “5” and the text “Happy Birthday”. A very dignified pastries for this big event. Thanks to the anon, that knows who he is. Unfortunately, I got nothing of the torte, because it was gone, soon after it was cut. It obviously was very yummy.

    While walking in front of the org, one DIY'er-anon used his awesome costume to act like he was a vermin exterminator. He had newly bought insecticide pistol which was filled with woodruf water. When we walked directly in front of the org, two anons created a pseudo-prohibited area by putting red-white barrier band around the exterminator-anon. That was more epic than epic.


    As most anons he wore a painter's dress and in combination with the insecticide pistol he looked exactly like a vermin exterminator. If you look more precisely you can see the nozzle in front of the anon. I was and am impressed and am sure that I'm not the only one.


    Before I continue praising this anon I will cover other incidients...

    A demonstration needs signs and flags. You can see the flags in the first picture. The signs are following:



    Anons danced as always and at that day it seemed even more motivated and funnier than it always does. The following collage has a certain dynamic, I have to say:


    The speech of thanks to Ursula Caberta was very important to all of us. One anon that writes fantastic speeches wrote the speech of thanks in a short time but it summarized the thanks to Ursula Caberta in a fabulous way. The anon that delivered the speech in the video is not the writer.

    At this point we want to thank Ursula Caberta again for her decades-long work for the liberal-democratic constitution and Scientologists, Ex-Scientologists, their relatives and friends and who knows how many other people. You rock, Uschi!


    Besides the speech of thanks another speech was delivered about the five-years-anniversary of Anonymous and the death of Lisa McPherson. She would have turned 51 one day later, at February 10th2013, if she hadn't been killed by $cientology in 1995. At the end of the event a speech from a non-attending anon was delivered vicariously.

    We Berliner had prepared a game. A quiz with thirteen (in the end fifteen) question in the style of the “1, 2 or 3”-tv-show. I have no idea if this show was only produced in Germany or all around the world. Basically, a question with three alternative answers was asked and the anons had to decide in which chalk-painted square they would jump. Every anon that stood in the correct square received a little painted troll face. In the end, after 13 questions, two anons had remarkable 11 points. So a tie-breaker question had to be thought of. But the first tie-breaker question was answered equally by both – ehm, well. The second tie-breaker question was:

    Which position did Wilfried Handl have while being an active $cientologist?
    1 He was the chief of OSA in Switzerland.
    2 He was the director of the Austria-org.
    3 He was the press spokesman for the Berlin-Org.

    Do you know it? The answer is at the very bottom. In the end an anon won who was happy about five Scientology-DVDs and a RPF-food-ration – beans and rice.

    Another funny, amusing incident was the piñata. The vermin exterminator had built one in the shape of a nasty bug with David Miscavige's face on it. It was transported – even some days later that still makes me laugh – in a box where one usually transports cats or other pets. As if it was a dangerous animal which could not be let free. Brilliant, funny, just fantastic.


    One can see our girls and boys maltrating Miscavige in the video. After many tries he was destroyed by a rather short anon of whom not many would have expected it. Tcha, it motivates an anon when he's able to hit the noggin of the leader of a psychocult.


    A wonderful and cold demonstration took its course. With the following collages and the preceding report the previous weekend shall be recalled.




    After the demonstration we headed to our super-secret secretive room under the Bundestag and celebrated ourselves to unconsciousness. A glorious day with a nice evening following the event. Thanks to everybody who traveled to Berlin and made this event better than without them. We hope that we could provide you with a program that made your trip worthwhile and maybe even makes you consider to come again sometime.

    The last photograph is the group picture which had to be so wide-angled because of the lots of anons that street lamps were in the way.


    There are two videos covering this event:

    Wilfried Handl was the director of the Austria-org. Answer 2 is correct.
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    Epic Raids! Epic Thread! <3
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    Epic anons! Epic raid! Epic raid report! Epic headcrabz! Epic speeches! Epic pinata! Epic (in)sect exterminatorz! Epic caek! Epic Uschi! Epic Chanology! Epic Berlin! Epic Anonymous!

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    Holy crap Berlin anons doin it right!
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    Must load insekticide tank with psych drugs!

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    yay excellent epic nice bodacious stupendous marvelous top notch outrageous great fap tastic and more
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    just wow
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    Oh, I could puke... An international video news agency was visiting us at the demonstration and made a totally pointless 37-second-video.

    The video description:
    Really, Ruptly? Brought together by hacktivists? Why did I explain to you what we do and why did I give you an interview about us? I'm disappointed.

    Edit: Well, ok, it's not totally pointless but still disappointing.
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