Battle Creek: November 14

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by karmicsynchronicity, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Battle Creek: November 14

    Date of protest action: Saturday, November 14, 2009
    Staging location: 31 W. Michigan Ave.
    Org Location: 66 E. Michigan Ave.
    Time: High noon until 3:00 pm

    Please report to the staging location by noon. Bring water and cameras (still and/or video), and wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for the temperature-which this time of year can be anywhere from zero to 60.

    If you need hot beverages, there is a really good coffee house (The Brownstone) across the street from the staging location.

    Copies of the Michigan Penal Code that refers to "Masks and Disguises" will be available.

    Once we are assembled, protesters will mask up and we will proceed approximately one block to the usual location across the street from the Org.

    After the action, we can either go out to eat, order pizza at the staging location, etc.

    Please feel free to PM with any questions, need for directions, etc. Until Saturday.
  2. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    can someone can bring a CD boomboox/ghetto-blaster?

    it would be nice to play some Enturbulator 009, old LRH lectures and so on.

    afraid i haven't owned one for a long time....most people are prolly in the same boat with me on that :rolleyes:
  3. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    Sounds like we'll be having a much bigger turn out than the three of us on Guy Fawkes day.
  4. The Shadow Member

    Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    enough sitting on the sidelines for me.

    for me it really is KAW: Keep Anonymous Working and i don't mince words with that....or with anything Anon says. but that policy for me has really gone FLSHHHH.

    boy and there was a time where i sat down and when i read it i went just like PSHOOOOOSH! this is it! this is exactly it!

    being an Anonymous, when you drive by a cult, its not like anyone else. as you drive past, you know you have to do something about it. because you know you're the only one who can really help.

    but that's what drives me. because i know that we have an opportunity to really help, for the first time, and effectively change people's lives. and i'm really dedicated to that. i'm absolutely, uncomprimisingly dedicated.

    i mean, the Chans are here to help...but we, as the public, we have an obligation too. its not just 4chan, its not just Mudkipz, you know its not just me, its you, its everyone going out there and re-reading KAW and looking at what needs to be done and saying :

    "OK. Am I going to do it or am I not going to do it?"


    Or am I gonna look at that guy and be too afraid, because i have my own anti-lulz, to flame someone else for their anti-lulz

    And I'm not afraid to flame someone else, because I apply lulz to myself ruthlessly.

    And I think that I respect that in others. And I'm there to help and we're there to help, but my opinion is:

    Either you're on board, or you're not on board.


    But just if you're on board, you're on board like the rest of us.


    We are the authorities on LOLCats, we are the authorities on Loli, we are the authorities on Guro.

    Once you know these tools and you know that they work, its not good enough that you know, I'm just doing OK.

    Get those spectators, you're either on the playing field or you're out of the area

    there's nothing part way for me...its just PCCCHHHHTTTTTWWWWOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHH!
  5. The Shadow Member

    Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    OKay, now I want a video of that :)
  6. mjunk Member

    Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    :( I wanna come but it's a 3.5 hour drive back and forth. Not gonna be able to get a ride that far. Guess I'm gonna settle for farmington hills..
  7. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    i'd give you a ride if i was heading there the day of, but not working out that way :(

    its all good tho, i'm sure they will appreciate the support in FH
  8. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    Will you not be coming to BC?
  9. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    no, i'll be there.

    i'm just going to stay at my brother's house tomorrow nite (he lives in BC)

    during the day tomorrow i'm going to go over to grand rapids to visit my ex-gf and her son, before i shoot over to BC when my brother gets off work.

    i probably wont be back to ann arbor until sunday

    ....if i was just going straight there and back, i'd be all to happy to offer a ride...but its not working out that way...and i'm pretty sure mjunk wouldn't want to tag along while i visit family and old girlfriends and what not ;)

    but yeah...i'll be there for the raid
  10. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    Good to hear it, 5thInvaderFarce :)

    I look forward to seeing everyone on Caturday at noon.
  11. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    ill be there so will my fiancee, and possibly bearded anon and another friend, all of them are noobs to this, though ive tried my best to edumicate them on the situation. unfortunately basebelongtome will not be there due to work.

    we will be able to wear ACTUAL masks though? not paper cut outs or signs for masks? this would answer my question that state law usurps city ordinances'

    also im making up a couple signs, i got some nice big cardboard pieces from work. i want one to say "Hey Mike Tear Hear" with a big dotted line on it. and the others to have "", or "remember lisa mcpherson"

    idk just a thought on the signs

    hope to see all my fellow anons this weekend.

    also what about parking?
  12. WTF Member

    Re: Battle Creek: November 14

  13. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    i'm getting dropped off.

    i don't know about parking, but carpool as much as possible, don't park too close, or even use taxis if possible.

    the less license plates that can be spotted, the better.

    forgive the tinfoilery, but better safe than sorry
  14. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    AnonInATrenchCoat, I've been working with PD in preparation for tomorrow. There are no city ordinances that conflict with or supersede the state law regarding "Masks and Disguises", and they are expecting to see real masks, which are legal to wear as long as they are not being work "to facilitate the commission of a crime", and since peaceful protest is one of our rights as US citizens, it's not a crime. I made sure they understood the "why" of the masks because up until now, all they really had was the other side of the story.

    When it comes to parking, there are plenty of places to park in downtown BC, especially on a Saturday, including two parking ramps, four sizeable lots, and streets galore. I'm going to post a map that shows where all the ramps and public lots are.
  15. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    Here is a satellite photo with the parking lots marked in green and the parking ramps marked in purple.

  16. 4DXenu Member

    Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    Good luck to you BC guys.
  17. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    Rofl parking cant possibly get worse than us parking in front of the scilon building and not realizing it untill we have already been harassed and are done with the protest.
  18. subgenius Member

    Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    Can't wait to see your post game report.
  19. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    I'm working on editing the video right now-I'll post it when it's done and uploaded. Although there were only a handful of protesters, things went very well.

    When we arrived at the site, a woman came to the front windows and took photos. Then, they (obviously) called the police. And people went upstairs and closed all the blinds in the rooms upstairs, where I've heard they stand and watch the protests.

    When the PD arrived (16 minutes after the lady took the pictures), he pulled up, got out and said, "Make sure we don't block the roadways. No matter how minor the crime, if you have a mask on, it adds to it." Which is exactly how the law reads.

    He made a few more comments and finished with, "You guys have a good one." He walked across the street to the church, went in for a few minutes, then got into his car and drove way.

    And that was it for police involvement.

    Although I did get a few dirty looks from the head Scilon when he arrived on scene (after the PD had been and gone) and when he left, he didn't come across the street and tear up any signs, so there was no direct contact between them and the Anons present.

    One of the Anons brought a copy of Dianetics with them that had the instruction manual for using the book as well as a sort of "cheat sheet" for the auditor in it, detailing the procedure to be followed. He held the book in his arms for a while and then removed the dustjacket and wrote "LIES" on the cover in big letters and held the book up.

    Another Anon brought little flyers with $350,000 bills on the outside featuring Elron himself, and gave those out to a couple of people who were on their way in to spend time at the church.

    Although it wasn't a big splashy protest, with a huge number of Anons, and there was no singing or dancing; due to the fact that the police contact in response to the call from the Scientologists did not result in people being forced to remove their masks or leave or face arrest, and nobody faced verbal aggression and no signs were torn in half or taken, I'd call it a successful event.

    And since the Scientologists were unable to use the PD to end the protest as they usually do here, and none of them came across to bullbiat, I'd call that win because they were completely impotent and enturbulated by a handful of people who stood quietly across the street.
  20. Re: Battle Creek: November 14

    And one other piece of win from the day. I spoke to the man who got up at the Mortgage Burning Ceremony and promised them a tax-free voucher so they would pay no more taxes-forever, our now-former Mayor.

    I've been furious over that since. I have issues in general with tax abatements, but don't get me started on frivolous ones.

    He told me that they had called him and requested the promise he made in writing and he told them that it had been intended as a joke.

    And lulz were had.

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