Berlin, 12th of May 2012: Final Destination RPF

Discussion in 'Europe' started by MagnumBerlin, May 13, 2012.

  1. MagnumBerlin Member

    So, that was another enturbulating weekend for sure! Let me try to unravel this chaos of awesomeness in my head to give you a decent insight in our demonstration at 12th of May 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

    Monthly demonstration – May 12th 2012


    All in all we were 16 anons, which is not spectacular but also not bad. I personally was expecting more anons though because the weather was good. Anyway... One Berlin-anon made two extremely fantastic signs which look like german road signs and say: „Gefährliche Sekte“ which means: „Dangerous cult“. Those signs aroused a lot of attention – so much that a public bus driver drove along us with one hand on the steering wheel and photographing us with his iPad with the other hand. While driving! That means that our sight is precious enough to let the bus driver take the risk and photograph us with one hand while driving with the other. We lol'd.


    When one anon went over to a café to visit the toilet the café owner gave the anon 30% discount on the coffee and told the anon about a visit from scientologists. It seems that they buy coffee over there sometimes. Poor café-owner.

    At tuesday, may 15th 2012, a german documentary about the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) is gonna air. We had a sign which proclaimed that and a taxi driver even stopped his car and asked us when exactly the documentary is gonna air. Isn't it obvious? The public reaction is purely positive. Awesome!


    Two speeches were hold. One was recycled from two years before. Becker had wrote that speech and it was about the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). Becker, in case you read this: Thank you and the applause at the end was specifically for you. The second speech was written by me and it was also about the RPF, Debbie Cook, Jan Eastgate and the conviction of Scientology in france. The speeches were filmed by at least two cameras so they should be available soon, hopefully.


    Dancing and caek was performed/eaten as usual. Those two things are mandatory for a good Anonymous demo.

    One active anon had printed out pages with greetings to persons, other anon cells, critics, ex-scientologists and so on. There is one picture in the following but you can see all greetings in the video (maybe you are greeted by us!).


    Last but not least: A passerby bought a leftover Guy-Fawkes-mask from an anon. Maybe we're gonna be accompanied by the passerby in the future. ;-)


    Thanks for reading! Comments are appreciated.

    Moar pix:

    German thread / deutschsprachiger Thread:

    We flashraided the Cult of $cientology the next day:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Awesomely awesome job Berlin fags! Pictures are amazing! Bus driver story made me LOL...
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Fabulous Raid, Anon Berlin! Thanks for posting the report, video & photos.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    ich gratuliere gruss aus paris
  5. Anonymous Member

    I really hope you're all coming to Dublin!
  6. jensting Member

    Awesome! Love the signs
  7. Anonymous Member

    I want this...WALLPAPER SIZE.
    You have it? You have it?

    I need it, I want it.
  8. MagnumBerlin Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Bump, thanks.
  10. tippytoe Member

    Dear Berlin Anons.
    Any chance any of you have recorded the documentary "Agenten für Scientology" that was to air on 15-May-2012 in Germany? If so, how about a YouTube upload for the non-German Anons? Please and thank you. :)
  11. Anonymous Member

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