BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by LordCeptimos, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. LordCeptimos Member

    BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    hey folks.. bay area anons... the mini raid is gonna be a free hugs and awareness one at powell st. bart station on wednesday 4/9/08. starting at 1130 am. from there we will move upwards onto the streets.

    please bring trash bags. free hug signs... lots of water.
    trash bags are for any scilon pink flier they are handing out. and water is for us. bring prove it techs or else no luls or winz.
    the raid will let people know about the 12th so bring lots of fliers and friends...

    sorry about the short notice. be we need as many heads as we can get.
    let us know if you can make it.
    see yah there on wednesday!
  2. A Nonymoose Member

    Re: BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    I WANT TO!!! But I'm in class :'(
  3. Re: BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    I just realized something... This is going to be during the olympic torch parade? There's going to be a boatload of people there! OUTREACH! GO GO GO GO GO GO!
  4. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    a) Brilliant idea, Olympic parade outreach. GOGOGOGOGO!

    b) WTF is with the last-minute notice?! Even if Moose and I could go we'd need at least another 1.5 hours to get there, and no guarantee of finding Anons. :idunno:
  5. Ivlesin Member

    Re: BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    How did it go?
  6. rawrz Member

    Re: BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    Current reports say it was a succesful flyer drop and picket of mobile scifag flyering with back up from Tommy. Not sure about other details though.
  7. dollfaceanon Member

    Re: BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    alright fine, major writeup time, will copypasta to ning later

    firstly, it was acctually dead BECAUSE of the olympic torch running, we hit powell around the trolley cars wich weren't running, so it was empty when it's typically packed with people, was also didnt venture near embarcadero where most of the crows would've been for fear of running into the most hardcore free tibet and pro china protestors (supposedly they had some tension going, Anon doesnt need to be a part of that)

    okay, now, writeup

    I got to the Powell station at 11:30, i didnt see Disconnected Son anywhere even though he was spossed to meet me, so i sat around and colored in my little sign cause i failed to finish it the previous night. After i finished the sign, rawrz stopped in on his break to check in, and confirmed he'd be back at 3:30
    then went and wandered around the powell station looking for D-son, and i finally climbed up to the surface, and i ran into him along the street at about noon. mask and sign was handed over for him to wear, but since mine is made of fail he just wore it around his neck
    we also ran into SanFrananon on his way, didnt realize it till he pulled out his mask XD

    After that we walked around back to the trolley station, and then up powell st. to Union square, handing out fliers along the way, not much hugging.

    we circled back around to market st. and then headed back for the trolley, where we ran into Ceptimos who had been looking for us since we had kinna wandered off to union squares
    chatted up a hobo guy, then we continued back to powell st. AGAIN, and hung around there for a little while

    with ceptimos in tow we headed back to Union square AGAIN, but this time we hung around longer, handed out fliers to everyone who was sitting around, had a snack and water break and lots of chatting, then we saw some kid and his mom blowing bubbles, so we decided to hop over to the walgreens across the corner, and picked up 4 bottls of bubbles for like 2$, and so was born, Anonymous H8 Bubbles
    no photos of this from me sadly, Cept and D-son should have some though

    we did however, hug the big heart thingy

    fooled around in union square for ahwhile, before setting off down to market, from market we hopped over to the metreon and went around to the gardens,
    where we fooled around even more
    and frolic'd

    handed out a flier to nearly everyone who was out having lunch in the park, looping around before heading over for food at Fawkes in the Box
    much facefaggery was had, and curly fries, onomnomnomnomnomnom

    THEN, back to Powell, again, for the final time. we passed out the very last of the fliers, and then we just hung around, blowing more h8 bubbles, and just goofing off in general while waiting for Rawrz and Everanonymous to show up
    bitches dont know bout my leg pop :|

    Rawrz popped up around 3:30 just as promised, he hung around and chatted for a little while before he had to go again, and then finally around 4:30 Everanonymous showed up with his epic signs and camera gear, he also came with valueable intelligance of our friend the scilon guy from last saturday, who was hanging around outside of Old Navy on market, passing out the dreaded pink flyers
    after a few minutes of talking about what to do, we just went ahead and did it, we swarmed in around Scilon guy with D-son wielding the 'Deposit Pink Sceintology flyers here' with conveniantly attached paper bag in epic fashion
    Everanonymous en camera
    Ceptimos says, Free hugs are Free
    also, everanon's camera looking horribly shooped in
    aforementioned deposit flyers here sign
    results of said sign

    copied from ning, short summary of the last bit of the raid

    since we were out of fliers we were just doing hugs and had the recycle the fliers thing going too
    we did that for ahwhile before D-son called tommy and he came out for backup, when he showed up it was tottally rolling
    the full group was out there till 7, then me, Ceptimos, and everanon had to head home
    evidently from what D-son said him and tommy went back out and picked on the scilon moar
    (D-son said he and tommy were out for 30 more minutes)

    and finally, here's a picture of all the fliers we had collected over the 4 hour period
    D-son has reported in that there were 162 fliers, that might not sound like alot, but when we stacked them all together it made a 6" pile
    there was one piece of media from inside the org itself, and one flier ALL THE WAY FROM LA
    that is how epic a win this was

    this doesnt even include the 50+ fliers that we saw tossed in the trash over the course of the day too, or the ones that got shoved into a pocket just to go into the trash at home

    will probably be meeting D-son on friday to pick up some of the fliers to make origami roses for the April 12th Raid

    Summary: Small raid = Concentrated Win
    and H8 bubbles
  8. anonchoir Member

    Re: BAY AREA SF mini raid! Wednesday 4/9/08

    Sounds like delicious, shame about the Torch Relay distracting from it, but good decision in not walking straight into the Pro-Tibet guys, them's hardcore atm.

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