Berkeley, CA

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Freeologist, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Freeologist Member

    Berkeley, CA

    Since the Church was closed this sunday and we routed all of the Anons to SF maybe we should pick a day before March 15th to have a protest at the Berkeley center?
  2. anon13 Member

    Re: Berkeley, CA

    When is it open? I'm busy M-F, but I may be interested if it has Saturday hours. I'll be in SF for the 15th though.
  3. Freeologist Member

    ITs not open on the Weekends

    Its TINY so we dont need a ton of people, but if we had those numbers. It would be insane, and they wouldnt expect it
  4. Apparently, they got kicked out of Berkeley before (according to someone here on the boards). It would be epic win if they get kicked out again due to anonymous. LOL
  5. Freeologist Member

  6. I'm willing to do it; however, with such a small location, it'd probably be better just to hand out fliers than to picket it. Think about it- five people standing in front of the place wont do much, but five people spread out across Shattuck handing out fliers to bart goers and random people will get the word out better. If we had some thirty or so people that would be noticed from a distance, I'd say go for the picket, but with only a handful of people, its better if we spread out.
  7. Untitled Member

    My friends and I are down by San Jose, however, if you guys come up with a date and time, I'll check to see if we can come up, which would add another 5 or so to your ranks.

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