Berlin, 01/02/2011: Welcome 2011 Raid at the Org

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  1. becker Member

    Berlin, 01/02/2011: Welcome 2011 Raid at the Org

    [Technology m*********ckers. (Android ftw btw.)]

    [Hey Scientology. We found this book on the Street. Can we has some questions about it, plez?]

    Hey everyone, welcome in 2011.
    This will be a very short post-game, because I really have to go to bed right now. But you may have wondered what was happened in Berlin in the last week. In respect of Scientology it was very quiet. Contrary to our usual behavior we did not raid Scientology on last Sunday – it was the second day of Christmas, so this was our present for the cult.

    [Let the games begin.]

    No Stresstest-Booth anymore?
    But then, all the next days, we were looking for a Scientology Stresstest-Booth to raid. Last year, the same time, we raided them eight times in eight days, so we hoped for some fun this year too. But: no Scifag was on the street. Really. And this is important stuff: for years, decades now, Scientology put up a Stresstest-Booth all day every day, from Monday to Sunday, no matter the weather, no matter the season. Sometimes they broke the Booth down very fast, sometimes they had two, but at least their try it every day. That was always our home advantage in Berlin: if we want to raid something, we were 80% sure to find something to raid. But now the Scifags were hiding in the Org. (And yes: we had some of the coldest days for years in Berlin in the last week, with snow-storm and everything. But not on every day. And even then the city was full of tourists with too much money. I mean: it was fucking New Years Eve in Berlin. So: Why the hell did they didn't put up their Booth? No more hope for selling some books?) Will this go on and on? Or will they return to their usual schedule? We'll see.

    [Yeah... whatever.]

    [Empty empty empty.]

    [On Scifag remains.]

    Last thing standing: the Org.
    But: if the cult doesn't come out of the Org, Anon will come by. After they even missed the first Sunday in 2011 (Jan. 02), we just visit them and flashraided the Org with six Anons. It was astonishing funny, not only could we chat about our parties from the last days, but also the Scifags reacted as stupid as you could expect. First: No one even tried to handle or confront us, although we stood in front of the main entrance. The times with the confronts are gone, obviously. But because we stood in front of the Org nearly no Scifag had the guts to use that entrance/exit anymore. Most of them (and they weren't that many Scifags in the Org anyway) came downstairs, looked at us and turned away to the back exit (which you could see from the main-entrance) or into the restrooms. Only the Scifag at the reception stayed and watched us. And two or three Scifags managed to use the front-door. Everybody else in the Org just chickened out. They even tried to use the hide-tech on some windows.
    So. This was the first raid. We stayed their for about 45 minutes (still a little cold in Berlin). And if Scientology continue to not built up a Stresstest-Booth we'll be back at the Org. No matter what: we keep on raiding in 2011.

    [Standing in front of the Scientology Org with a sign that says basically "Beware Scientology"... hardcore.]

    [lol wut?]

    Pix: Album - Jan. 02, 2011: Welcome Flashraid - sevenload
  2. Rockyj Member

    Re: Berlin, 01/02/2011: Welcome 2011 Raid at the Org

    COLD? Your talking FREEZING! Anon's protesting in 20 degrees below 0 is amazing!

    I salute BERLIN Anon's & will change your toilet paper rolls if I ever visit Germany!

    Germany in coldest December in 40 years | Arctic Snap
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Berlin, 01/02/2011: Welcome 2011 Raid at the Org


    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTR7uX15kmQ3E6I2KfmzAotO0asvhVZo
  4. Bipolart Member

    I missed this one! Wish I was in Berlin right now...

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