Australian Internet Filter! We need to act

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    to all anons we need to act on this this is breaching our rights on the internet
  2. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for providing planning that will help provide a blueprint to fight back against this filter. Thank you also for providing the background and dox to the situation so that others may be able to get up to speed on the situation. That you for your actionable ideas that will help others who wish to participate productively and effectively to do so.

    Oh wait, you never included any of that. Makes the OP a fucking waste of space then doesn’t it?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Hey fag
  4. anon_Kirby Member

    This is just a well written version of my post
  5. Anonymous Member

    I hear the phone company is going to be adding a modem tax!
  6. Anonymous Member

    Internet censorship is the dumbest idea in the world. Its so dumb that i hope the Australians do go through with it. Why, because it makes trolling much easier, and more damaging. Want to kick all the Aussies of a forum, then put stuff on the forum that will force the censors to filter the site. Want to affect Australian business, then find a way to get the sites they need to use to get censored. Its a surprisingly fast way to force a country to spend money they do not have to do something incredibly stupid.

    Just look at china: they spend more money on internet censorship then they do on their military.
    (i couldn't find my favorite dox, the one i liked to use in the past has been pulled since snowden)
    This makes it incredibly easy to troll Chinese people on a massive scale. Did a Chinese person bad mouth a US policy? then post an article about Tienanmen square. Get called out for saying something stupid by a Chinese person? Ask them about human rights violations in Tibet. The list is huge for stuff that will have their accounts terminated. Thats what censorship accomplishes, you can hurt online business, and the consumer, and cost everyone money in the long run.
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