Berlin, 01/24/2011: 25 Years Miscavige are 25 years too long-Flashraid

Discussion in 'Deutschland' started by becker, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. becker Member


    We are disappointed! Yes, we are.
    Exactly 25 years ago, on January 24th, 1986, Lafayette Ron Hubbard died – paranoid, in his hideout, and crazy. Or, as some Scientologists put it: he left his body and will be back soon with new Cigarettes, I mean: new OTs. Anyhow: it was exactly 25 years ago.
    When Hubbard died, Scientology was already a crazy and dangerous cult. But then a very little person called David Miscavige took over power in the cult – in a kind of palace coup – and turned this cult in … the same crazy and dangerous cult. Again: anyhow, it was 25 years from now, today. You would expect Scientologists to remember that day. Maybe as the day when Hubbrad left this planet, maybe as the day, the new boss took over. Either way: a good day to muster all the Scientologists in the Org and press for some more money. (They did that for some years.)
    So, as we are respectful Anons who know that without Hubbard and Miscavige there wouldn't be a Scientology Org in Berlin and we would have to do something else with our free time, we decided to pay a visit to the Org. Just because we can and it was the 25th anniversary of... something. The quarter of a century without Hubbard. 25 years too much Miscavige.


    But what did we found? Nothing. NOTHING: We raided the Org, even with a special speech, for one hour and nothing happened. The Scifags inside called around, but there was nothing going on in the Org. No festivities, not much people running around (even if most of the few Scifags in the Org had to run all the fucking time. RPFed already?), no one in the Hubbard-Memorial-Room in the entry area. Much worse: even the lights in Hubbards Office were turned off. On his death day! What would happen if he would have come back 25 years after his death, just into the Berlin Org? Would he had to turn on the light in his office by himself? Unbelievable.

    [Second floor from above: Hubbards Office, always brightly illuminated. Not today.]


    [See, all the masses, storming into the Org to buy curses and Dianetics... NOT]

    Also: no Scifag even tried to handle us anymore. (We still miss Egy, our old old handler from two years ago. He would have tried it.) Not that it matters because no public tried to go into the Org. Just... empty and insolvent. So: nine Anons had fun in front of the Org and Scientology can't to a shit about it anymore. Not even on Hubbards death-day.



    Some more pictures for you my brothers and sisters:
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  2. veravendetter Member

    When it's dark and snowing, and the bots look out their windows and see you, they must have a real sense of their impending doom in the pit of their stomachs.
  3. I hope they at least put a fresh carton of Kools in the 10+ million house they built for LRH to live in when he returns.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Maybe he was there just to turn the lights off.
  5. sooleater Member

    ihr habt schnee in berlin?=
  6. Trinox Member

    ja ab und zu haben wir auch schnee :)
  7. conatus Member

    Weder Schnee
    Noch Regen
    Noch Hitze
    Noch Dunkelheit
    Verhindert die Berlinfags
    Von der raschen Erlangung
    Ihres geliebten Lulz
  8. Anonymous Member

    good point. so then we will see OT 15 very soon? oioioioioioioi .... I'm so exited

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