Ben Mirian - M - late 20s - 19 July - returned to Iran four weeks ago

Discussion in 'Missing Persons' started by ahs, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. ahs Member

    My friend and classmate was until recently living in Brentwood, TN whilst his wife Kimiya was living back in Iran. His parents have become US citizens but he is not, so they've had issues getting a visa for her.

    This is a picture -- it's a little outdated, but he hasn't changed much in the last two years:


    I've tried contacting him on Facebook, but since they've shut down Facebook in Iran, it's no use. If anyone happens to have seen him and can give me more info, please do!
  2. Lynx Member

    I hope you will find your friend.
    Do you by any chance know in which city in iran he was living?
  3. ahs Member

    His apartment is in Tehran.
  4. zzz Member

    Oh crap, I hope your friend and his family are okay.
  5. woowwww

    I went to school with him! what hapeened to him!!! hes on my facebook as well
  6. ahs Member

    He's a classmate of mine at school -- he moved back to Iran and hasn't been on Facebook. I've talked to a couple of mutual friends and they haven't heard from him, but if you hear something else, please tell me.

    If you're in Nashville, we're having a rally this Friday at 4:30 in Centennial Park. Also, feel free to PM me if you want to talk about this.
  7. Video Gamer Member

    I don't mean to sound rude, but what are you guys trying to accomplish through your rally? I'm just curious.
  8. ahs Member

    Just trying to raise awareness.

    (Also, why asking this in a Nashville-based thread if you're from Wisconsin? Check out the rest of the website to see why we're having a rally.)
  9. I went to college with him and a friend of mine knows his wife, i will call her and ask. and let you know. is the rally iranian based or mixed. just curious, and who is responsible for setting it up. the reason i'm asking is, i would have never thought nashville would do such.
  10. ahs Member

    Some friends and I set it up. I'm a member of Nashville Anonymous, so we've been protesting here for awhile and consider this a worthy cause. No clue if we'll have many people show up for it, but at least a few of us will be there, heh. There's a pretty significant Iranian population in the area, but idk if any of them will show up -- we don't really have the time to get the world out properly, so no clue if they'll hear about it. We're trying to cover all our bases, but nothing really ever goes completely to plan here, heh.
  11. Video Gamer Member

    This is a Nashville based thread? I found it under "Missing Persons."

    I know the basic reasons for why you are setting it up, but what I mean is: What are you trying to accomplish? I guess you answered that, though: Raising awareness.
    Good luck anyhow.
  12. ahs Member

    We're discussing a Nashvillian.

    So are you for or against peaceful demonstration in the name of broadcasting knowledge?
  13. Video Gamer Member

    I'm for, of course. I was only wondering. Whenever I think of a rally, I think of people trying to get something done. Like, people rallying in front of their local news station, to try and get this story into print and on the air...
    I've never heard of one being used SOLELY for expressing knowledge.
  14. Searched on FB

    Hey Guys!

    I read about this homepage on youtube and postet it on my Facebook profile and sent it to all my friends (they are more than 500) that they will send it to all of their friends either and so on.

    Now I am here. I was looking for your friend on Facebook but I didnt found him!! Is it true, that many websites has been shut down in Iran, like youtube, Facebook, international News sites?

    How can we help from Germany?
  15. anonymous612 Member

  16. ahs Member

    I've never actually heard of anyone protesting in front of a news station here -- afaik, none of our stations are centrally located. There's much more of a chance of getting attention if you go somewhere like Centennial Park or the War Memorial.

    This is why it's hard to point fingers passively at people who aren't from your area -- you don't know the protesting culture around here.

    Now can we please get back on topic? If you have grievances, please place them elsewhere and we can discuss them there.
  17. Government

    We are trying to change things in Iran. We want the Theocracy aka democracy and replaced it with true freedom. love Iran love knowledge
  18. ahs Member

    I understand the point of the entire movement, but the important thing here in Nashville is letting people know what's going on. For the most part around here, people have no clue about the depth of what's happening in Iran, so before they can really join the ideology, we must alert them to the problem.

    Now can we return to the topic please?
  19. dani-IRAN Member


    ahs I may not be able to offer much to aide you but I offer you my thoughts and prayers you Ben and his wife are in my prayers. I ask you let me know when something changes.
  20. ahs Member

    Thank you very much!
  21. Don't worry...
    they filtered Facebook, youtube some days ago .
    now some ISPs filtered Yahoo ( messeger , web messenger , mail ,.... ) , google talk , PPTP protocol ! , skype and ...
  22. S15 muratore

    ...and cell phone service is horrid, especially in Tehran. If they were able to get out of the city, you might be able to call them, depending on where they went. Any web address that ends w/ .ir is touch and go, depending on who is running it. Even if they aren't technically savvy people, they still might be able to get online through the numerous proxy/tor relays running now, thanks to @austinheap...who is a hero in my book. Good luck- I know what you're going through. My aunt in Shiraz is also out of touch and we are becoming more and more concerned.
  23. I talked to my friend and she said that his wife had recently talked to with her mom, and everything seems to be fine. but she said that she would try to reach her and let me know. and she also said that his family is also on facebook so you can maybe massege them and ask them if you need to find out sooner, BTW how did the rally go. i would have showed up but i had to work.
  24. He checked in on Facebook a couple of days ago and is doing fine. Hoping to hear more updates soon.
  25. skollie-IRAN Member

    That's wonderful news and I'm happy to hear he is safe.

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