Ben Travolta autism rumors.

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by LastOneStanding, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. its more like bullshit amirite??
  2. Anonymous Member

    Scilons take GE very seriously.
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Read Hubbard's History of Man for true High Weirdness, including the GE. "This is a cold-blooded and factual account of your last sixty trillion years."
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  4. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I don't know if you got the memo or email but: The whole world is going to Hell and I am driving the fucking bus.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Is fucking bus a noun or a verb?
  6. anonamus Member

    Because he's singing "we stand tall" ?
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  7. but...
    the universe hasn't hit the trillion year mark yet
    age of the universe
  8. Anonymous Member

    All of youse damn wogs are going to hell for heresy.
  9. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Show your tits in this ride and it will be a verb. Otherwise it is an adjective describing the bus. (IE: "That fucking LRH conned me with his shit religion!")
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  10. it was the national enquirer
    it said something along the lines of another catastrophe to rock the already very much strained marriage, mentions jett and the gay affair rumors.
    you know, standard tabloid tech.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    It Jett on his second cycle.
  13. AnonLover Member

    Not disagreeing with that. But prior to Jett's death, i would of NEVER believed a situation would happen where one of the parents would openly admit their kid was Autistic. When that happened in the court case w/ paramedic - the parents came outside of the cult bubble temporarily. Thus i have enough hope to include the kid in my prayers from here on out, death of a child is enough to shatter anybody's faith. In this case, maybe it will take being faced with an inevitable 2nd death of child everytime they look at the baby.
  14. xenubarb Member

    A nickname of Derp wouldn't be out of line...
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  15. xenubarb Member

    Except they're looking for signs of Kawasaki Syndrome, because autism doesn't really exist.
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  16. xenubarb Member

    How do you feel about Xian parents who eschew medical science in favor of prayer? Do these people even deserve to have children after losing some to their own stupid beliefs?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Don't worry, they will be reincarnated as autistic babies.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    I heard this was the bus to the mall in hell. Where's my seat?
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Disco Necked Member

  22. Seriously... Where the hell as all this Ainsley Harriot stuff come from, all of a sudden?
  23. Herro Member

    Damn, when even you're calling bullshit, it's pretty bad.
  24. RightOn Member

    ahhhh there you are, right on time
  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  26. AnonLover Member

    oh look...

    Now since scilons dont do psych drugs... i think this leaves some room to speculate for the lulz that *IF* the new Travolta prodigy is autistic, then either Kelly Preston's womb is an SP factory; Who knew - Jett was SO! He came bak!! Or Kelly Preston was popping Paxil when nobody was looking.

    any or all of the above amuse me.
  27. xenubarb Member

    I have a problem with the word, "womb."

    I always think they forgot to spell out 'wombat.'
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  28. Anonymous Member

    "Yo, where's your womb at?" "Out playing with the koala."
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  29. Anonymous Member

    oh noooo! Baby Ben looks like Hubbard


  30. do you think there is a correlation between autism and that horrendous amount of unnecessary vitamins especially niacin and minerals these people force down their throats during purif rundowns?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Naah, it's just good, old-fashioned Scientology.
  32. AnonLover Member

    i uhh have no relevant background in that sort of thing so i dont feel qualified to comment nor informed enough to even speculate.

    but it is an interesting point to bring up. altho if pressed to guess, i'd think Preston's age was more of a factor... she was way too old to be having a kid, dont they have all sorts of fertility & maternity drugs that go along with having a kid beyond the normal age of ripe ovaries?
  33. maybe that can be a factor to.
    from what i understand about fertility drugs, they stretch the natural ability of the ovaries an uterus so thin especially if older women are taking them that something is bound to go wrong to compensate for the other. again this is just speculation on my part since i dont know nearly as much about fertility drugs as needed to form an educated opinion.
  34. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  35. xenubarb Member

    No idea. From what I *do* know, it certainly would not have helped young Jett any. They ran that poor kid thru that torture as a young child. If I were Kelly Preston's uterus, I would've crawled out her vag to get away and prevent this derp from inflicting her beliefs on another innocent thetan.
  36. LocalSP Member

    All their eyes are dead.
  37. Puppetmama Member

    At her age it was almost certainly a donor egg. Eggs just don't keep that well. Unless she had some frozen earlier.
  38. LocalSP Member

    I'm betting that Preston's womb is quite frigid enough, and un-used.
  39. Rockyj Member


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