Beghe gets a job

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by TheStig, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. TheStig Member

    Beghe gets a job

    I saw Jason Beghe on "Life" on NBC last night. It's nice to see him getting work. He played a guy who had just gotten out of prison who's girlfriend has been killed.

    The guy's actually pretty good.
  2. RightOn Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Good for him.
    He did just get out of prison. COS prison.
  3. AnonLover Member

  4. subgenius Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    And he gets to keep his money.
  5. RightOn Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Hey does anyone know if Beghe and his wife ever got his money back from COS yet?
    Or has COS told him the check is in the mail?
  6. subgenius Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    I've been wondering if he got his files back.
    But I hope for the best for him.

    "Living well is the best revenge."
  7. RightOn Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Was he only asking for his files back? OR money and files?
    And is he taking them to court like Wollersheim did?
  8. subgenius Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Only know about files.
  9. FUCK Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Glad to see Jason not brainwashed as fuck.
  10. Django Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    He's not doing MI-IV?
  11. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    And judging by past performance, neither is Cruise ;)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Shit I thought you were going to say that he playing a protester covered in pubic hair with a gunshot wound.
  13. NotSoAnon Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    As a celebrity, Jason was kept from the real Scientology prisons and the real Scientology abuses. It is in fact quite rare that a celebrity wakes up from the 'gentle' mind warp imposed by the Scientology religion (sic) on their celebrities. It is even more rare for a celebrity ex-Scientologist to speak out in any way.

    Not to take anything away from Beghe's speaking out, but the fact of Sea Org ex-Scientologists speaking out is far more important for taking down the cult, since the evil that is Scientology is perpetrated from the top down through the Sea Org.

    Celebrities are being used by Scientology in a gentle way in order for the celebs to reach out to others of their kind and the public in general. The Sea Org is nothing more nor less than an equivalent of the SS blackshirts in Hitler's Germany that keep the primary organization, i.e., the Sea Org, in line with Hubbard's edicts so that those edicts can be enforced with non-SO staff and public.
  14. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    In Nazi Germany, it went from SA (Brown Shirts) to SD to SS.

    The Evil Space Alien Cult flounder Elron adopted Uncle Adolph's approach directly.
  15. Smurf Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    After his agent takes 10% out of his gross pay.

    And his business manager takes out his 5%.

    And the IRS takes its 40% & state tax takes its portions.

    California actors, after all the deductions, usually end up netting 18% of their salary.
  16. Re: Beghe gets a job


    Spyderco to the neck, Jason, ouch!
  17. m.a.patton Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    It's funny that the governments take moar. Shouldn't we protest them next after the C0$ target is complete?

    M.A. Patton
  18. whosit Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    nah - lets elect more democrats.
  19. subgenius Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Which makes it even more important to not be ripped off by the cult.
    Which was my point.
  20. RightOn Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    yeah I know all this... I just think anyone in Scientology is in prison. That's what I meant.
    I didn't mean he was in prison literally. I meant mentally.
  21. tazor Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Who is the uninformed public going to pay attention to in the real world? Some guy they never heard of who was in the Sea Org or a celebrity who left scientology and now speaks out about it?

    You get one guess.
  22. Django Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Just wondering: Is the special treatment meted out to celebrities mentioned in written Hubbard tech/writings/whatever?
  23. Re: Beghe gets a job

    Just saw a preview for the next episode of Lie to Me airing 2 weeks from now on Fox. Pretty sure Beghe was in it as a police chief or something.
  24. parvent Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    then they make a fortune in residuals for the rest of their life!
  25. ClingingMars Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    lol, taxes
  26. AquaMan Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Can't recall where, offhand, but yes there is a policy statement noting that celebs get the "kid glove" treatment, as lures for members of the public.

    I suppose I could look it up if I wasn't such a lazy faggot. :p
  27. Truth Seeker Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    It took alot of courage for Jason to leave the church and speak out against them the way he did.

    Jason is ok in my book.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    used to be a fan of beghe's until the hugging pic of beghe and rathbun surfaced and beghe went postal on anonymous: scientology=religion blah blah blah; anonymous has won/done enough/stop it nao/grow the fuck up. then he did a 180 and did his bit for the down under news program on child abuse in the cult.

    which is it, beghe? have we done enough and we should all find rathbun and have our pic taken with him in a show of solidarity or is there more to do?

    i guess it's congrats on the job. although i'm torn on whether to watch or not. i boycott anything with a known $cifag performing and you seem to have softened your stance against the cult---at least here in the states.
  29. Lorelei Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Beghe didn't think Agent Pubit was LULZ. So what? he's not alone in that opinion. He also apparently, if quoted correctly, doesn't "get" the mask thing. Again, so what? People who can wear them, will, until they decide on their own they don't want to anymore. Beghe may eventually figure out it is not only protecting against Fair Gaming, but also a form of branding, and a way to spread the "meme" of the protesting itself, or he may not. Why do we care? *shrug*

    Beghe's defection from the cult is/was a good thing. I personally hope he stays out and lives long and prospers. (Fuckin' A, amirite?!)

    In the end, though, Anons here have a tendency to immediately glom onto fresh refugees from the cult and overwhelm them, and then call for other Anons to support any professional thing they may have done or will do. This includes recommending various books from exes, or promoting Beghe's acting roles.

    A more cautious approach towards people who have JUST left the cult is probably the wiser stance--people drift in and out of the cult sometimes before finally bailing. Recommending non-Chanology-related projects is also fine, but not particularly relevant to cult protests.

    We can welcome ex-Scis, but still be careful about getting our hopes up too high. The cult can put a lot of pressure on members and ex-members. We know this.

    We can recommend ex-Sci and Anon's allies' (like Baca) projects, but it really is kind of off-topic when we do. his new project, or don't. Expecting an ex-Sci to "DO IT RITE" 100% of the time is setting yourself up for disappointment. Expecting ANYONE to "DO IT RITE" 100% of the time is also a direct path to EPIC FAIL. Given that no two Anonymous agree with each other all the time, it is expecting a lot of an ex-cultist to behave in a way that every Anonymous will approve of.

    Just sayin'.

  30. D... Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Haaa, I was watching Life on hulu and I was like, "wait a godamn second. I know that voice... Like he came out of the womb smoking a pack a day"

    Good for him. He plays a convict well.

    Eh, just because they are anti Scientology doesn't mean they have to like Anonymous. We are a bunch of unapologetic bastards, if they don't like us they can move on and do their own thing. Doesn't matter. We're here for a good laugh and taking down a dangerous cult, not a pat on the back. Or even agree with each other.

    But I know nothing of rathbun and picture.
  31. Re: Beghe gets a job

  32. rof Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    hi VF
  33. blownforgood Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    I know Jason Beghe pretty well. I actually met him in the 1990's when we were shooting films at Gold. Of course, the guy that took a bath with Demi Moore in G.I. Jane is going to be the coolest dude around. She actually wanted to reshoot that scene, so they ended up doing it twice!

    He was a hard ass even then. He was very cool though. He was always a real "tough guy" but at the same time was not angry or a mad guy.

    Being a young buck and thinking I could take him on, in between set-ups for a shoot that was going to happen in the afternoon, I challenged him to a wrestling match outside the studio on the grass.

    Jason is at least 15 years older than me, and he does not look like much really. At least I did not think so at the time. He kicked my ass in about 2 seconds flat. That dude was solid steel. After being winded and crushed in some sort of headlock arm wrenching he dealt out, I knew that Jason was a force to be reckoned with. It was an Epic take down. One I would never forget.

    Jason also did another thing that I know of no other person ever doing. He told Dave Miscavige stuff and Dave actually listened to him. Dave would actually talk to Jason and then tell people about Jason's ideas. To this day I think that Dave Miscavige knows for a fact that Jason is smarter than he is and probably even a better person. Now you and I all know that. But for someone to actually make Dave Miscavige think that is pretty powerful. Dave Miscavige is full of himself. Jason Beghe made him think twice about that.

    Besides him kicking my ass, Jason and I remained friends over the years.

    After I had left and heard through the grapevine that he was out as well, I contacted him and we have been close friends ever since.

    Most of you will probably all get to know Jason really well over the next few months. I doubt you will ever understand Jason. I don't even know if I fully understand Jason.

    Jason Beghe has done more for what you guys are trying to do, more than you know. Probably more than you will ever know. I don't think Jason has ever thought anyone was his personal army. He does his thing and does not seek approval or care what people think. He knows what he is doing and will not stop until he accomplishes it.

    Over the next few months as things are revealed and things happen, some of you will put the pieces of this puzzle together and realize that Jason has been there there entire time doing stuff. There are hints here and there. When the next batch of moves happen, you will know and you will immediately know that Jason was there in some way.

    Jason is a master chess player and is so many moves ahead of us right now that it is mind boggling.

    We are taking apart something that has been being built for over 50 years. Instead of chipping away at the outside entrance, Jason went in the back door and went into the basement where there are beams holding the whole place up and has been there with a crew of people diagramming out the exact points that will take the whole building down and getting it all in place. So while OSA was outside chasing off people, Jason was there the whole time being a busy little bee. You will see.

    He might not be posting on the boards or telling everybody what he did, but you will have heard about it. Some day when this is all over, Jason will be linked to the most Epic take downs that you will hear about.

    Anyway, that's my take on Jason. Say what you will about Jason, he is what he is and when you guys see what he has done, you might have different views on him.

    Until next time...
  34. Kilia Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Thanks for the big insight on Jason, BFG.
  35. rof Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Jason sounds like a cool guy.

    Jason should go on Seinfeld.
  36. Truth Seeker Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job


    First I want to say that you too have a lot of courage coming out about your experiences in the church and at Goldbase.

    Has anyone spoken to Jason about the idea of telling his story on "Nightline" like so many other prominent scientologists have? What about the idea of WOLDWIDE exposer of his experiences?
  37. Re: Beghe gets a job

  38. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    Oh furck - I've been insulting a Hollywood Celeb and didn't even realize it!!!!!

    For those that still aren't aware, Jason Beghe was posting on here until recently as "Day.Watch".

    Start to make sense naow?
  39. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    BFG - thank you for this exciting post. You, Sir, are a good friend and a tease!

    (I wouldn't mind Jason Begehe - oh, that voice - taking down my foundations...umm....nevermind!).
  40. tazor Member

    Re: Beghe gets a job

    It wouldn't really matter if Jason ever did another thing to take down the cult. What he's already done has been awesome imo.

    But it's great to hear he's working against them in the background.

    Thanks for posting that info, BFG. Best wishes to both of you.

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