Austin Needs Your Help

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Austin Needs Your Help

    Hello my fellow anonymous,

    i am posting this because i need help on reciting newfags.
    Any wisdom or ideas is great lee need.
    What is a good way to find newbies.
    help please, AAn
  2. 8895 Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    Well lucky for you, you're in Austin. It may not be the hippie political hotbed of my youth but every year you get a new crop of many thousands of young people imported to the very area where you protest.

    The scions use this to their advantage...GET TO THEM FIRST.

    I would explore every possibility with UT administration for ways to recruit on campus.

    Put up recruitment flyers on all the bulletin boards, pass out cards, etc.

    Maybe making some connections in the school paper could get a small piece featuring some anons on the drag with a story of why we do it?

    Focusing a visible presence at the beginning of Fall semesters will simultaneously hinder their recruitment efforts and bolster yours...think protesting when the Drag is UBER busy around the start of Fall semesters.

    Talk to any anons you can reach in Dallas and Houston to see if anyone has untapped friends in Austin.

    Frats aren't my really my scene, but maybe you could get a business frat to protest the tax exemption once or something.

    You're in the perfect city for this, aside from D.C. possibly.
    It won't be easy, but the people and the mentality are there.
    If I can figure anything else out I'll let you know.
  3. 8895 Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    Also, just a few years back there was still this guy...can't remember his name for the life of me but he's well known because he pushes a shopping cart full of books around and reads all day on the drag. I believe someone told me that he was an ex professor who quit to live an ascetic life of reading or something...pretty crazy situation, but a cool guy.

    ANYWAYS...maybe you could get together a waterproof sign and attach it to his cart? Last time I saw him all the kids on the drag still knew who he was, kinda an icon.

    ALSO...does Austin still have that homeless person newspaper thing where all the homeless people wear vests and sell their own newspaper on the street? If so maybe you could get with the printer?

    HAHAHA, or put an ad in Greensheet! "Hate Scientology? We DO TO!!"

    Seriously though, get as many flyers as you can afford, a roll of tape, and a mountain bike and ask every store in the city if you can post in their window.

    Options man, nothing but options.
  4. Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    Very good ideas
    more more
  5. Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    If all else fails, go semi-anon. I got some of my friends irl to come with me for the lulz. Just getting the conversation started is a big help. Two things make for highly focused conversations: politics and religion. Once you have the conversation started, it should be simple to turn people against Scientology, as long as you've done your reading. From there it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to getting them out there with you.
  6. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    In the center of Austin you have a whole lot of jazz/music/theater goers all in one small street in the evenings. YFTC would probably be well accepted by many, and fliers with Anons mask/theatrical nature...

    Also...this place
  7. 8895 Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    Relating to the above post, the theatre on town lake, on Lamar by parks, would be a cool place to hand out flyers after a show ends. Plus its convenient to downtown, other locations.

    Do they still have the Pecan Street Fair (aka 6th Street Festival)?

    Austin has lots of free annual festivals you could hit hard for mass flyer distribution and public awareness.

    Hell, make special flyers emphasizing the crimes of the church and human rights violations, but be sure to promote freedom of religion too, and hand it out at EEYORE's BIRTHDAY!! Thats hippie central, which in turn is liberal activist central. Be extra sure to not tread on religious rights AT ALL with that crowd though, or you'll alienate all times come from a Human Rights standpoint.

    Can you make MASS amounts of you-found-the-cards? Can you then go to Barnes & Nobles and slip them into all the newspapers and magazines in their huge ass magazine section? Kinda risky one here, they may notice the cards when they switch issues if the cards fall out.

    The campus is your best bet though, last time I remember hearing an exact number for the number of students at UT it was in the 25,000+ range, probably like 30-40K by now.

    AND DON'T FORGET A.C.C.!! Lots of locations, lots of students, lots of cool people who don't wanna waste their money on U.T...and they all know U.T. people to recruit too.

    I'll post more idea as they come to me, trying to remember all the ins and out unique to Austin.

    Keep it up though, with a little work and a lot of luck you could build an empire!!
    Just ask LRH!!!
  8. 8895 Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    UBER IDEA!!!! (More for getting the word out than recruiting, but may do both)

    Every college I know of has a 'parent day'. Parents, mostly of freshmen, come and check on their kids, sometimes they have a bbq or something...but usually its semi organized where lots of parents are in a given area at one time.

    FLYERS...specifically outlining how Scientology targets first and 2nd year students who are new to being on their own and being flooded with new ideas and concepts... ALSO detailing how Scientology embezzles money, driving some to suicide over the situation... PLUS explaining how scientology breaks up families...THEN link the two to show that not only are their kids targeted, but if their kids join then likely any money they give them will be funneled to Co$, and if they stop funding or support they will lose contact...AND FINALLY, ask if they want their kids exposed to human rights violations, mind control, etc, while they embezzle their parents money, disconnect from all loved ones and risk suicidal depression when it all falls apart....

    At the bottom put: Please warn your children about the risks and dangers of scientology.

    Put that all stated in a simple yet potent Flyer....and pass out to parents if possible, and their on their cars if legal (alot of parents days have parking for 'parents day' reserved in huge lots, so lots in one place)

    No parent, especially the kind visiting their kid in college on parents day, would want the ills of Scientology to befall them.

    Appeal to emotion...who cares if its a logical fallacy, it works.
  9. Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    What should i use to make a Epic filer
    like photshop or some thing?
    i am bad at flier making
  10. 8895 Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    Yeah, if you know how to use it, or Adobe Illustrator is preferable for that stuff, again if you know how to use it.

    Ask around the Texas circuit, I'm sure if you write up exactly what you want to say and design a layout someone with nice shop'ing skills will be able to make a few versions for you pretty quickly.

    I'd help you more but don't have photoshop on my comp yet.
  11. Smurf Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    "Recruiting" is always difficult unless there is a crowd sharing the same views and aren't prone to be apathetic about it.

    In protesting Scientology in Austin, you might make people aware of the infamous DSA there... Cathy Norman.

    Cathy & I worked together on the black ops to destroy the Cult Awareness Network and cause problems for its Board of Directors.

    There is alot of info on the Net about Cathy's OSA activities. Generally, if people see or read something they find distasteful, it may prompt them to speak out.

    I received an email from a parent in Canada who heard about Anonymous & got involved when she saw my British mum video on the "disconnection" policy.

    Good Luck. Don't give up.
  12. Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    If all else fails, you can make a pretty good flier with MS Word. Just set the page in Landscape mode and make three columns.
  13. 8895 Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help


    Anyone with people in Austin, get this kid some b/lackup!!
  14. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    Bump! I am going to work on backing him up, just joined the cause and I have a good 50 friends who would jump at the chance to be an activist that is anonymous.
  15. Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    im moving to austin in the spring, i was supposed to this fall but i couldnt. Im there, and has anyone ever considered raising money for billboards?
  16. Dissonant Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    Another good venue would have been ACL, but that already passed and just joined...

    Austin's a good place to find, literally, thousands of places to post fliers...

    Another option might be the Psucifer concert in SA, on Nov 28th. Their handle (for MySpace) is "censorship is a cancer". They have a forum (asylum - Sign In) where you could probably ask for permission from them to hand out flyers - of course, you'll need permission from the Majestic, as well, but it might not be so hard if you already have support from the money makers ;)

    Just tossin' out ideas...
  17. TexasAnon Member

    Re: Austin Needs Your Help

    im a SAfag so just message me and i can bring some SAanons to Austin for a protest we can unite!

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