Before his visit here in NYC, can anyone/class action file suit against Ahmadinejad?

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by cbn2, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. cbn2 Member

    A friend wondered, is there anything Americans can do under our justice system to sue Ahmadinejad? Perhaps Iranian Americans who don't believe their votes were counted/included legitimately?

    Any ideas?
  2. rizah Member

    He kind of has diplomatic immunity...I think you would have to first prove, through the US justice system, that he was actively involved in the fraud and therefor legally, isn't the president and then again, this is kind of why the people are in the streets in Iran right? Trying to reach the same goal, through their own "system".

    Diplomatic immunity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Proper response is to show no respect

    talk later when we can not be overheard.
  4. When is the little Amdud coming to NYNY?


    Keep us all in the loop for Project No Respect.
    I looked on the internet and the best I could see is that he is expected there in September.
    Could you pass along the date?
    The larger the numbers of people involved the more effective your action will be.
    I'm even considering proposing that members of the UN also show him no respect.

    The thing to remember about little AssDud is that he has built this imaginary world around him where he gets respect. If you listen to any of his speeches he constantly harps on the theme of Iran not getting respect from .....
    What he is really saying is
    You need to show me respect
    You need to show me respect
    You need to show me respect
    You need to show me respect

    Did you see the clip where he seeks the congratulation of equals (kissing on the cheeks) and instead effectively given only the garment to kiss. Thought I was looking at a scene from the Vatican where the pope ignores the problem priest. If you look into his eyes you can see how visibly shaken he was. And he should be.
    Always remember he is the house dog and can only follow his master. Therefore it is my contention that all world leaders should refuse to deal with him. 'Cause all he's good for is passing on the news. Doesn't have the personal power, doesn't have the physical presence, isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer; all he can do is either trash you or say I'll have to get back to you on that. And the way he trashes people is so very very...........................................
  5. I don't believe using disatisfied us voter as a supporter crowd her in the US for NYC. I think go after the academic, human rights, civil liberty groups and truy and add those organizations to teh cause. Non the less ama poopy facy should get ZERO respect lets su all go promate tne cause but at teh same time send a clear message the sack of meat that represents the regime deserves no respect.
  6. No More Mindless Chants

    You have to assume that the other more serious types have the whole human rights--academic--civil liberties covered. And that is absolutely essential.

    But sometimes Youth International Party (Yippies) tactics are called for. To go to one of their rallies was fun and they made it fun on purpose. They also knew how to press the buttons of those in charge like no other group.

    From NYC you can't join what is happening in Iran. However you can drive "whatshisname" crazy. The whole point is to make him lose his cool where ever he goes. Mobilize a group that's all connected via Twitter. Engage is active disrespect. Doesn't matter if anyone trolls this cause Yippie tactics work regardless. Since it's fun the particular action can be decided on the day. I'd still have at least 15 options. The point is to deny Hermenijabs his audience, but done in such a way that even Columbia University would see it as a piece of fun and so therefore allow it. If he loses his cool make sure it's recorded and plaster the internet with the event.

    Sure you could restrict yourself to the "legit" meathods of protest but this can be so much fun. And like I said it doesn't matter who knows about it. And so it is troll proof. Now you weren't trolling were you.:rolleyes:
  7. most of the people in this video has me facepalming. ('cept for the cute comedian, she's just pretending to be dumb.)

    this time we ought to come out in droves WELL-INFORMED, prepared for the media, and fully able to pronounce the jackass's name.

    [ame=]YouTube - American Media Can You Say Ahmadinejad?[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Maz Jobrani @ SFSU p.10[/ame]

    tell your friends to just switch "need" with "deen."

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