Austin,Tx March 14th

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Austin,Tx March 14th

    On March 14th we protest the cult

    from 11am until we leave

    oh and on the 13th is L.Rons Birthday i

    have a feeling that they will more then likey haveing something going on

    that day or night at the cult hummmmmm would be Epic.....

    plan time anons

    hope to see some old and new faces
  2. Mallack Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    Damn the timing, the week before spring break is Hubbard's birthday, if only I could go that day. However, 14th looks clear to me, shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Black Moriah Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    I should be able to make it. I'll have to check some things out first though.
  4. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    hell ya maybe we should start later so its nice and cool and we can see in with out a glare
  5. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    pm me today if some one wants to flash raid this evening
  6. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

  7. Rephil Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    What time are we going to meet up on the 14th???

    Sadly, I might be coming down alone this time, though I am working on recruiting some newfags
  8. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    we meet at high noon for the showdown
  9. anon2771 Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    I will be attending this protest for sure so count on me!
  10. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    hell ya brother i cant wait im ready to get loud

  11. Mallack Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    So, final notice on the piano, yes or no?
  12. AnonPress Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    Dear fellow Austin Anons, I'm a currently a journalism student (I won't say where for obvious reasons) and I am doing a documentary final project for a graduation class about Anonymous and how Anonymous is grossly misrepresented in the mainstream media (for the most part). I would really like to interview some Anonymous during the protest on the 14th. I will of course respect however much anonymity interviewed Anonymous desire, this project will currently not be shown to any other people other than my professor, but if it turns out well I may consider making it more public (though that decision has not been decided yet). I will at no time be making any profit off of Anonymous' cause (I have too much respect for Anonymous to exploit it for money). I will be easily identifiable (though I will be wearing a facial covering to avoid Fair Game backlash) and I will also have a special way of communicating to fellow Anonymous that I am not hostile and sympathetic to the cause (the method will be rather clear when you see it, but I will not mention it here). Because I must maintain journalistic integrity and neutrality while gathering information and reporting, I am compelled to also talk to the Church of Scientology as well as Anonymous, thus my face covering will not be my Guy Fawkes mask as to not put-off the Scientologists from talking to me. I will be telling the Church (term used loosely) that I am wearing the mask to protect myself from backlash from either group, though I in no way think that Anonymous will have a problem or desire to backlash on me for merely reporting the truth. I hope to see many of you there and to accurately report on what Anonymous means to each of you and how Anonymous impacts the internet and the world. If you wish to have your voice (or distorted voice after editing) heard please feel free to come up to me and lay it all out. Thanks ahead of time.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    I just stumbled on anonymous a week ago when we declared war on Colbert. A worthy opponent, for sure, but not nearly as dangerous as you know who.

    I'm likely to be there, and I may even bring a few other newfags. I'm making them watch the 22 rules first and educating them on the dangerous nature of the enterprise.

    From the vids I've seen, we're allowed to mask ourselves, here in ATX, I assume? I'm planning to be extra careful, and of course. Are there general tips about not getting namefagged that are suitable for public consumption?
  14. Anon4813 Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    Great weekend for a protest. The start of SXSW means lots and lots of media hanging around with nothing to do because the celebrities haven't shown up yet. Let's be on our best behavior now kiddies.
  15. Rephil Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    I would be happy to do an interview AnonPress. I don't worry about a mask anymore and I've found that having at least one unmasked person helps us seem more sociable.

    Hopefully they will block the windows with the BS posters about what Scientologists do. There is almost nothing more blatently false than those.

    You could do a whole video studying what they write on those and breaking down the lies.
  16. Rephil Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    Yarrr, double post
  17. Anon4813 Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    For the record, this will be my first time out with the Anons. What's a good place to pick up a mask? I've been wanting a Guy Fawkes mask for ages...
  18. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    dont let them fallow you back to your ride
  19. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

  20. Anon4813 Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    A good option for transportation if you're uber-paranoid is the Capital Metro Transit Authority. The Scientologists, like most cults, set up their location near the University of Texas in order to attempt to brainwash those whose minds are most open to new ideas as they are away from home for the first time and being introduced via philosophy classes and other students with new ideas and concepts. This is also why most hippies are also trust fund college students.

    Because of this, there are many major and regular bus routes you may take to get to the CoS buildings. You can park your car at one of the many convenient locations and take the bus, thus avoiding the CoS from obtaining your license plate.

    Please note that there are security cameras on all Capital Metro buses and that the drivers may make you remove your mask for security reasons while on the bus. This is why it may be a good idea to take the bus to another, nearby location before the protest with your mask concealed in a bag or in your pocket if yours are large enough. For those even more paranoid, a change of clothes may be an option as well.

    Also, though the bus passes are only $1.50 for a full day, I would recommend instead paying in cash and exact change the $.75 per trip in order to lessen any potential paper trail. Though your bus pass will have no information about where you get off the bus, it may be possible to track any transfers you take. Capital Metro does not release what amount of information is stored about individual bus passes nor how it tracks purchases or rider information.

    For information about schedules and other bus information, see Capital Metro Transit - Austin, Texas or you may also use the navigation function on Google Maps.
  21. Mallack Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    From the looks of the weather, I'm probably not going to show up tommorow.
  22. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    its not raining but it is cold so dress warm anons
    i was out there last night with a umbrella and it was fine
  23. FreakE420 Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

  24. AnonPress Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    Thanks for the interviews that I got. Sorry we couldn't stay later to see everyone else who showed up (my colleague got a little sick after getting some pizza, combination of hang-over and having a low body mass), but we got some good footage. Another thank you to whoever gave me a head nod as I drove by putting up my hand with /b/ on it (just wanted to let whoever showed up late know that there are supporters). I could still use some more footage, so if anyone is interested in doing a private interview just send me a PM and I would be happy to meet you somewhere. Once again thank you everyone, we had a great time, and hope to hear from ya'll soon.
  25. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    thanks for coming out and interviewing us and for the coffee.
    we had one other show up and it was a epic win hope to see your footage
    hope you guys can join us and maybe film us in the near future or come protest the cult
  26. Mallack Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    Sorry I couldn't be there, I haven't much tolerance for cold for a few minutes, let alone 2 hours. However, if everything goes well, I will be at the 28th
  27. subgenius Member

    Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

    For the life of me I can't figure out why people post to say they won't be at a raid, and why.
  28. Re: Austin,Tx March 14th

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