Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Annie Omnes, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Annie Omnes Member

    Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    ...and several other books by LRH.

    Seeing Dianetics in the "Religion" section -- that contributes to the idea that Scientology = Real Religion and that we = crackpots. Plus, it sends money directly to Bridge Publications, i.e., DM's pockets.

    We should make sure that the executives at B & N HQ know what they're financing and that it's okay to stop selling Dianetics (it isn't religious persecution/discrimination) because Scientology =/= Religion.

    tl;dr Letter-Writing / email / etc. to local, national, international Barnes and Noble HQ's
  2. ilikelulz Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...


    thank you for the info

  3. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    I should note that many times authours or publication houses determine the genre their work goes in, not the book store. However contacting corporate enough times can probably persuade them to bury the books somewhere in "New Age", where quite a lot of 'alternate' spirituality goes.
  4. SanFranAnon Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Personally, I object to trying to get the stores to stop selling the books. However... we can still be subversive about it.

    Myself, I've gone into book stores and moved Dianetics and Scientology books over from the religion section over to the Cults and Sects subsection. (My apologies go out to the store employees who've had to reshelve them again) Also I've gon ahead and printed this out in a quarter page and stuck it inside Scientology books at bookstores:

    Dear Reader,

    Since you have found this message, we presume that you're considering the purchase of this, or another book by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Whether your curiosity is prompted by Scientology's now frequent mentions in mass media, or by your desire to further study your religion, we ask that you take a moment to read what we have to say.

    The purchase of any book by LRH will further fund the Church of Scientology's efforts to create ideal conditions in the world.

    But look closely. RTC claims to have all the answers; why haven't the changes it promises taken place? You have paid or will pay for auditing courses, and you might have already paid for several, and spent as many years pursuing them. So why are you still unhappy? Finally acknowledge that uneasy feeling in your mind. No amount of auditing will fix it. It is the doubt of the RTC's commitment to LRH's teachings in the back of your mind. 90% of contributions made towards the Church are used to pay off legal fees. How much of this endless giving will happen until suddenly, RTC has taken all you have and given nothing back in return?

    After the Internal Revenue Service stripped the Church of it's tax-free status in 1967, the terms "franchises" and "fees" became the "missions" and "fixed donations" you know today. OTIII information and beyond can now all be found on the internet, for free. Scientology itself is practiced by people outside the church; one of these groups is called "Free zone," which the "Church" actively attempts to suppress. By buying this book, you are telling RTC that they can continue to fool you into paying for L. Ron Hubbard's words, when knowledge was meant to be free.

    We ask only that you remember the vast resources around you that are free of charge, and that they will, in turn, free your mind.

  5. Laughing Man Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Great idea. Is it legal? I might be able to get some employees to go ahead and save us the work...
  6. Anonat Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    on a vaguely related note, i noticed that the bookshop in heathrow airport, london (i think waterstones? but am not sure) had the bible and the koran in the self-help section!

    i thought this was amazing and took a picture. no LRH books there though ^_^
  7. MudkipLiker Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Or we could get them to move it into the SciFi section :p
  8. Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Ah yes! I've inserted cards on the books I've found at B&N or Borders.
  9. Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Or just move them yourselves. Much more subversive. And of course, the mandatory "YouFoundTheCard" in them.
  10. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Been youfoundthecard -ing them for a while. A side note, I usually get calls when my books come in to barnes and noble or even to notify me that the book is unavailable. Years ago I ordered some books that were critical of call ever came. Probably a coincidence. Thetans you know.
  11. OneLetter Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    I laughed when I saw the title of this thread, it looked like an announcement that Barnes and Noble has some disease.

    "Barnes & Noble Carries AID- I mean Dianetics."
  12. kingler5 Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...


    I'll second the idea of putting anon propaganda into the books, but moving the books to the cult section, kinda like 'google bombing' is attracting too much attention. But non-obvious leaflets or business card style propaganda is a good idea for the books, just dont get caught! Or it might ruin it for all of us.. i.e. someone or several people get caught and then a corporate memo goes out to check all the books daily or at the register etc.. would be bad but check all your local bookstores, especially the big box stores... B&N, Borders, Walden, Waterstones, etc.. and spread that info!!! Cool beans!!
  13. Dubber Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Bookstore owners don't take books off the shelf, or refile them, just because someone objects. They generally believe in freedom of the press. You can find all kinds of bullshit in a chain bookstore, from Mein Kampf to Manufacturing Consent (yeah, I went there).

    Go with the leafleting option.
  14. anon5754 Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Agreed. If you couldn't find objectionable material in a bookstore then it would be a very sad state of affairs. Leafleting is the best option, along with relocating, or simply turning Dianetics around so you can't see the spine.

    However, I bet they don't stock "steal this book" because nobody actually buys it :twisted:
  15. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Please don't.

    YouFoundTheCarding is fine, but relocating does nothing but piss off the poor wage slaves who have to track down the book. I don't know if you've had experience trying to locate a lost book amongst tens of thousands of volumes, but it's a right bastard.

    As for turning it around so the spine isn't visible, it seems to me that this would only call attention to the book. Just leave the card and move on.
  16. Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    I agree with this. Besides, in a few days or weeks, you can go back and check if the damn things move anyway.

    FYI, I was on a B&N flyering microraid around late February and a fellow anon and I inserted youfoundthecard cards on the Andrew Morton book and all the Elron books we could find. After 3/15, my fellow anon checked back and found that all but one of the AM books were gone BUT all the Elron books were still on the shelves. In fact, there was one added to the shelf. LOL

    They ain't selling.

  17. XenuXavier Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    My local B&N has all of the Scientology books in the "Self-Help" section (on the opposite end of the store from the religion section, but real close to the manga/graphic novels/sci-fi section oddly enough). I inserted "" cards in all of them...and about half the magazine racks (I was bored and had some extra notecards...)
  18. Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Actually, Ive been putting the YOUFOUNDTHECARD into any book that looks like it might get bought by someone who would support the cause. No need to just stick them in hubbard's nonsense (although do that as well).

    As far as reshelving. Well It doesn't really do alot... and you may get someone to pick up dianetics who wouldn't have before :/ not good.

    I suggest reshelving one book about CULTS, etc... right into the middle of a bunch of dianetics so it goes dianetics/dianetics/CULTS/dianetics/dianetics

    Thats not so rough.. and it is FUNNY! Especially if the cult book has a section on scientology.

    NOTE: CONTACT YOUR USED BOOKSTORES. Ask them to accept dianetics/L.Ron stuff from BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS. (especially if in print) as tradeins.. (they usually wont) and that you will buy them cheap/at cost if they are willing to do so. (One store is giving them to me for free.)

    RESELL/LIST them ONLINE for resale as used books at cost of 0.01 cents (just shipping) ----put anti-scientology literature with each book shipped. Stamp some pages with XenuTV website.

    (Note: For special treat... when obvious orgs/missions try to rebuy books, ship them COD, NEXT DAY AIR.)
  19. Dubber Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    A good idea overall, but you'll get a negative rating almost immediately.
  20. cheezymadman Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    So you make a new eBay account. lol.
  21. Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    (Just for laughs... Take a look at how many copies of dianetics and such are already out there for 0.01 cents resale.. lol.)
  22. HubbBudd Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    I just came back from stimulating the economy. Had to go to the mall and pick up some dress shirts I had ordered for a business trip next week. I had planned on doing a circuit from one end to another but oh my, I had to come home after less than 1/4 of the walk... there were SO many people. I digress...

    Walking by a WaldenBooks, I decided to ask. Told the nice manager I was NOT requesting that they be ordered, but just asking if they carried them: "those" books about Scientoloty and Dianetics, by that science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard.

    They don't currently have any and, interestingly, she said that they used to carry a lot more (than zero) BEFORE the Tom Cruise/Oprah episode. For some reason (you can guess) there is NO interest in them now, from the public nor from corporate.

    I briefly said (with a concerned look on my face) that Co$ is a mind-control brainwashing "religion." She (rightly) said that they can't discriminate in what they sell; they put out what corporate tells them to and what the public requests... although "you can write corporate with your concerns."

    I offered her some further information, and left the URL for Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology with her. I sincerely think she is going to look it up tonight.

  23. xenuluvsu Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    most defiantly put yftc's in all the sci books and turn the spines around. i cant help but noticing how my local B&N's has hundreds crappy plup fiction from "the golden age" in the sci-fi section. someone had already put Dianetics right by it. guess my B&N's is just full of that much win.
  24. Forseti Member

    Re: Barnes & Noble Carries Dianietics...

    Border's book store carries them too. The store I went to had an entire section dedicated to just $cilon books.

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