Being OT didn't save Travolta

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Forseti Member

    Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    The OP is completely missing the point.

    Co$ will hang themselves, as they have been slowly doing over the years. We are merely speeding up the process. There is nothing wrong with us protesting $cientology's practices, especially in regards to medications and the fact that they do not believe autism exists.

    But if you bash the shit out of Jett and if you approach the situation with the kind of abrasiveness and lack of class of the OP, then you look like a complete TURD in the public's eye. If you want the public to believe ANYTHING we put out there, you better not piss them off.

    I feel horrible for Jett, but I DO NOT feel sorry for John and Kelly. They are $cilons who put their autistic son in harm's way. THEY and $cientology destroyed his life. We will be able to protest the Travolta's sooner or later, but now is NOT the time.

    Don't be a fucking moron.

    $cientology's destruction will ultimately be caused by public outrage and law taking notice. Lets not stoop to the same level as the $cilons.
  2. anonoblong Member

    Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    nope, OP is right
    OP is not talking about bashing the dead, OP makes a valid point about total fail of OT.

    and if we can piss in the cornflakes they are selling, that is win

    confirmed for brawl
  3. ARC Member

    Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    The moralfags will hate you, the cops will hate you, the public will hate you, the press will hate you, the public scientologists will get LRH's description about "SPs" confimed, OSA will love you.

    Why not say "Tom Cruise can't fly" instead. It has the same positive effect, without all the negative ones.
  4. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    I really hope no one tells Westboro Baptist that John Travolta is a fag who kissed a man on camera, and cross-dressed in a musical... and it would be heartless and cruel if you said that God punished him for being gay by making his son autistic.

    Please, don't do this. John does not need to be told that God hates him.
  5. Consensus Member

    Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    The funerel already happened, but if Wesboro was there and I was near, I would counter-protest Westboro. They fucking suck.

    Scientology sucks more, but we can take down scientology without Westboro protesting an innocent autistic kid's funeral.
  6. Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    Does that make me the internet hate machine? BAWWWW! OH NOES, PEOPLE DON'T LIKE ME!

    Already raided with that sign. It was super effective, faggots. P.S. Public loved it. Sweet fucking god you fags worry too much about image. I'll make sure to use that sign for the raid tomorrow too and dedicate it to you pussies.
  7. Your Mom Member

    Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    Let's all just remember that we're all here for different reasons and we all have differing viewpoints on how to best get the job(s) done.

    We're not a group. We're a bunch of individuals all heading basically in the same direction. So, we all do what we think is best and keep moving forward.

    The vibe in this thread is skating treacherously close to the name-calling point, so pull back to avoid infraction nonsense, okay?
  8. rof Member

    Re: Being OT didn't save Travolta

    Fundraising was a big no-no in the past here.

    You may want to consult legal counsel to find out why.

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