Back-up thread for near-extinct internet resources

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Anonymous, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Hi all,

    I've noticed recently that a couple of essential resources Internet have gone near-extinct. I'm posting those below to allow others to make their own personal copy as well. I've given this a very generic heading as there might be a need for a permanent thread for this specific purpose.
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    Firstly, the claim that there are only 25.000 Scientologists according to ARIS. Scientology has been pretty successfull in removing the actual source material for that claim from the Internet. The list used to be on, but in the current version, Scientology has been lumped into 'others'. Those pages do not appear on webarchive either.

    The only thing I have is a screenprint of the list on
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    Another are the tapes from the Sklar vs IRS court case, in which judges are admonishing the IRS for giving the cult an un-constitutional tax exemption. There used to be a whole bunch of video's with those recordings. They might still exist, but I can only find this one at the moment:

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    Bollocks. The breakdown was NEVER published by the gov. What happened was that some journalists contacted ARIS directly for the breakdown data, but that data itself has never been officially published.
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    Have you looked at the link? Or are you claiming I falsified the image below?


    What happened is this. published the list accidentally and than removed it after the authors complained with Scientology made a statement to this effect once, I believe in response to Wright's book Going Clear, so dox are available.
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    I'm claiming that that they never published it, and that the data was available because journo's got it directly.

    See the attached file (change the extension to .xls, wwp does not allow that format so I had to change it) which I got from someone who had contacted ARIS directly back in the day.

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    Good to know though that the xls file itself still exists as well though.
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    You have a reading comprehension problem. Where do you think the image came from? Perhaps from the xls doc that the journo's got...? Same place I got it...?
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    Which was officially published by the government for a while on Of which page I got a screenshot, as you can see from the URL? And which has since been replaced with another version no longer showing the 25.000 number? Yes, that same excel file.

    See also this source:

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