[b]Detroit Judge: Honking is Free Speech[/b]

Discussion in 'Media' started by xenubarb, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. xenubarb Member

    Detroit Judge: Honking is Free Speech

    "DETROIT — A U.S. district judge ruled Thursday that the city of Ferndale violated the First Amendment right to free speech when it punished anti-war protesters on Woodward and drivers who honked to support them.0201 04

    District Judge Denise Page Hood, who read her opinion from her Detroit bench, said the city failed to show the honking was excessive or posed a safety hazard. Most importantly, the honks’ “message of peace” — just as that of the protesters — is protected by the U.S. Constitution."[/b]
  2. Well, this is promising for any protests that utilize the "Honk if you Hate Scientology" and its variants, as District Court decisions usually apply across the US, amirite?
  3. FALLEN Member

    Please, do NOT use "Honk if you hate Scientology!"

    9000 Anon with informative signs + 1 Anon with hate signs = Front page of newspapers and Breaking Story on Faux News with film at 11: "HATE GROUP PERSECUTES Scientologists FOR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!!!!"

    Honk if you think Scientology is a CULT

    Honk if you Support Free Speech

    Honk if you Support Human Rights

    Honk if you Think Families Should Stay Together
  4. cookiemonster Member

    Couldn't you get accused of religious intolerance for calling Scientology a cult?
  5. Stop being so goddamn scared! Ofcourse it is a cult, and honking to express your stance on this is A-OK, as just seen in the verdict...

    However i agree that the word "hate" is a bit too negative, it's just hard to come up with a diff word with the same to-the.point'ness...

    "Honk if you think Scientology is a cult" might work, but is long..

    FALLEN: the ones you posted are ones that cannot be disagreed with, they seem to avoid the subject at hand: Scientology.
  6. SPVII Member

    We need to drop the "hate" thing now. Before the media pushes it even further out of context. It even gives the church the ability to play the hate card. For fucks sake quit giving the enemy ammo.
  7. L.the.Anon Member

    I'm not sure what I think, sure, the media are, as usual, twisting things to make this into something it is not. Though I can't say it's our fault that the media isn't doing their job.

    "Honk if Scientoloy is a cult"
    "Honk for the Scientology-cult"
    Small enough? :p
  8. Not always
    sometimes other districts have conflicting decisions that either stay conflicted or make it to the supreme court in a few years. meanwhile, raids last a few hours.

    best bet: carry a spare sign without "honk if..."
    Y? because you still have to end the raid early to go with the cop to the local court to get an appointment to present your arguement re: the detroit circuit court
  9. centurion Member

    we'll i'm in Michigan so this is excellent news for me!!!
  10. WhySoSerious Member

    PLEASE drop the "hate" words. NO point in putting them in. If you see somebody with those politely ask them to put them down.
  11. That is correct, WhySoSerious. We have never seen this "hate" kind of picket signs from WiseBeardedOne or Tory or any of the other picketer's before you. They are smart. Follow their lead.
  12. shortening the signs



  13. IBoughtADog Member

    Also, we really need to avoid signs with just a bunch of memes. Keep the posters/pamphlets focused and appreciable by the public. Save the memes for discussion between fellow anons (when you aren't handing stuff out or talking to the public).
  14. anonymouse1 Member

    honk if you DISAGREE with Scientology?
  15. I like that. :)
  16. pi Member

    Honk if you think religion should be free. :D
    I don't see the hink signs as that bad as long as you can write the properly.
    Neither honk if you hate of if scientology are a cult seem great as they can be turned against up.
  17. IBoughtADog Member

    I like that one too, but it's not quite the same as going against the Co$ actions.

    "Honk if you Oppose Scientology."

    Saw one of these in a picture from the Santa Barbara protests and I thought it was perfect. No "hate" or "cult" but it has the message of opposing their actions.
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