Battle Creek protests?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Z0MB13, Sep 14, 2009.

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    OKay, I've been in contact with people via PM and email and unless anyone objects, we will stage at high noon at a location on Michigan Avenue 1 block from the Scilons, and march to the location across the street for protesting. The event will end at 5:00 pm. Anyone who wants can stick around and have dinner downtown, or we can order out for pizza.

    I'll start a new thread announcing the action tomorrow, to give people a chance to contact me by PM If they want to object to time, etc.
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    sounds good, found this on accident and i see i know someone hear already ;) , anyhow ill be there along with my other 2 friends and possible my fiancee
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    I was hoping you guys would be able to make it back down for this Saturday's event! Looking forward to seeing you again, and possibly meeting your fiancee.
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    well i know im at least going, my fiancee might get work off and my other two buddies also might need to take work off, i dont know their schedules. also i have a job that doesnt work weekends so hurray.
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    I'll keep my fingers crossed :)
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    Should be a load of fun. If just 3 of us intimidated the Org last week just thing what an entire group of us can do. Hopefully we can get some priceless harassment on tape.
  7. Re: Battle Creek protests?

    Personally, I'd prefer that they behave themselves, but if they do engage in bullbaiting, get out of the way of my camera.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Battle Creek protests?

    Don't know if you know but the church of scientology will be participating in the
    Battle Creek Holiday Parade Saturday, November 21, 2009

    more info here Battle Creek Holiday Parade
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Battle Creek protests?

    I can't wait to see their float. I have lots of ideas for them. A giant volcano with people dressed up as aliens and Xenu. Or a ginormous e-meter. Or maybe a failboat with people dressed up in Sea Org uniforms.

    There will be pics/video of it, so they'd better come up with something creative. The theme is the 12 days of Christmas, so they could be the 11 Scilons Auditing.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Battle Creek protests?

    Ack, they are in the holiday parade twice. Not only is the Church of Scientology entry #46, but the Narconon Freedom Center is entry # 63.
  11. anonomoose2k Member

    Re: Battle Creek protests?


    Um about the masks, i don't know if this helps, but after the arrest of a innocent anon in BC, I gotta share my mask stories from the first 3 BC raids when Chanology began.. First raid - went fine, the cops were amazing. Second raid, they said AMG UR BRAKING LAWZZZ!!! I sat there and logged into the internet on my laptop through my tethered cell phone and showed the asshole cop the law on the STATE WEBPAGE, and showed him the law he was quoting was CHANGED 7 YEARS AGO! He, for some reason, decided to ignore me (and the law). I personally contacted the chief of police, he responded:

    Mr. MOOSE(changed lol),

    We have looked into this issue and found that the statute had changed without our notice. We regret the incident and I have had this statute reviewed by our Patrol Division so they are now up-to-date on the law. We try to facilitate a safe law biding environment for our community. We understand and appreciate lawful protest, as it can be a very healthy means of voicing your displeasure at an issue of concern. Had not the threat of violence been issued we would probably not have been there at all. We take no sides on this issue and appreciate any assistance in keeping protest peaceful. We will be better informed if this happens again. My apology to all for our part in this incident.


    David Headings
    Police Chief
    Battle Creek, MI 49014

    This has always been a problem protesting in BC, and it's super lame to never know if you get a cool cop that's like 'lol don't break the law and your good!' or 'GRR ILL BRING THE FUCKING BUS AND TAKE YOU ALL AWAY!! Or if you get the crazy red coat scilon coming out to attack ya! But fuck yeah BC gets it done!!! I'm not in Michigan anymore, but i'm going to try to come back home for a raid sometime. KEEP IT REAL BCANON
  12. subgenius Member

    Re: Battle Creek protests?

    Had not the threat of violence been issued we would probably not have been there at all.
    What did he mean?
  13. Re: Battle Creek protests?

    Our esteemed police chief was referring to the Scilon party line that bomb threats/death threats were made against them by the "Internet Hate Machine", those evil "Hackers on Steroids" who are nothing but terrorists that blow up yellow vans. Their party line has been taken very seriously by the PD to the point where, during one of the early 2008 protests, the Hart/Dole/Inouye Federal Building was placed on lockdown.

    That party line was brought up to me recently in the email I received from Michael Delaware after last week's protest when he saw the photos I took and got all enturbulated over it.

    It is interesting that when you look at the history of the church, you see a lot of innocent people allegedly making bomb threats against them. From the victim of Operation Freakout to the BBC Panorama journalist who yelled at Tommy Davis to Anonymous, the only thing people seem to want to do is make bomb threats against them.

    Which reminds me of a story about a boy who kept crying "Wolf!" over and over and over, until the villagers finally stopped listening to him.
  14. subgenius Member

    Re: Battle Creek protests?

    The way the chief worded it assumed that the threats were a fact, rather than saying "There were reports of threats" easily manipulated.

    "Which reminds me of a story about a boy who kept crying "Wolf!" over and over and over, until the villagers finally stopped listening to him."
    They're still listening (Las Vegas), doing no investigating of whether the threats actually occurred, or taking action against false reports.
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    The Scilons are very good at that sort of thing. On the surface, they present themselves to the public here as respectable members of the community, which allows them to be seen as the victims.

    The hype surrounding the dangerous terrorists of Anonymous allows them to be perceived as the perpetrators. Admittedly, Anonymous has helped the Scientologists shift public perception that way with their "message to Scientology" and some of their initial bad behavior. Fortunately, people listened when the Wise Beard Men spoke and cut the shit.

    When I started investigating Anonymous and the Scientologists, I quickly threw out both of those identifiers. The Scilons are not victims, any more than the Anons are Al-Qaida on steroids.

    There is no way I'm going to consider someone whose organization has a long history of criminal activity the victim of a terrorist group that evolved out 4chan. There is too long a way to come from closing the pool on Habbo Hotel to blowing up yellow vans repeatedly. It just doesn't work that way.

    The Scilons, however, have a history of mocking up bomb threats against themselves. And when you look at what they did to the IRS, bringing that uncaring juggernaut to it's proverbial knees so that they'd be willing to give them their tax-exemption in order to make them go away, these people are large-scale domestic terrorists.

    They just think the same techniques they've applied in the past will work with Anonymous. They need to think again.

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