Bangkok Protest Saturday 29th January? Help/Advise pls!

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by ZeroC, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. ZeroC Member

    I'll be in Bangkok (inb4dickjokes) the last weekend of this month. (Saturday 29th January 2011)

    I know the Scilons have an org there and I'll hopefully have some free time to swing by. However, I'm asking if anyone can advise of what the laws are in Thailand with regards to protesting, mask wearing, Anons in the area, has this org being protested before etc...?

    Any advise you can give would be appreciated. If it seems inadvisable to stand outside and hand out fliers, then I'll try and at least do some recon and perhaps pop in to ask some questions.
  2. ZeroC Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Good luck with the recon zero.
    /r/ pics of ladyboys.
  4. ZeroC Member

    Looks like recon then.
  5. ZeroC Member

    Just got back, seems Scilons have cloaking tech. but will write up a full report and post video later in the week. Don't hold your breath, there is no enturbulation!

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