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  1. Auto-namefagging

    If I understand correctly, some cities are already doing this.
    The idea is to pick a semi-credible name, that may or may not be an inside joke (ex: David, John Parker, Mark Abian) for all the Anons in a certain city to use. If an obvious "undercover" OSA agent is asking for your name, you should say this instead of Anonymous. The idea is that they'll stop bothering you, thinking that they have some info on you. It's like when a girl gives someone a fake phone number instead of saying no to stop them from asking again.
    This will confuse the crap out of the OSA. We know it worked for David in DC :p

  2. deepthot42 Member

    Re: Auto-namefagging

    I used to use:

    "Tony Stark"
    "Reed Richards"
    "Tim Drake"

    Not a bad Idea...
    May I suggest "Puddintame" (as me again I'll tell you the same)
  3. Uncle Anon Member

  4. the_cloak Member

    Use random first names with the last name being either "Vicks" or "Wedge". Best part is they will take it as intel while wondering why we are laughing our asses off. Best part is... they will never figure out why it is funny. They are that out of touch.

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