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    Hello, all Aussie Anons!

    I browsed through and I couldn't see a general Australian Thread for us to use, and as there always seems to be a few Australian events on the boards, I thought that it might be a good idea to just assign a general megathread, where you can link others to operations, articles and what not.
    This is not for the planning of actual events, just to link them and discuss news/politics/CoS and so on. Also, if there is a general Australian thread, and I've happened to miss it, let me know and I'll delete this one to aviod clogging up the boards.

    Hope to see you all around, and at up and coming events.
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  2. DBRHK Member

    cheers man us Australians need something like this
  3. Was there anything planned for the Sydney Million Mask March?
  4. DBRHK Member

    i thought the million mask march was just for america?
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    LOL, exactly!
  9. A.O.T.F Member

    Bikie laws: first a Bandido brawl, now Qld's premier is battling the judiciary

    Social motorcycling clubs, lawyers, judges and libertarians are lining up to attack Campbell Newman's crackdown


    On the last Friday of October, members of the Vietnam Veteran and Veterans Motorcycle Club Queensland Chapter gathered at their grounds as the sun went down for their usual end of month party.
    A band belted out 60s music and by 8pm about 80 bikers and their friends were in the field in Logan, which was split into drinking, entertainment and eating areas.
    Signs were placed outside the “bunker bash” which warned attendees not to wear anything linking them to a “criminal organisation” – an unsubtle code for the 26 bikie gangs the state’s government had declared criminal 10 days before.
    VVVMC is exactly what its name suggests – a motorcycle club made up of veterans from the Vietnam war and any person who holds an active service medal.
    The club is by definition recreational and was not listed by the government as a criminal organisation. Still, members were not surprised when an hour into their drinks there were suddenly 20 police in the room.

    Continued -
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  10. That legislation is astonishing.

    If it wasn't such a serious impingement on our rights I would LOL. I was just thinking the other day do they really think that bikies are just now going to go straight and give up whatever they are doing to make money. I suspect it will just be business as usual without the colours and branding.
  11. The new laws against bikies are stupid, and borderline fascist, but I agree with Golden Age of Protest, it's likely that business will continue as usual without the colours.
  12. Anonymous Member

    The new laws won't be any benefit to criminal motorcycle gangs. They could have independently eschewed all the publicity, conspicuous violence, paraphernalia and bullshit, without the laws, if they thought that would have benefited them.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Of course the laws will fail. All good business' adjust and morph to survive impediments. The only concern I have is the open ended legislation can and will be applied to any group or association that falls out of favour with the powers that be.

    I couldn't care less if the bikies continue the drug trade unabated or not. The bigger evil will far and away be the abuse of this legislation against groups who will have done no wrong other than passionately represent their views in protest.
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  14. Such as us?
  15. Anonymous Member

    You betcha, just how much do you think mr Newman wants to hamper anonymous activities, especially now.
  16. Well IDK just how much he wants to hamper anonymous activities, but I assume that in the near future we may become the next target, hope not, but it is very possible.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I dont think anonymous is necessarily the next target, I was merely trying to illustrate how easy it is to use these laws to target any given group. It could equally be used against many groups. Although truth be told given his arrogance regarding the imposition of such open ended laws, its hard not to begin to wonder if the man is not a little unhinged.
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  18. Newmans Nazi Party, that's what I am going to start calling it!
  19. This is the worry, its a slippery slope once you start taking away rights to freely associate.
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  20. Yep it is bad, free association is part of our rights and those rights are being taken away, not cool, not cool at all.
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Wow that is totally crazy, so basically everyone can be arrested for breaking the Copyright Act. Just wow.
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  23. You watch guys, they will find a way to associate us with the bikies and start doing NSA type shit monitoring us and start arresting us....

    Also, what is your guys opinion on facilitation payments? They are legal bribes of relatively small amounts that are used expedite 'routine government services'....
    I say it is unfair competition for small businesses that have less opportunity and/or can't afford to grease the government officials...
  24. Anonymous Member

    No need for them to even associate us with bikies, all that needs to happen with this horrendously open ended legislation is for a group to stand on the wrong political toes, to be 'declared' (yes declared!)
  25. Anonymous Member

    I would be interested in seeing some links to info regarding facilitation payments please.
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  26. Yes, I would also be interested. I am not familiar with them.
  27. I would also like to see some dox on this. As I am also not familiar with them.
  28. Another thing guys, Ian Macdonald and Eddie Obeid, former NSW ministers that have been accused of numerous corruption allegations, whilst not necessarily free from all punishment, have a maximum punishment of 10 years... To be honest I think that should be more AND when they leave they still get access to the pensions $120'000 per anum (Obeid) and $145'000 per anum (Macdonald) for life. These corrupt politicians get quite a comfortable lifestyle after the situation is sorted out and they have completely screwed over the people. Obeid allegedly purchased private property and later sold that property to the NSW housing commission for a profit. Macdonald was accused of accepting sexual favours in return for introducing businessmen to executives of state-owned energy companies. Does that count as bribery as well??? Or is it just a facilitation payment?
  29. Okay so I am sort of on a roll tonight guys... Remember the federal election before last when the Labors were voted in?
    I'm not sure how much you guys remember but Julia Gilliard made campaign promises that got the Labor party 'x' amount of seats, the same amount as the Liberal and National coalition. So the number of seats were equal and to win the election, the two parties had to convince the independents and greens to side with them. The Labor party immediately turned around and changed their campaign promises after the election had taken place in order to win the votes of the independents and greens. This should be illegal. There should be some law to stop this from happening. We vote based on promises, promises that clearly mean nothing to the politicians making them. This can not be allowed to continue. At the moment we, the people, have absolutely no say in how the government is run, or so we would be lead to believe. We need to remind the government that they serve us, that without us they are nothing.
    I can't be all too bothered with getting dox guys but I'm a quick google search will give you a million and one examples of this happening. Just lurk the web guys, I'm sure you are all pro at that.
  30. I am horrified by politicians these days, none of their promises mean anything, the politicians can make promises and never have to deliver. It is not how it should be.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Wow. The slow erosion of everyones civil liberties is gaining speed. Thanks a bunch Mr Newman. Wake up Queensland.

    The laws were passed just two days after they were tabled.
    They expand the list of industries gang members are banned from working in, including bars on gang members from obtaining licences for liquor, security, tow truck, construction, pawnbroking, motor dealing and book-keeping businesses.
    Amendments also ensure bikie gang members who claim to have quit their clubs are still subject to tougher bail rules.
    The new laws also pave the way for Queensland's police commissioner to give details of bikies' criminal records to journalists if he believes it's in the public interest.
    The government says releasing the records will show what bikies are really up to, but civil libertarians say it will deny accused gang members their right to fair trials.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Awesome :)
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  34. A.O.T.F Member

    ^^ See .. I told you so ;)
  35. I agree, 100% you are so right....
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  36. So you did, lol...
    Starting to lose the anxiety now I don't feel so alone :)
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  37. What worries me is the lead up to what we did not vote for;
    AUSTRALIAN TAX FILE NUMBER (cannot legally work without it?)
    AUSTRALIAN ANTI GUN LAWS (cant go hunting anymore?)
    AUSTRALIAN GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (the tax to abolish all other taxes?)
    AUSTRALIAN ANTI TERRORIST LAWS (are Australians all regarded as terrorists?)
    QLD ANTI BIKIE LAWS (is it illegal to hangout with three or more mates?)
    Can only wonder what's coming....
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  38. A.O.T.F Member

    Tony Abbott, is about as popular as a fart in an astronaut suit.
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