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  1. Question- did they have permission from the parents?
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    Australia, New Zealand, close enough.

    In Scientology, dancing in a conga line might end up costing you thousands

    By Tony Ortega, December 3, 2016


    After the week we’ve had — with the heart-wrenching scenes with Bonny Elliott and Amy Scobee in Leah Remini’s A&E series, for example — we thought it would be good to start things off today with a little levity.

    It’s been a while since we got a look at Scientology’s fundraising foibles, which used to be more of a staple around here. But even though it’s been some time, we think you’ll see that things haven’t changed a bit.

    Local Scientologists are still under enormous pressure from the international landlord office to raise huge sums of money for “Ideal Orgs,” expensive new facilities that replace older churches around the world. Scientology leader David Miscavige calls this “expansion,” but these new orgs aren’t appearing in previously unplowed territory. They merely replace existing orgs, and there’s no evidence that they boost local membership. To the contrary, plenty of evidence suggests that they tend to be lifeless, empty places after the crowds of a grand opening slip away.

    So how do you get Scientologists, who are already hounded regularly for huge payments for expensive courses and other frequent donations, motivated to spend even more money on buildings that they don’t need? Scientology’s solution is to try and make the monthly fleecings seem fun by turning them into costume parties, with plenty of fake enthusiasm. How many times have we seen Scientologists dressing up as Star Wars characters or pirates or 30s gangsters so they can pretend they’re having fun being pressured to write large checks?

    One place where this is going on is New Zealand, where fundraising for an Ideal Org has been going on for a couple of years. There are only a tiny number of Scientologists in New Zealand — even the church’s international office had to admit that the locals couldn’t raise enough money to cover the millions of dollars an Ideal Org typically costs, and announced that a “grant” from the International Association of Scientologists would bear much of the cost. But the locals are being pushed to donate, and one of our tipsters found some precious videos the Kiwi Scientologists have put together for recent fundraising events.

    We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

    Continued here:
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    A Christmas Eve treat: Our man Down Under on Scientology’s antipodean troubles in 2016

    By Tony Ortega, December 24, 2016


    How’s this for a Christmas Eve miracle? We asked Bryan Seymour to give us a look back at 2016 for Scientology in Australia, and he was good enough to send us this dispatch.

    In what has been one of Scientology’s worst years since LRH dropped his body to continue his research on another planet somewhere, the church has fared poorly in Australia in 2016.

    This is despite rushing the September opening of its new Australasian Advanced Ideal Org in Chatswood, just north of Sydney. Horrified neighbors report buses coming and going at all hours as “staff,” mostly flown in from Taiwan, are put through the Scientology indoctrination process so they can give up everything they own. (See my report on the opening here.)

    Earlier in the year, I flew to New York in May to interview Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, which resulted in numerous reports across Australia about how David began life as a happy little boy before evolving, thanks to Scientology, into a physically violent brute. While I was in New York, I also interviewed a certain journalist who runs a certain website.


    One issue coming up: Scientology’s plans to open a Narconon facility in semi-rural New South Wales are back despite being scuppered late last year.

    It now seems Scientology is going to have another crack at opening one its profit-making, unscientific and potentially dangerous centres. We’ll let you know what happens.

    I never expected to play such a role in exposing this greedy, vicious group. The reason I have? Because they are still using people and destroying families. I’m determined to keep going until they stop hurting people.

    — Bryan Seymour

    More at
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  5. Might have something for y'all soon, doing some research in person.
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    It's times like this when I truly question humanity as a whole. A group of bullies persecuted someone to the point where they organised for her to be gangraped. If the schools and police can't deliver justice for an innocent child who was bullied and gang raped then we, the people, should deliver it for her.
  7. #1 - you are not a meme
    #2 - the bullying happened almost 3 years ago. Some kids from her middle school? What possible justice could Anon "deliver" at this point, assuming Anon was in the justice business in the first place?
    #3 - WWP is dedicated to legal, peaceful protest. If you're looking for revenge, you won't find it here.
    #4 - milhouse is still not a meme (sorry)
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    Church of Scientology takes aim at $9.3 million Perth home | The West Australian


    The Church of Scientology says it hopes to open a $9.3 million centre with a capacity to hold almost 200 people next year, as it looks to expand in Perth.

    The secretive organisation was given final approvals this week to construct a place of worship in Rivervale, with plans showing the two story building will contain a café, classrooms a library and a “purification room”.

    The church was given permission to build its giant new centre in 2015, but for reasons never explained did not go ahead.

    The Department of Planning granted a two year time extension for construction and signed off on altered plans on Wednesday. Previously the centre was scheduled to cost $6 million, but the new facility with improvements is now slated to cost more than $9 million.

    A spokesperson for the Church in said building would start “imminently” and the centre would open to worshippers sometime next year.

    “The property will be primarily used for the teaching of Scientology theological studies, which will have (up to) 196 persons accommodated at one time,” the spokesperson said.


    Recruits are inducted into the organisation through a series of personality tests. The church also offers a purification regime, in which involves a detoxification program, normally for a sizeable fee.

    The new Rivervale building will convert a vacant warehouse on Belmont avenue. Plans show the inclusion of four class rooms, offices and “education rooms”.


    Church of Scientology will open up $9.3 million place of worship in Perth to hold nearly 200 people by next year
    • The Church of Scientology to open a $9.3 million facility in Perth next year
    • The organisation has been approved to construct the centre in Riverdale
    • With capacity to hold just under 200 people the church will be on Belmont Ave
    • The church has been operating in Perth since the 1950's with growing members
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    Steve Cannane‏ @SteveCannane 6 hours ago
    More bad news for #Scientology - so called "fastest growing religion in the world" has gone backwards again in Australia.

    Steve Cannane‏ @SteveCannane 6 hours ago
    Latest Australian census data from 2016 shows there are now 1681 people who declare themselves to be scientologists in Australia.

    Steve Cannane‏ @SteveCannane 6 hours ago
    This is down from 2163 in 2011, which was down from 2507 in 2006. CoS says there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of scns in Aust.

    Steve Cannane‏ @SteveCannane 6 hours ago
    There were reports recently scientologists are spending $6 million on Perth HQ. Census says they have just 195 members in WA.
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    'Don't bring kids into it': Scientologists target Victorian schools with drug claims

    By Henrietta Cook, Brisbane Times


    A Church of Scientology group has been targeting Victorian schools with propaganda about the dangers of psychiatrists, antidepressants and ADHD medication.

    It has prompted Education Minister James Merlino to urge principals to toss out the DVDs, letters and glossy pamphlets from the Scientology group.

    "We trust that they are able to choose correctly what information is useful for their school and I am confident this would be thrown in the bin," he said.

    Earlier this week, the Australian office of the Citizens Committee on Human Rights – which was established by the Church of Scientology – sent material about the "psychiatric drugging of Australian children" to every principal in the state.

    Schools were asked to screen the slick 50 minute documentary, which accuses the psychiatric industry of lying and says its practices are "killing our children, our families and our communities".

    It includes footage of children popping pills and claims that there is "no evidence that depression is caused by chemical imbalance".

    The letter, which was signed by the group's executive director Shelley Wilkins, claimed that undiagnosed medical conditions were manifesting as "psychiatric symptoms" and raised concerns about the high numbers of Australian children taking ADHD drugs and antidepressants.

    She said children needed a thorough medical check to find "the cause of the problem".

    The group also took aim at Beyondblue and its KidsMatter program in schools, which it described as a "mental disorder screening program" based on "subjective and arbitrary questions that any child could test positive for".

    Glen Park Primary School principal Tony Shaw, who received the package on Monday, said he was concerned that the group was targeting schools.

    He said that in his 24 years as a principal he had never been contacted by the Church of Scientology.

    "Schools should not be the battleground for their fight with psychiatry," he said.

    "If they want to do it they should do it somewhere else and not bring schools and children into it."

    He said he showed the material to his school council president, who was "a bit surprised".

    Scientologists have waged a long-running war against psychiatry, with its founder L. Ron Hubbard labelling the psychiatric industry a terrorist group.

    The Citizens Committee on Human Rights has been described as a front group for Scientologists and claims that "no mental "diseases" have ever been proven to medically exist".

    Ms Wilkins said the material had been sent to every Victorian school and the feedback had been positive.

    "For years teachers and parents have contacted CCHR concerned by the high rate of psychotropic drug use in children," she said.

    She said the group was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr Thomas Szasz a professor of psychiatry.

    Ms Wilkins said the group was a non-religious public watchdog that fought for patient rights and protections.
    Australian Principals Federation president Julie Podbury said principals were being targeted because they were in a position of influence.

    "I would expect my members to make a reasonable judgment about it and determine that it is not appropriate," she said.

    "Every day as a principal we would receive stuff that was undesirable. Books arrive about controversial views, for the library, it is not unusual for any group to contact a school and offer services and support."

    A Beyondblue spokeswoman said that its KidsMatter program was respected and designed to help teachers and families support children's mental health by offering evidence-based information and advice.

    "It does not offer diagnostic screening," she said.

    Source, with video:
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    Scientologists send M-rated anti-psychiatry DVD to primary schools

    The Victorian Government has advised principals to ignore materials sent from the Church of Scientology, after primary schools received a DVD and pamphlets warning of the dangers of psychiatrists and antidepressants.

    By Loretta Florance, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


    The church sent the "glossy material" and an M-rated DVD titled Psychiatry: Friend or Foe? to schools in Victoria and New South Wales.

    Principal of Glen Park Primary School Tony Shaw told ABC Radio Melbourne it was not immediately clear the material came from the church.

    "You've got to look at the fine print. [The letterhead] says Citizens Committee on Human Rights Inc," he said. "Just under there it says 'established 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights'."

    Victorian Education Minister James Merlino said he was confident the material would be thrown out. "Our teachers and principals receive information sent to them from a wide variety of groups and organisations," he said.

    "Principals are education professionals. We trust that they are able to choose correctly what information is useful for their school and I am confident this would be thrown in the bin."

    Mr Shaw said the letter suggested the DVD be shown to staff and parents. "I think it's bizarre that they choose to pursue their feud with psychiatry in the state education system," he said. "I've seen documentaries about Scientology ... so I'm aware of their issues with psychiatry, they seem to believe that they have competing interests, although psychiatry is based on centuries of medical and clinical facts and Scientology isn't.

    He said his school had not received unsolicited political material in a decade. "The last unsolicited DVD that I can remember receiving was the Inconvenient Truth from Al Gore, that was about 10 years ago, I guess," he said.

    It is not the first time the church has sent materials to school in Australia.

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    "The Educator Magazine is Australia’s only magazine and news website for the most senior educational professionals & decision makers."

    Scientology campaign targets schools

    By Brett Henebery, The Educator


    Victorian principals have spoken out after their schools were targeted by an information campaign run by a group linked to the Church of Scientology.

    Last week, the Australian office of the Citizens Committee on Human Rights – which was established by the Church of Scientology – sent material about the “psychiatric drugging of Australian children” to every principal in the state.

    Principals were asked to show students a documentary which accuses the psychiatric industry of lying and says its practices are “killing our children, our families and our communities”.

    The video also took aim at Beyondblue and its KidsMatter program in schools, which it described as a “mental disorder screening program" based on "subjective and arbitrary questions that any child could test positive for”.

    Berwick Lodge Primary School principal, Henry Grossek, said he immediately threw the materials in the bin upon receiving them.

    “The material was nothing more than thinly-disguised propaganda warning people about the dangers of psychiatrists, antidepressants and ADHD medication,” he told The Educator.

    “I was extremely disappointed with their less than upfront approach to this rather bizarre marketing exercise”.

    He said that rather than being bold enough to take responsibility for the material, the Church of Scientology chose to “hide” behind what they call the Australian office of the Citizens Committee on Human Rights, on their brochure and pamphlets.

    “You really had to search the small print to fish the Church of Scientology out as the promoters. That alone makes you wonder,” he said.

    “School principals don't need this sort of devious approach and, might I add, dubious material land on their desks, by anyone, let alone a registered church.”

    Meadowglen Public School principal, Loretta Piazza, received a copy of the DVD and an accompanying letter early in the week.

    “When I read the title ‘Psychiatry: friend or foe?’ and further comments that make startling medical claims, it immediately raised alarm bells,” she told The Educator.

    “Schools are captive audiences and often regarded as ‘easy targets’ therefore principals need to exercise their duty of care and be very vigilant regarding messages that are disseminated to students.”

    Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino, encouraged principals to discard the materials sent by the Scientology group.

    “Teachers and principals receive information sent to them from a wide variety of groups and organisations,” Merlino said.

    “Principals are education professionals. We trust that they are able to choose correctly what information is useful for their school and I am confident this would be thrown in the bin.”

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    Scientology still shrinking rapidly in Australia

    By Tony Ortega, October 18, 2017


    The new census reports are out in Australia, and Scientology has another great showing. In 2011, the last time numbers were gathered, 2,160 Australians identified themselves as Scientologists. The totals for the 2016 census were just released, and this time 1,685 Australians in a country of just over 24 million said they were Scientologists — a 21-percent drop.

    That’s right in line with the numbers we’ve been telling you about for years here at the Underground Bunker. A new defector, Peter Nyiri, who had access to enrollment documents at the Flag Land Base, said he agreed with Paul Burkhart, a 2013 defector who worked at the Hollywood Guaranty Building, a nerve center of Scientology’s upper echelons, who estimated that worldwide active membership is now down to “less than 20,000” around the world.

    “Expansion” indeed. Thanks for that new data, friends Down Under!

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    Church of Scientology clears final hurdle in establishing Rivervale centre | Southern Gazette


    The Church of Scientology has cleared its last hurdle to get a centre up and running in Rivervale.

    The $9.3 million project on the corner of Belmont Avenue and Cleaver Avenue was approved in June but today had one of the conditions removed by the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).

    Plans for the centre show multiple classrooms and offices as well as a “purification room”.

    Town planners the Rowe Group went to the State Administrative Tribunal on behalf of the church for a mediation hearing in July to delete three conditions.

    Only one of the conditions relating to the electrical substation was removed as the applicants accepted conditions about providing public art on the site to a minimum value of 1 per cent of the estimated cost of the development.

    Metro Central JDAP presiding member Charles Johnson said the development had the green light before the revised application came to the panel.

    “They decided to appeal some conditions and it was discussed at the confidential mediation session,” he said.

    “In the end there was a modifications to the substation and they accepted the issue about public art.

    “We have treated the development as any other place of worship.”

    The centre had previously been given the green light in 2015 but had a two year extension approved in June.

    Scientology is a religion that was created by American author L. Ron Hubbard and has high profile followers such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

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    Most remote large city in the world won’t be overlooked by Scientology’s zeal to be ‘ideal’

    By Rod Keller, , The Underground Bunker, November 19, 2017


    Perth Org is going Ideal. That’s the message the staff of the Scientology org there want everybody to know. They will join Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Kaohsiung and Tokyo as an Ideal Org in the ANZO “continent.”

    The city of Perth is isolated on the Western coast of Australia, more than 2,600 Km away from the nearest population center in Adelaide, South Australia. For years Scientology maintained a small office on Murray Street in the Central Business District. The Scientology sign on that building was removed in 2016 and the org has been operating out of the new facility in a warehouse district in the Rivervale neighborhood. It continues a trend we have seen for some orgs to relocate from neighborhoods with high foot traffic to more peripheral areas where they can afford the required 50,000 sq.ft. building, such as in Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Orlando, Birmingham and Dublin.

    The building is currently under renovation, as News 7 reported with video of the construction work. They have relocated to a rented temporary space in what is advertised as “Belmont’s Cheapest Office.” The Southern Gazette reported that the org has agreed to a public art installation at the Ideal Org in exchange for relocating some electrical equipment. At a cost of at least 1 percent of the renovation we expect Scientology will erect a truly exceptional statue at their warehouse before the grand opening.

    Part of the Ideal Org process is the reorganization of Central Files or “CF,” the folders that contain the contact information of every person who has done a course, taken a personality test, or made contact with Scientology in any way. Most orgs never complete the work before the grand opening, and Perth is no exception. Leaked video shows that as of last month they are up to the letter “C.” Central Files are used to generate mailings and are almost always in disarray. But more than CF the org is trying to work on all files.

    The Perth Org’s Files Project is Full Steam Ahead and All Hands On Board!

    The Perth Org Files Project is a enormous undertaking to codify and upgrade 55,000 files. These files include:

    Central Files
    Student Files
    Treasury Files
    Pre-Clear Files

    GAME! To help accomplish this monumental, fun and vital task, we have the Perth Org’s Files Project Game. The havingness, in addition to having upgraded fully usable files, is COMMENDATIONS, chocolates, and fun times! The doingness is TIME contributed to the file’s project. And the beingnesses are numerous!

    STATUS COMMENDATIONS! Your valuable contributions are awarded with Status Commendations! Our very own artist extraordinaire Peter Kendall has graciously provided the art work for our PERTH IDEAL ORG FILES PROJECT, STATUS COMMENDATIONS! PERTH’S IDEAL ORG NEEDS YOUR HELP.


    Call JF or Nobu on xxxx xxx xxx or the Org: 9221 7686


    The targets are wildly impossible. In previous Ideal Org openings a total of 100 hours per week was commendable. The idea that one person could spend 1,000 hours on filing is absurd, but that’s what would be required to maintain 55,000 physical file folders. More than CF, Perth intends to reorganize Pre-Clear, or “PC” folders. Not everybody can do that. Policy requires an auditor who has a higher grade chart level than the PC to maintain that particular folder. Whether it’s high level staff or an untrained public, the person who maintains PC folders will have access to the notes made during auditing sessions, and all the personal thoughts and feelings a Scientologist discloses. It’s frightening that volunteers are being recruited to maintain these files.

    Continued at
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  18. [IMG]

    Catholic school is forced to cover up a brand new statue after 'unfortunate' design showing a kneeling boy and a saint

    • Adelaide Catholic school has covered up a statue after its image went viral
    • It depicts a saint handing a loaf of bread from his cloak to a kneeling young boy
    • Instagram went wild, with many mocking Blackfriars Priory School's statue
    A Catholic boys school has been forced to cover up a brand new statue after a rather unfortunate design created a storm on social media.
    Blackfriars Priory School in Adelaide last week unveiled a statue of St Dominic handing a young boy a loaf of bread.
    However the design featuring a boy kneeling at the foot of the 12th century Spanish-born saint has caused embarrassment to the inner-city school, which teaches boys from kindergarten to year 12.
    Scroll down for video
    Blackfriars Priory School's new statue of a saint handing a loaf of bread to a young boy was perhaps a half-baked idea
    The Adelaide Catholic school has put a black cloth around the statue after images were shared on social media

    Catholic school forced to cover up 'unfortunate' new statue

    A black cloth now covers the statue of the saint, who was recognised for performing the miracle of multiplying bread.
    The school was forced to cover the statue with a black cloth after students took inappropriate photos on Friday, the Adelaide Advertiser reports.

    This week, it was completed cordoned off.
    Images of the statue were shared on Instagram page S***Adelaide, attracting 1315 likes and more than 359 comments by Wednesday morning.
    'Like who the hell designed, approved and erected it and no one thought about it?',' one critic said.
    The embarrassing statue of Saint Dominic with a loaf was completely cordoned off this week (pictured)
    Another wondering about the vetting process.
    'Was there seriously no one that looked at this before it was installed?,' she asked.
    One woman suggested it was an innocent statue.
    'He’s just giving the boy some bread,' she said.
    But one man pointed out the unfortunate sex abuse connotations involving Catholic priests and young boys.
    'Hahahaha pedo priest,' he said.

    Read more:

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    A grim anniversary that should remind us Scientology has no business ‘testing’ anyone

    By Tony Ortega, December 8, 2017


    On December 8, 1987 — 30 years ago today — a 22-year-old man named Frank Vitkovic went looking for a former friend he wanted to kill.

    On Queen Street in Melbourne, Vitkovic entered a high-rise office building and took an elevator to the fifth floor, where he knew his target worked at a credit co-op. After confronting the man, Vitkovic pulled from a bag a military rifle — a sawed-off M1 carbine — and began firing, but the man ducked in time and then ran away. Instead, Vitkovic shot and killed another employee, a young woman named Judith Morris.

    Vitkovic then took the elevator to the 12th floor, where there was an office for Australia Post, the nation’s mail service, and he opened fire again, killing three people before running down a stairwell to the 11th floor, where he killed four more.

    His killing spree ended when three brave office workers, two of whom had already been shot, jumped on the gunman and wrestled his rifle away. A woman then stashed the firearm in a refrigerator.

    After being disarmed, Vitkovic crawled towards a window on the 11th floor that had been shattered by his rifle fire. One of the men who had tackled him tried to hold on to his ankles, but Vitkovic kicked him away and then fell to his death.

    In Australia, what is known as the Queen St. Massacre is still marked yearly by the press, and still resonates with the public as a horrific incident in a country that doesn’t have the frequency of mass killings that happen in this country.

    What isn’t always remarked on, even by the Australian press, is that two months before he began his murderous rampage, Vitkovic had taken part in something that had reportedly deepened his depression, and left him brooding. It was something he was apparently still thinking about up to the day he went on his killing spree.
    Vitkovic had taken a Scientology personality test.

    In an official enquiry held about a year after the killings, testimony was heard about Vitkovic and his history. Vitkovic had left behind a suicide note and a detailed diary, which contained his descriptions of living for years with deepening depression and fits of rage.

    And among the things found at his apartment were the results of the Scientology personality test he had taken two months before his shooting spree, which he had kept.

    The enquiry heard testimony from Scientology member Eleanor Simpson, who had administered the test to Vitkovic at the Melbourne org. According to press reports, she testified that his results were the worst she had ever seen, and that it was obvious he was suffering badly from depression. But rather than direct him to a mental health professional — Scientology reviles the psychiatric profession — she offered him instead an introductory Scientology course, “Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life.”

    The court heard testimony that Simpson’s blunder had a significant impact.

    After studying the 22-year-old law student’s diaries, Dr. [Alan] Bartholomew [a forensic psychologist] said Vitkovic was a paranoid schizophrenic, and that there was no doubt the personality test had worsened his depression, and might have contributed to the decline in his mental state. In his closing submission, counsel assisting the coroner, Mr. Joe Dickson, said the personality test could have contributed to the murders.

    Scientology’s “Oxford Capacity Analysis,” its 200-question personality test that actually has nothing to do with Oxford University, is how many people first encounter Scientology. The OCA is outdated and unreliable, copied by L. Ron Hubbard from a test written by a eugenics professor in 1941. As our own Rod Keller explained earlier this year, “Scientology’s personality test cannot be considered scientific. Like Scientology itself, there is no testing for accuracy, no debate, or experimentation… The Oxford Capacity Analysis is used as a recruiting tool.”

    In the case of Frank Vitkovic, the results of his test, interpreted by the Melbourne Org, apparently only reinforced what he’d been saying in his diary, that he was in a tailspin of depression, and that his life wasn’t worth living.

    We’ve written about other cases where Scientology not only doesn’t deliver what it promises, but it can actually make matters worse. This is an organization pushing pseudoscience, and it shouldn’t be anywhere near people with real mental health issues.

    Meanwhile, we’re told that Eleanor Simpson, who testified in that 1988 enquiry, is still actively involved with the Melbourne org, which went “Ideal” in 2011.

    We sent her a message, asking her if she might want to discuss Frank Vitkovic and his personality test. If she gets back to us, we’ll let you know.

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    Dear anonymous , please help me
    I'm from VietNam . I'm not good at English. Currently in my country, they are using an evil cult like IS. Change the fine customs of the people of Vietnam. children do not worship their parents. Instead, people do not have emotions , do not eat traditional dishes , break the altar of ancestors, do the families disperse . Monthly income must be paid to that association . No more fear of death and the spirit of suicide . Hope anonymos help with the links below
    Associated with the main heresy :
    Vietnamese people are cheated :

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    I found a news article in English:
    Vietnamese gov’t warns against cult-like ‘Church of God’ religious society

    Followers are told to give up on their family and donate money to ‘the Church’ to be saved by ‘God’

    Vietnam’s Government Committee for Religious Affairs has warned the public of cult-like activities linked to a religious society known as the ‘Church of God,’ which has raised concerns recently due to its peculiar teachings and methods of attracting followers.

    Members of the faith group, which is not officially recognized in Vietnam as a religion, have been approaching people in public areas and at university campuses to preach about their faith and convincing others to become believers if they want to be ‘saved.'

    Followers are taught to destroy family altars, disregard their worldly life and donate money to ‘the Church’ to be wholly devoted to ‘God.'

    Stories of university students and married adults giving up their education, rejecting family members and working to become full-time devotees have been brought under Vietnamese media attention in recent days, raising concerns among the public.

    In a statement released on Wednesday, Vu Chien Thang, head of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs, called on members of the public to be wary of “negative” and “morally devious” activities concerned with the ‘Church of God.'

    While stressing that the Vietnamese government upholds religious freedom, Thang said activities that infringe upon public order and safety and harm the well-being of others are strictly prohibited.

    The official reminded that the so-called ‘Church of God’ must not be mistaken with other recognized Christian groups in Vietnam that are operating legally.

    In Vietnam, religions and religious groups are required to register with the government to be recognized and legally operate.

    The Church of God, also known as the World Mission Society Church of God, is a Christian new religious movement that began in South Korea in 1964.

    Its founder, South Korean Ahn Sahng-hong, is believed to be ‘the Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ by Church followers. His alleged wife, Jang Gil-ja, is said to be God the Mother.

    However, Thang said government officials were still working to verify whether recent activities of ‘Church of God’ believers in Vietnam were linked to the religious society’s headquarters in South Korea.

    It could be the case that some individuals in Vietnam who are not connected to the Church have been exploiting the faith for their own benefits, he explained.

    The Government Committee for Religious Affairs said it had worked with local governments to collect evidence of the group’s activities in Vietnam while raising public awareness of the issue.

    Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Training had issued a letter to schools and universities in Vietnam warning students against becoming followers of the ‘Church of God,’ following reported preaching activities at campuses.

    Their Wikipedia article looks pretty bare. I bet followers keep it that way.

    Former Members Allege New Jersey Church, South Korea-Based World Mission Society Church of God, is Actually a 'Cult'

    Another one of these faux-Christian Korean cults like the Moonies.
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    Hi Incomplete,
    My name is Spotlight from Australia and I just joined up today. Looking forward to joining in and reacting with other Aussies.
  24. What did you just join up?
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    Hi Spotlight
    There are Aussies here. I’d say g’day but it’s kinda old
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    In the US and Australia, new Ideal Orgs are increasingly isolated and uninviting. What gives?

    By Chris Shelton, The Underground Bunker, May 5, 2018


    I was directly involved with the openings of Ideal Orgs in San Francisco, Seattle, Orange County, Los Gatos, Las Vegas, Pasadena, Portland and of course Twin Cities. What I mean by that is I was either on the ground doing renovations myself in these places right up to the opening or, in the case of San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, was hearing daily briefings and details from Sea Org friends of mine who were there. In every case, the last week or two was always an insane crunch time with contractors, staff, public, and Sea Org members up almost 24/7 getting the final bits of renovations done or doing the last bits of fundraising for last-minute expenditures that hadn’t been foreseen earlier on as well as buying and stocking the books, meters and lectures. While these buildings are empty after their opening, they are sometimes jam-packed with workers of all kinds literally right up to the point of the ribbon cutting. The whole effort aims at having things ready by the time the ribbon is cut so the org can then get on with the business of servicing its customers and bringing in new people. Sometimes, like with Las Vegas, there would be unpaid contractors or some bits to clean up afterwards or some minor renovations to complete, but for the most part the new Ideal Org was a done deal come opening day. There were two or three cases where the opening was even delayed for a few weeks or months if it didn’t look like everything was going to be completed on time.

    In Perth, what I’m hearing is that all that precedent is being thrown out the window for the sake of opening on May 5, because Miscavige can only be in Perth this weekend. The fundraising isn’t completed to the tune of a 5-6 million dollars, the staff in training at Flag and LA are not yet completed and fired back, and even all the renovations may not be complete. I’m told that they’ve been trying to jam two to three months’ worth of renovation work into this last week. This has involved flying in extra Sea Org members (like 50 to 60 of them total) from across Australia to help with the renovations.

    Perth being a tiny field of perhaps a hundred or so active Scientologists (very similar to Twin Cities and so many other small, struggling Scientology orgs), the Sea Org missionaires have been pounding the pavement to try to recover or activate every one of these Scientologists to get them back on service, mainly for the sake of photo shoots and to give the appearance of success. I’m told that it’s so blatantly obvious what is going on that they’re not even trying to hide that they’re mainly doing all this only to satisfy Miscavige and for the sake of Scientology PR rather than actually doing the work that orgs are supposed to be doing.

    Short of life on the RPF or in the call centers when the Basics were first released, there are very few events I was ever involved in as a Sea Org member that were more stressful than Ideal Org openings. No one is getting sleep, all the planning for the opening usually changes two to three times at the last minute, and with Miscavige and his entourage around everyone is walking on eggshells. It appears that even though they’ve been doing this nonsense for over a decade now, they haven’t learned much of anything when it comes to pushing unreal targets/quotas and shoving everything into the last second to get done.

    More at
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Perth is Ideal!

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, May 6, 2018


    Scientology’s own photos from yesterday’s festivities in Perth have come in:




    And here are the local shills Scientology managed to line up to speak at the event: Paul Shiel, Medal Missionaries Community; Steve Hansen, Business Council of Western Australia; Dr. Jaya Krishnan, Australian Natural Medical Association; and Dr. Bernard Doherty, Professor of New Religious Movements, School of Theology at Charles Sturt University.

    More at
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    There Is No New Church of Scientology in Perth

    By Mike Rinder, May 8, 2018


    This is Scientology’s headline on their website following David Miscavige’s parking lot ribbon yanking: DOWN UNDER’S “CITY OF LIGHTS” WELCOMES NEWEST CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY

    This is a double lie.

    First, there is no “new church of scientology” in Perth. There is a new building, but that is not a “new church.” It’s the same crappy little scientology group that has been there for 50 years and has never amounted to anything.

    Second, nobody welcomed them, except themselves.

    Here are a few excerpts of Shermanspeak about the opening:

    Perth may be far-flung, but the city’s can-do, entrepreneurial spirit is a perfect match for the world’s fastest growing, and coolest, new religion.

    Fast growing and coolest? Don’t they ever tire of telling themselves how incredible they are?

    Take the most remote major city in the world, sandwiched between largely empty vistas of oceans and deserts; add in wave after wave of hardy and hearty pioneers from England, Scotland, Italy, China, Vietnam, Greece and a score of other ethnic homelands; cook all of that in with the gung-ho, can-do spirit of Down Under; throw in battalions of gold prospectors and diamond miners; sing a couple of bars of Waltzing Matilda, add a kangaroo or two and you have the setting for the planet’s newest Church of Scientology: Perth, the capital and largest city in Western Australia.

    Apparently Sherman has little concept of how utterly stereotypically insensitive he is. Gold prospectors? Kangaroos wandering the streets? Waltzing Matilda? “Provincial” would be the polite term for this description. Country bumpkins? Trailer trash?

    The new light in this “City of Lights” is just one block away from the Great Eastern Highway, a mere fifteen minutes from the Perth city centre…

    Euphemistic Shermanspeak for “it’s in an industrial park off the freeway near the airport way out from the city center where they used to be.”

    It is here more than 1,000 Scientologists and their guests—some crossing thousands of miles to reach Perth—gathered on Saturday, May 5, 2018 to celebrate the grand opening of a new Church of Scientology.

    Yeah, they flew them in from all over the country and they could only muster 200 people (of course 1000 is a joke) — just look at their official shot at the top of the post. You can count heads in there. I didn’t do so, but I would bet 200 is far closer to the truth than 1000.

    Mr. David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology, trekked 9,000 miles to reach Perth. He told the grand opening celebrants that he’ll soon embark upon a ribbon-pulling trek across another 20,000 miles.

    Gosh, why bother? It was a complete non-event. But apparently this is the ONLY thing he does. And he’s going to waste more time (and money chartering private jets) doing more “soon.”

    Mr. Miscavige spoke of Scientology’s new future in Western Australia. “And with that, we step out of Dreamtime to realise the final dream before that ribbon falls… “

    Stepping out of Dreamtime? More culturally inappropriate idiocy. But more to the point, and notwithstanding all that has come before, in fact they stepped into the Twilight Zone of insanity just short of the front porch to infinity.

    Mr. Miscavige has spearheaded a period of unprecedented growth with the opening of 65 new Churches in recent years. Perth marks number 66.

    Errm. No unprecedented growth to see here folks… Just new buildings and they are all empty. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Not an actual new church of Scientology in the world for decades. In fact there are LESS scientology organizations today than in 1993 when scientologybgained IRS exemption.

    Blue-ribbon speakers and celebrants represented Perth’s civic, cultural, educational, law enforcement and business communities.

    Again, this is stretch for even the fervent imagination of the Sherminator.

    Back in the day they used to con Mayors and Police chiefs, Senators and Religious leaders to spout platitudes at these events. Miscavige flew 9,000 miles to join in the exalted company of the featured speaker a “member of the Business Council of Western Australia” — and apparently a member of WISE who “spoke of his success in growing his company from five to 42 locations—all because of L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology…” This is a first that I am aware of. Miscavige sharing the stage with a WISE member as a “dignitary.” And the other 3 were a Professor of New Religious Movements (scientology has found a few of these around the world who have been paid well to offer “expertises”), a “Fellow of the Australian Natural Medical Association” (whatever this is?) and the “Founder of a charity partnership.”

    The photo op with these “blue-ribbon speakers” is also a hoot. Using obviously forced perspective, this was a case of “short person step forward” to try to make it appear that the diminutive Miscavige was at least taller than the fellow of the Natural Medical Association. Vanity is such a cruel master.


    The law of diminishing returns was on full display for all to see.

    The crowd was smaller than ever.

    The “blue-ribbon” dignitaries were less blue ribbon and more blue plate.

    The Shermanspeak was even more arrogantly out of touch.

    All in all, another massive, epic, watershed fail.

  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    PRAISE XENU: We have more Scientology hip-hop, and even better – IT’S AUSSIE-FLAVORED

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, May 27, 2018


    In his groundbreaking 1961 book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of “Brainwashing” in China, Robert Jay Lifton describes a series of interviews he conducted with American service members who had been indoctrinated during their captivity during the Korean War. The book is best known for Lifton’s Eight Criteria for Thought Reform, a list of aspects shared by cults and brainwashing groups.

    Lifton’s Criteria Eight — Loading the Language — is evident in “Scio Rap Music Video,” a song by Sydney Ideal Org staff member Luke Ayers.

    Continued at
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