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  1. Violent suggestions will result in a lock and infraction. This forum is for peaceful protest.
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  3. Ralim Member

    Smash their legs and break their arms? That's questionable. Not trying to be soft, but that'd be descending to their level. Tie them up or lock them away, and talk to them. The worst punishment for them would be the guilt, but if they don't feel guilt, then they're punishing themselves even more - to not be human is the worst punishment.

    And as one who knows little about the world, I'd say that ideally you could construct something good out of capturing a Basiji, not simply punishment. But don't blast me for suggesting so.
  4. show them mercy by only breaking their limbs....

    obvious government agent is obvious
  5. breaking limbs would be torture...

    by all means protect yourself anyway you can.. but if you drag people off to snap their limbs you are not different then them..
  6. maxoud Member

    It's really hard to do this kind of works to any humen.

    Basijis are completely brainwashed, they think they are doing the right work.

    I think I'll just defend myself when I face a basaji in the street.
  7. Pay back

    Violent post removed.
  8. Pay back

    I don't think that you are like them as long as you don't kill them. What some of you are saying is like stand in front of them and try to fend their Batons and shots!?! It is self defense hurting someone so he can not come back again to kill you! It is even a good deed cause you don't kill them even knowing that they want to kill you! I don't like this brainwash theory, you can not belief in god and kill people, especially not if you kill innocent people from your own homeland and with the same religion!

  9. you have to understand there have been people posting crazy shit that would only harm the people trying to use it...

    combat is kill or be killed, not breaking bones..

    now this is just my opinion but i think encouraging people to assault other people with violent acts is probably criminal and that is why they delete these threads..

    my suggestion (yes suggestion) would be to post documents found on the internet with instructions on proper combat or guerrilla tactics for them to use or distribute, I think this probably does not border on criminal and would not be counter productive to the obvious mission of the site.. and they could use these documents by choice by rather than having it jammed down their throats with 50 posts a day...

    the information is out there, just make damn sure it is approved for distribution...
  10. you are either Basiji or part of the Iranian Gov. You are a pig that stands in a pool of blood and tears of the people you have killed! This will never be washed from you!

  11. If you catch a Basij, do not harm him. This will harm your cause, and fuel even more violence by the basij. Disarm him, remove whatever tools he has. Detain him if you must to remove him from them fight.

    Convince him to give up his violent and oppressive way, and join your cause of freedom. Let him go after the protest is over, and let him carry the message of peace and freedom back to his oppressive organization if he decides to return. You MUST win over members of the Basij, IRG and military if you are going to attain your freedom. Killing unless forced to will work against this goal.

    That being said, If your life or someone else's immediate life is in danger, act swiftly and without mercy to do whatever you must to survive / protect others.

  12. isupportiran Member

    Give the Basiji a choice

    Do not suggest violence on these forums.

  13. i damn sure would not want to responsible for the actions of my brother or any other family member...

    this kind of action would make them no different than the regime..

    use your head folks... this is not a game and these are real living laughing/crying human beings..
  14. isupportiran Member

    "use your head folks... this is not a game and these are real living laughing/crying human beings.. "

    I do not know what part of what I said earlier gave an indication that this situation was a game but let me make it clear: If I were in the situation that the Iranian people are in now I would not hesitate to respond to their aggression in equal if not greater force.

  15. People in Iran are identifying Basij, and then contacting their families with a message long the lines of :
    "We know your son/brother/father is basij and has been beating and killing his own people. If you care for your son/brother/father you will make him stop or quit the Basij immediately"

    I imagine this method is very effective, as the best leverage to get a basij to stop is the pleas of his family. This also lets the basij know that people can not only track them down, but their family too, without actually threatening anyone other than the Basij.

  16. I agree on the force, but it is not our choice.. but me and my family are completely different people and holding them responsible for something i did would be barbaric..

    i do not know who you are, but would think it was acceptable fore someone to harm your elderly mother or father or maybe your children accountable for your actions in life?

    it is a terror tactic and thuggery..
  17. the poster who said they are making contact to encourage the family to put pressure on the specified basiji member... i see no problem with that..
  18. Hopes Member

    I'm flabbergasted at this recommendation. You'd be stooping to their level. Don't attack people's families. That's the type of treatment you are trying to stop. Becoming like them will make you just like them.

    Your cause doesn't justify attacking innocent people any more than their cause doesn't ustify them attacking protesters. Aneye-for-an-eye mentality will prevent the world from having sympathy. Everyone will just think "let them kill each other." A peaceful protest will retain the support of the international world.

    Becoming as evil as your enemies will cause the world to turn away from Iran.
  19. Hopes Member

    Agreed. I'm shocked people would even think of such a thing. The Iranian potesters will lose all support if they resort to barbaric tactics. It's one thing to fight the soldiers, but it's immoral to attack and/or intimidate innocent people. That mindset is one of the main factors that historically prevented Westerners from being able to understand and empathize with Middle Easterners fighting for a cause.
  20. isupportiran Member

    I do not disagree with your comments, but when I see the pictures of what the basiji are doing to the protesters I get flush with anger. I still feel strongly about meeting agression with agression, but perhaps in a different way.

    My apologies if I offended anyone.
  21. trust me when i say i understand fully...
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